Snowman Spreads Holiday Cheer By Scaring Unsuspecting Passersby

TheScarySnowman Published October 28, 2014 1 Plays

Rumble / PranksThe year is slowly drawing to a close and before Christmas comes, Halloween is around the corner. Time to put on a costume, relax and share some cheer with all of your nearest and dearest. Festive seasons are also the most wonderful time of the year to surprise somebody with a nice present, a trip or maybe a new house. With snow in the forecast, the mind turns to the innocent joys of wintertime like snowball fights, snow angels and building snowmen. Or if you're completely evil, obtaining a snowman costume and using it to scare the leaping skin off of unsuspecting pedestrians. Why not sweep somebody off their feet by putting on a costume that it apparently looks like a huge unmovable toy but it is actually a costume of a man hiding inside?

It is the infamous ‘Scary Snowman’ who is back again for Halloween! Set up outside of Style Newport on a busy pedestrian street in Newport, Rhode Island, the evil snowman scares countless individuals passing by! Check out some of the priceless reactions. Credit to 'TheScarySnowman'. Mr. Snowman jumps at the people who pass by him and stops the victim's heart for a few seconds. Hilarity is guaranteed. One would think Frosty the Snowman would be roaming the city streets to spread some holiday cheer. In reality, though, he is nobody else but Frosty’s evil twin who’s spreading some unexpected joy of unsuspecting passersby in Newport.

This joker leaves pedestrians jumping in the air after giving them a sudden attacks of fright in this festive camera prank. Nobody gets angry at the Snowman in action. He looks scary but his intentions are pure - he just wants us to have some fun while watching the people yelp like little puppies. Our reaction would be probably the same, nevertheless it’s hilarious. None of the pedestrians snaps at him, they are actually having a nice laugh after realizing that a living man is hiding underneath. The video has us in fits of giggle and it is one of those that ensures to make your day!

This isn’t the first time Rhode Island has been pranked by this evil Snowman, either. But no matter how many times he revisits, the laughs get funnier and funnier. Some of the innocent pedestrians are minding their own business while others seem intrigued by the strange presence. Almost all belt out when the still costume makes a sudden move. He even puzzles some with the noise of flatulence that is equally funny. Freaky also isn’t shy to take a selfie or two. We would be shocked out of my mind, what about you? Part of us says “don’t laugh”, only because we are sure we would scream our head off if a perfectly still decorative snowman suddenly lunged at us and growled. But then again, some of these reactions are priceless.

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