Heroic Kayakers Save Sheep From Drowning In River Avon

isaacsimmonsPublished: October 12, 2017Updated: October 16, 20171,602 views
Published: October 12, 2017Updated: October 16, 2017

While these kayakers were travelling on a tour down the River Avon, they heard sounds from a distance and quickly raced to the scene to show their heroic skills in action.

A poor sheep has fallen into the waters of River Avon and was pointlessly trying to get out. It was her lucky day to have these brave men come and lend her a helping hand.

After noticing the sheep in distress they immediately went on a mission to save her. Two of them were guiding the sheep to swim towards the river shore. The other guy was waited for the sheep to approach and reach land.

After successfully guiding the sheep in the right direction, the third man reached out to grab and pull the sheep up.

Unfortunately, sheep are heavy and this one is soaking wet. Its weight is pulling down to the river, so this man struggles for a while to pick it up.

The sheep is kicking with its legs, trying to get to shore, while the man is pulling it up.

After the sheep reached land, it accidentaly dropped back into the water after few seconds. The poor man had to pick up the sheep from the water again, this time successfully carrying it deeper in the land so that she cannot slip into the water again.

The second attempt left the sheep happily running away from water, and these men became heroes of the day.

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