Curious Cat Can’t Stop Checking Himself Out On Camera

Published February 5, 2019 25,518 Views $45.38 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensThis video of Case the cat, who’s trying to learn to “shake hands” on command—but who just can’t tear his eyes away from his own image on the camera’s screen—is exactly the moment of hilarity you need (nay, that you deserve!) to get you through an otherwise humdrum day. Now that everybody walks around with what’s essentially a movie camera in their pockets, we all know that feeling of trying to focus on one activity that involves your phone, but getting distracted by the image of yourself on the screen. “Does my hair look okay?” you find yourself wondering. “Is my makeup on correctly?

Have I gained weight? Does this outfit look as good on me as I thought it did when I put it on this morning? Does my face look weird when I’m talking or laughing?” Knowing that we humans go through all these questions in our heads whenever we’re confronted with a screen showing us our own image, it shouldn’t be surprising that Case the cat finds himself similarly bemused and bewitched at seeing his own tabby self, in miniature, in the camera screen confronting him. Or, perhaps, instead of checking himself out for any stray hairs or grooming issues that might need to be addressed, he’s wondering if that’s actually *another* cat (a very, very tiny cat) who somehow wandered into the room. “What’s that other cat even doing here?” Chase may be wondering. “Can’t he see that I’m trying to learn to shake hands?!!?”

We hear you, Chase! Picking up any new skill is always enough of a challenge, even when there’s nothing around to distract us. And all Chase really wants, after all, is to get that cat treat that he knows is waiting for him each time he correctly shakes his humans hand on command. It’s a true dilemma for a curious kitty, but we can’t help feeling that Chase rises to the challenge admirably. If you haven’t hit the Play button yet, you’ll want to do so as quickly as possible, and enjoy the kitty comedy gold that awaits you. And definitely pass this link along to any other cat lovers you know—who may themselves have tried, and failed, to teach their cat how to master the art of doing something on command. Cats are notoriously bad at that—but even watching their attempts is great good fun in and of itself.