LeBron James Saved A Man From Drowning

TheFumblePublished: August 22, 2017201 views
Published: August 22, 2017

According to Dwyane Wade's wife Gabrielle Union, you can call LeBron James "Aqua-Man." The story goes that while snorkeling in the Bahamas a few years back, LeBron noticed a man missing and dove into the ocean to find him, and retrieved the man, bringing him back to safety like some kind of superhero.

LeBron James has a new career lined up as he retires as a part time life guard. He is without a doubt one of the best players to set foot on the hard wood, but apparently basketball isn't all LeBron has been successful at.

While he was on vacation in the Bahamas a couple of years ago, LeBron, his friend Dwayne Wade and some other people were chilling on a boat after an adventurous snorkeling in the ocean. But then, LeBron realized that one of the group was missing and immediately dove right back in and rescued his friend.

He even didn't make this into a big deal himself, but was instead told to the media by Dwayne's wife. So he's not just a superhero in the game, he is a superhero in real life too. And a modest one as well. What a surreal situation!

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