Edward Dowd: Covid Vaccines Are Causing Death & Disability Rates To Skyrocket

1 year ago

Edward Dowd provides an update concerning the unparalleled carnage being caused by COVID vaccinations.

Edward Dowd:

"You can't convince me that everyone decided in a three-month timeframe to all commit suicide, overdose on drugs or all miss their cancer screening treatments, so that, for me, the millennials [are] what I call the smoking gun. This is a group that shouldn't be dying, especially in year two of a pandemic. You can't tell me the virus switched from only going after older folks to now going after younger folks and switching from respiratory to cardiovascular, and that's what we're seeing mostly occurring with these young folks, cardiovascular issues."

"The evidence is in. A crime has been committed of epic proportions. I've never seen anything like this in my life. It's the fraud to end all frauds."

"I'm never taking another vaccine again in my whole life!"

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Increasing Death Rates, Plummeting Birth Rates, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)


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"The brave frontline doctors blew the whistle on this vaccine early on…the signals they identified should have stopped the vaccinations in its tracks like the 70’s swine flu. They are the heroes. They were attacked & smeared. The fact that the apparatus of government & private corporations through their actions allowed it to get to the point where bodies & injuries are piling up is the largest global crime against humanity ever seen. The implications are staggering & profound. We are not going back to normal anytime soon. My insurance industry partner & I are forever grateful for the brave doctors…we are just 2 ex Wall Street geeks exposing through our skills the damage wrought by those who didn’t listen to the warnings from the frontline doctors."

-- Edward Dowd, GETTR, March 13, 2022

Source: https://gettr.com/post/pztarr961e

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