Bio - Warfare mRNA / DNA crispr injections into the cells nucleus, into 2023 and getting worse. 'Genetic Engineering' & the Mark of the beast

11 months ago

(credits at the end) Just how insane is Trump (operation warp speed) "CDC Confirms That Majority of Fatal Covid Vaccines Were Knowingly Sent to Red States"

The Trump Vaccine

(alternatively Trump Kills Israelis) Israel Zion and the attacks on Israel by 'Covid' Injections ( נמרוד בראשית י ותהלים 83 )

In March 2020 without any revision of the International health regulations (IHR) or de facto Pandemic treaty the world was locked down and human dignity rights were removed. The double train tracks of the IHR and Pandemic treaty have in effect already been agreed if an aspect cannot pass in one it is added to the other (the terms are agreed and in an emergency thats all that counts in 2023)
1) (early December 2022) Pandemic Treaty finalised, Dr Francis Boyle & Mike Adams issue URGENT WARNING on WHO Pandemic treaty

2) (early January 2023) The WHO World Order

3) Feb 2023 Everything changes in 4 days as Biden transfers power to Bill Gates backed W.H.O. | Redacted News

4. (Feb / March 2023 ) Liz Wheeler Pandemic treaty (already agreed, lockdowns & pandemics occur with or without IHR or Treaty)

The Holy of Holies & 144,000 & the Feasts.The 2 Witnesses & Gods image in DNA. Four squared & Cubed

616 or 666? The merging of the Mark & Number of the Beast & the Cult of Sol
Invictus (Chi-Rho ΧΡ ☧)

Lula in Brazil drafted in at all costs (freed from prison) in a election Coup de taut (as Bolsonaro is 'anti-vax') says no vaxx then no money (buy and sell)

the CDC has mandated that children January / February 2023 have the mRNA 'vaccines' in 2023

Nigeria now. Mark of the Beast. Riots when you can no longer Buy or Sell (CBDC + mRNA injections)

Yes, mRNA *IS* Gene Therapy

Stew Peters Network 'World Premiere: Died Suddenly'

See also Liz Wheeler on the Pfizer released documents

Bill Maher (Real Time) & Tucker Carlson on Vaccines & Vaccine ingredients

Dr Stanley Plotkin (Godfather of Vaccines & Pope Francis ) aborted fetal tissue in Vaccines amongst other 'ingredients'

The Experimental Gene Therapy mRNA / DNA injections & ingredients

Made in Gods Image ? Genesis 1:26-28

The Last American vagabond 9.3.2023

The Corbett report 1.3.2023

The patriot light (and we know ) featuring Dr peter McCullough 13.03.2023

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