David Spunt provides the LATEST on Durham Investigation

Published May 18, 2022 1,240 Views
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David Spunt: "Federal prosecutors say that former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussman manipulated the FBI to open this investigation into then candidate Donald Trump to create that October surprise right before the election. We got some video of suspension leaving the federal courthouse within the last hour with his legal team. The day began with opening statements and ended with several witnesses on the stand, including two FBI agents.

Susman is charged with lying to the FBI two months before the 2016 election. He went to the FBI and said he had some information linking the Trump organization via a computer server to a Russian based Alpha Bank then owned by associates close to Vladimir Putin. The FBI investigated. The allegation was bogus. An FBI agent on the stand today said it did not take long to determine there was no secret back channel between the Trump Organization and Russia. But the investigation continued just going through the chain of command."

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