Matt Walsh discusses about Disinformation Board

Published May 18, 2022 1,695 Views
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Matt Walsh: "Well, I think it's actually great news. It's great news is for us. But it's really great news for CNN, too, because the disinformation board, it means that something finally died faster than CNN. Plus, so they can take some solace in that, I suppose. I'm glad that we got that clip of Peter Doocy, because there's this fundamental absurdity that you do have to really savor, which is that they claim that it's supposed disinformation about the disinformation board that shut it down, which is like I mean, it's like if there's a new fire Department that was set up in your town and then you had a fire at your house and you called the fire Department and they said, well, screw that. We're closing. We can't come and help you. That's the whole reason that you're here. Right."

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