Trump, the FDA, Fachi & the Crispr HIV VAIDS vaccine epidemic in Israel & The world (deaths & Injuries) Who Pushed "Operation Warp Speed"

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So far 5.5 Billion + people have been vaccinated up to 3 times with boosters but are still catching covid and variants & see new ISRAEL: TESTIMONIES OF THE VICTIMS
The testimonies project - the movie and new testimonies here also

World Premiere: Died Suddenly

Shai Danon interview

"Israel fears new Holocaust Shai Danon & David Icke ( Vaccinations & the Left - Right paradigm)" or here again also

Just how insane is Trump (op warp speed) 1) "CDC Confirms That Majority of Fatal Covid Vaxx Were Knowingly Sent to Red States"
2) The Trump Vaccine

3) (Trump Kills Israelis) Israel Zion & the attacks on Israel by 'Covid' Injections ( נמרוד בראשית י ותהלים 83 )

Crispr Gene editing tech in mRNA vaccine given to Billions of people bypass & destroy immune systems

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and Covid Shots Dr Ryan Cole


1.Nazi Germany & 2.Communist Russia both killed Jews (& Christians) as did 3. Communist Chairman Mao in China (the Current WHO, World Health Organisation and the 'Dr' Tedros who is not a Doctor who is in the pay of China as is the WHO and the UN are Communists

1.Nazi Germany Science and the Swastika: Hitler's Biological Soldiers - Episode 1 - WWII Documentary

Warning: Ben Stein Suffers Severe Side Effects From COVID Vaccine!

2. (Video 20) USSR's GULAGS (Russia)

Germany had around 15 concentration camps in WW2 at the time of the Holocaust but the USSR had 200 from WW1 into WW2 or more and after and a few remained into 1989.

Archive links for further study 1. 1999 & 92003)

2. 3. 2018

3. (2019)
& Jordan Peterson "Jordan Peterson On Soviet Horrors, The Gulag Archipelago: "This Is Not Widespread Knowledge"

or here

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