How peoples rights were removed.Remember in March 2020 Trump began it "UNITED STATES IS OVER! TRUMP HANDS IT OVER TO F.E.M.A. ! "

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Trump is a "deep state" project and totally fake and the father of the 'vaccine' "Trump the father of the Vaccine, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration" ) & Fachi Vaids deaths & Injuries

The Unvaccinated "Nobody Is Safe" by Matt Orfa

Who closed the Worlds Churches ? Event 201 the UN & World Council of Churches World Economic Forum

The role of church leaders in vaccination efforts

Israel Zion and the attacks on Israel by 'Covid' Injections ( נמרוד בראשית י ותהלים 83 )

HIV Vaids in the Vaccine outbreak in Israel 2021 2022 Immune system destruction, deaths & injuries

Trump, the FDA, Fachi & the Crispr HIV VAIDS vaccine epidemic in Israel & The world (deaths & Injuries) Who Pushed "Operation Warp Speed"

NHS to close Tavistock child gender identity clinic

First UK baby with DNA from three people born after new IVF procedure

"Crocodile found to have made herself pregnant"

World Premiere: Died Suddenly

Covid: Double vaccinated can still spread virus at home

Remdesivir & Polio (not cured ?) Vaccines do not cure or prevent Polio (it has simply changed names) & the Remdisivir criminal fraud

REMEMBER IN MARCH 2020 TRUMP BEGAN IT "UNITED STATES IS OVER! TRUMP HANDS IT OVER TO F.E.M.A. !! " (only just finished to make way for pandemic treaty but US constitution suseonded via patriot act ad restrict act 2023 and from 1933 when everyone sold as human collateral globally see link near the top)

CDC mandated that children Jan / Feb 2023 have the mRNA 'vaccines' in 2023

Nigeria now. Mark of the Beast. Riots when you can no longer Buy or Sell (CBDC + mRNA injections)

Yes, mRNA IS Gene Therapy


US Supreme Court Human Genome Patents (Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., 569 U.S. 576 June 13, 2013 & now in Congress, the 'Patent Eligibility Restoration Act' of 2022/2023) to overturn patenting DNA decision

FULL ARTICLES SHOWING HUMAN GENOME only complete in March 31, 2022, the Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) consortium announced that it had filled in the remaining gaps (from 2003 only at 97% complete) and produced the first truly complete human genome sequence (Crispr cas 9 banned until 2019/2020, after this approved for Operation Warp Speed in May 2020)

& here also

Bio - Warfare mRNA / DNA crispr injections into the cells nucleus, into 2023 and getting worse. 'Genetic Engineering' & the Mark of the beast

See also Liz Wheeler on the Pfizer released documents

Bill Maher (Real Time) & Tucker Carlson on Vaccines & Vaccine ingredients

Dr Stanley Plotkin (Godfather of Vaccines & Pope Francis ) aborted fetal tissue in Vaccines amongst other 'ingredients'

The Experimental Gene Therapy mRNA / DNA injections & ingredients

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