The Belly Dancing Cat

KingofCats Published November 11, 2014 246,347 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensWho said that a dance as sexy as belly dancing can't be performed by a cat? in fact, it looks too sexy with that cat look that doesn't need an eyeliner to personify an Arab look, known in women for putting makeup "delineated cat eyes" but in this case the dance is being done by a real cat with a lot of talent. Hilarious!

In the video we can see how the owner of this cat decided to use some editing skills to make his kitten do a belly dance, and because of his appearance, he has better dance moves than most of us. Dance like a professional dancer, and the music is the right one! Despite the editing, this is a priceless moment and it's sure to brighten up your day, so check it out!

The owners of this charismatic cat love Arabic music, it is common to see people around this cat dance to the rhythm of music when they want a little fun in their days and as we know cats over time are adopting customs that learn from us and join to activities we do, in order to learn and deepen the relationship with us. Something that could not be overlooked was that this cat somehow learned these movements with his little hands to the rhythm of the music, of course with a little help from his owner in editing the video, making his movements coordinate perfectly. How well does it! This feline has nothing to envy to a professional dancer because his steps are really good, don't you think?

You definitely don't see things like this every day, especially if they come from a cat! Cat videos are always fun to watch, but it takes a little extra effort to make the video really memorable. It's often useful when you're good at editing applications and know how to make the moment even more fun. Our pets certainly leave us beautiful memories when we have the opportunity to record them when they do something fun, as they get older we are more surprised by their intelligence and the many things they can learn from us. We can say that we also learn from them, because they show us that there is no reason to stop enjoying each day to the fullest and give the best of us, an example would be to learn something different like belly dancing, Fantastic!

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Take a look at this belly dance cat! He'll leave you wanting to dance and maybe you'll be the next to upload a video to doing this belly dance challenge, would you be able to? Maybe, but surely you won't do better than this talented cat. Enjoy this video because it might be the funniest thing you see today - see you next time!