Edward Dowd: Canada's Death Data Confirms Acceleration Of Deaths In Millennials (25-44 Year Olds)

2 years ago

"Why are young people dropping dead?!"

"Well, look, you know, I'm an investor. I have a thesis. I'm definitively saying it's the vaccine. The question, the fact that this question isn't even being asked by the mainstream media, by the, you know, department, the CDC, the FDA, or the NIH in the US, and whatever the equivalents are in Canada, suggest to me that they are hiding something and I think they're hiding the fact that fraud occurred at the clinical trial data level. This thing was rushed through, pushed. The regulatory bodies have been captured, and they thought it'd be okay. I think they knew it was a garbage vaccine, but I don't think they really thought it would kill this many this quickly. And now they're like ruh-roh, and then you know, what do you do when you're caught? When You're caught, you triple down."

-- Edward Dowd

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"The brave frontline doctors blew the whistle on this vaccine early on…the signals they identified should have stopped the vaccinations in its tracks like the 70’s swine flu. They are the heroes. They were attacked & smeared. The fact that the apparatus of government & private corporations through their actions allowed it to get to the point where bodies & injuries are piling up is the largest global crime against humanity ever seen. The implications are staggering & profound. We are not going back to normal anytime soon. My insurance industry partner & I are forever grateful for the brave doctors…we are just 2 ex Wall Street geeks exposing through our skills the damage wrought by those who didn’t listen to the warnings from the frontline doctors."

-- Edward Dowd, GETTR, March 13, 2022

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