Vaccine Makers Liability Protection Is At Risk Because Of Fraud

2 years ago

Former Blackrock Executive Edward Dowd explains how Pfizer and Moderna would both be stripped of immunity if they are proven to be guilty of fraud and that, in turn, would lead to both companies going bankrupt. Dowd believes this is a repeat of the great financial crisis where companies with vested interest (in this case, the FDA) are promoting and approving dangerous products because they have financial interest in selling these products.


Pfizer & Moderna: Modern Day Enrons, Central Bank & Government Fraud – Former Blackrock Executive
By Zach Heilman
Red Voice Media
January 30, 2022

Back in the 1990s, there was one corporation that was considered to be the most successful and powerful in the entire world. And it just so happened that that company was located in Houston, Texas and was none other than the energy conglomerate, Enron. But while Enron might have had this image of power, invincibility, and wealth, in 2001, investigations revealed the corporation wasn't as successful as one might believe. Using tactics like manipulating the general public, defrauding regulation agencies and stockholders, Enron was able to achieve an image of success. Now known as the prime example of greed and corruption, an equity investment executive is blowing the whistle on how the same tactics are being used when it comes to COVID-19.

Appearing on Steve Bannon's "The War Room ", Edward Dowd explained how companies like Pfizer and Moderna are working with the FDA when it comes to pushing the supposed miracle drug forward. And to make sure people didn't think Dowd was nothing more than a crazed conspiracy theorist, Bannon asked him to list his work history. This included an education at Notre Dame, working within DLG during the "dot com" boom, and eventually landing a portfolio manager position at Blackrock. Dowd included that a product he overlooked climbed from $2 billion in sales to over $14 billion. Needless to say, he had more than enough qualifications.

Still, in the video, featured above, Dowd discussed how his career in investing and working alongside these corporations gave him a front-row seat to the corporate fraud that took place during the "dot com" boom and the bank fraud that took place during the financial recession. And sadly, Dowd detailed how it appears that fraud has now transitioned to the centralized banks and governments as they promote the COVID-19 drug.

Hurling several accusations at the governments and big pharma, Dowd admitted more deaths were seen in a group that was given the COVID-19 drug than the placebo group. But even with the findings, the jab was able to still get approved. But it wasn't just the effects of the COVID-19 drug that worried Dowd as he also warned about the volatile state the economy is currently in and what could be the tipping point.


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