Mark Penn on who have a CHANCE to get back into this PRESIDENTIAL RACE

Published May 22, 2022 748 Views
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Mark Penn: "I always thought the dossier was that any school kid could read it and see that it was crap. So per. Personally, Hillary now has a 36% favorable. She doesn't really have a chance to get back into this presidential race. Biden and Trump are both much better."

Punugupati Srikanth:
David Spunt provides the LATEST on Durham Investigation

Joe Kent: They're willing to risk WORLD WAR II to make it all happen

Jesse Watters: They're not going down without a fight

Matt Walsh discusses about Disinformation Board

Joe Biden: Aggression is his purpose

Kayleigh McEnany: He is the GUY who is always LATE to the party

Catherine Glenn Foster: If we added RAPE & INCEST EXCEPTIONS, would you vote for it?

Greg Gutfeld: I call it the Great Awakening

Fox & Friends: He has uncovered probably the BIGGEST CORRUPTION story

Charles Payne: This is the WORST self inflicted WOUND in America

Kash Patel tells some pretty powerful testimony, documents from John Durham

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