Quick-Thinking Kayakers Save Drowning Man's Life

mattdolianPublished: October 24, 20141,111,174 views
Published: October 24, 2014

This amazing video captures the moment that occurred last year on Wilson Creek, a National Wild and Scenic River, located in the Pisgah National Forest near Collettesville, North Carolina.

During a sail down the creek, a kayaker toppled over and managed to pin his head beneath the surface of his kayak. Not being able to break free, his head trapped, he had expected nothing but the bleakest outcome. As it sometimes goes, what he also did not expect was the quick response from a nearby group of quick thinking kayakers. Markham Shuskey, Corey Edwards, Jake Matheny, Michael Barbre, and Matt Dolian were out on the water that same day.

After hearing the muffled screams some yards behind, Michael and Matt quickly surged into action. What they found was that the angle of the toppled kayak to the rocks had trapped that unfortunate kayaker’s head under the flow the of the water, which meant that being stuck in the kayak would totally unable any movement and keep his head under water, utterly incapable to breathe. After giving it a couple of energetic tugs and somewhat of a struggle, they in the end managed to pull the man out of the water, in just a nick of time.

All’s well when it ends well. Thumbs up!

Credit to Matt Dolian.

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