This Father-Daughter Dance Made Every Guest Jump To Their Feet

6 years ago

Tradition is a big thing. Many exercise a number of rites that have been passed down over the years, as a sign of respect for their ancestors.

Everyday we are surrounded by traditions, whether we recognize them as such or not, but the one place where most traditions occur are during weddings. There is a symbolism in most of the acts during a wedding, from the color of the bride’s dress, the wedding bands the newlyweds exchange, to the first dance. The father-daughter dance holds a great symbolic too, a moment where the father gives his daughter away to grow up and become a wife and mother.

Usually, brides choose a song that means a lot to them and their dads, usually accompanied by tears of joy and sorrow. Lately, though, a lot of brides opt out for something a lot less traditional, but still very symbolic. Instead of the swaying side-by-side, they perform an elaborate choreography with their dads, to show the world that their bond is still strong and will continue to be so!

This bride is no exception! This dynamic duo took the dance floor with “My Girl” by The Temptations, but after the first chorus, the record scratches and the mashup begins! From “Baby Got Back”, to “Gangnam Style “ and “Whip/Nae Nae”, these two really set the dance floor on fire.

This other bride also threw a surprize during her dance with her dad, but it wasn’t for the guests, but for the man who is sending her off to her new family. She played a song of herself at three years old, singing to her dad. You can guess how that went.

Here’s to all the brides starting their own traditions!

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