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Zoo Monkey Offers Unforgettable Grooming Experience To Feral Cat1m43s

Zoo Monkey Offers Unforgettable Grooming Experience To Feral Cat

An unlikely friendship has occurred at a local zoo. Watch this monkey spends some quality time grooming its kitty friend. If you're wondering what pure love looks like, you have come to the right place! It's safe to say these two share a special bond, and it looks like this cat is getting the complete spa treatment thanks to his adorable little monkey who is doing his very best to massage all of the cat's worries away. Talk about great services! There isn't a cuter duo we have seen all week. Time to schedule our next day at the spa! A feral cat is a cat that lives outdoors and has had little or no human contact. They do not allow themselves to be handled or touched by humans, and will run away if they are able. They typically remain hidden from humans, although some feral cats become more comfortable with people who regularly feed them. Even with long term attempts at socialization, feral cats usually remain fearful and avoidant of humans. However this cat created a special bond with the captivated zoo monkey. The little Capuchin monkey seems to really dote on the sleeping feline and she seems to be very patient and relaxed throughout the entire treatment. There are numerous stories about such extraordinary friendships in the animal kingdom. In fact, that apes in the wild have been known to actually adopt felines as cuddly pets of their own. How amazing and heartwarming!

Published: November 3, 2017Updated: November 8, 2017163,598 viewsVirality: 5%
Once Grandma Starts Dancing, She Just Can't Stop48s

Once Grandma Starts Dancing, She Just Can't Stop

Grandmas can be peaceful, restful and reliable as can be, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun too. Because we are all really just kids inside and I know this grandma agrees! She has got unbelievable moves and knows how to bust a move. Have you ever been a star of the stage like this awesome woman? Back when we were kids, we used to grow frustrated hearing our parents say we weren't old enough to participate in activities like driving or staying up late. However, as we grew into adulthood, our age started to become a topic of conversation again. This video of an elderly woman moving on the dance floor will inspire anyone who has ever been told they're "too old" to do something, and her dance moves are truly jaw-dropping. This woman proves that perceptions about age are completely wrong. She is actually a very talented dancer and her footwork is impeccable, and she sure impressed the audience. The crowd didn’t assume that this grandma will show some amazing dance moves and will flaunt her happy feet on stage. Moments later we can hear the audience erupt into cheers for the talented lady in green who sure knows how to keep the audience entertained.

Published: March 14, 2017243,883 viewsVirality: 25%
Three Kids Walk Out With Huge Paper Hats, Will Have You In Stitches3m16s

Three Kids Walk Out With Huge Paper Hats, Will Have You In Stitches

Do you remember The Oak Ridge Boys’ classic song, “Elvira?" Well, you are in for a treat, we have three tiny (looking) performers dancing along to that very song in this video – and they are wearing gigantic cowboy hats! One of the dancers is Ashlin, and her brother, Walker, is running to be on the associated student body (or the student council) of his middle school. First, we see Walker coming out in front of the whole student body and presents himself. Then, he adds: “We all know that actions speak louder than words. So I’ve invited a special guest to help me get my point across to you. “ Walker asked her and two of her friends to do this to help him win! Like any good sister, Ashlin said ‘yes!’ As you will soon hear, the crowd went wild when the gigantic hats took the floor! The trio of dancers thrilled the audience with their toe-tapping dance routine! "Elvira" is a song written by Dallas Frazier which became a famous country and pop hit by The Oak Ridge Boys in 1981, now considered one of their signature songs. Frazier wrote "Elvira" in 1966 and included it as the title track of an album he released that year. The title of the song was inspired not by the name of a woman, but by the name of a street in East Nashville, Tennessee.

Terrified Motorcyclists Are Forced To Put Hands Up When Two Men Hold Them At Gunpoint2m04s

Terrified Motorcyclists Are Forced To Put Hands Up When Two Men Hold Them At Gunpoint

This is what happens when you try and go in the 'secret back gate' to Area 51. Two armed men in camouflage gear come out of nowhere to stop these adventure bikers who claim they have discovered a secret back gate to Area 51. The terrified motorcyclists, who had just ridden past a sign which warned that 'deadly force' was authorized against trespassers, were forced to put their hands up when the two mystery men held them at gunpoint. "We are a father and son team of adventure travelers. This was part of a larger trip to be lead presenters on Area 51 in Yosemite. On our way home, we were going by Area 51. I have mapped out several hidden entrances and we were exploring this hidden entrance. We saw the truck going up the road ahead of us and we followed them up. They turned around and came back down the road. We have been there many times and we were probably recognized and they turned around and came after us. As we stopped on the public land side of the boundary, they blocked the road", says McCulloughs. Area 51 is located 83 miles north of Las Vegas in Nevada and is classified as a US military installation. For years, it was one of the US government’s worst-kept secrets, until it was officially acknowledged by the CIA in 2013 and its location revealed. The intense secrecy concerning what went on at Area 51 has made it the frequent subject of conspiracy theories - most famously that it is a centre for research on aliens and UFOs.

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Exhausted Cat Passes Out On The Desk And Starts Snoring Like An Old Man31s

Exhausted Cat Passes Out On The Desk And Starts Snoring Like An Old Man

Videos of kittens snoring are adorable. However this may not be so cute when it’s early in the morning and your cat sounds like a ripsaw on the pillow next to you. Snoring in cats is not as common as in dogs and is usually caused by some kind of partial obstruction in the upper airway. The low-pitched sound usually results from soft tissue or fluid interfering with the smooth passage of air through the nose or throat. As in people, it may be just positional and relatively harmless, but in some cases, snoring may indicate a medical problem in the cat. This cat must have had quite the day and barely got the chance to relax and get some quality nap. Hearing Mr. Stinky snore, growl and hiss in his sleep will make you laugh out loud! There is no doubt that this cat dropped dead from exhaustion, Mr. Stinky is snoring like an old man, with his eyes half-opened and his paws jerking. He makes the most hilarious and both ridiculous sound there is! You could have never imagined hearing this weird noise coming out of a cat! It is like hearing an old man snoring from next door which leaves you without any sleep. The cat must be dreaming of something not very pleasant because the sounds he makes seem hostile.

Published: October 6, 2017Updated: October 24, 201741,653 viewsVirality: 4%
Mama Python Protects Her Eggs From Keeper1m09s

Mama Python Protects Her Eggs From Keeper

In an Instagram video posted on September 15, a snake keeper proved why stealing snake eggs requires expertise. Jay Brewer is the founder of Prehistoric Pets, a store specializing in snakes, lizards and other reptiles. For healthy breeding purposes, Brewer moves the snake eggs away from the mother and into a separate crate, but when he tried to do this with one of the larger snakes, she tried to attack him. The reason why the experts at Prehistoric Pets remove the clutches of eggs from under the mothers is because of breeding purposes. In the wild, perfect eggs don’t always mean that they will all hatch, because they need constant temperatures and humidity in order to hatch perfect, healthy baby snakes. Those conditions are maintained artificially in incubators, but those eggs need to get there somewhere and these reptilian mothers have no idea they are in captivity; they still think they are in the wild, where their eggs would be stolen for food, instead of preserving their species. This particular female has a long strike range, meaning that she won’t hesitate to stretch nice and long to protect her babies. So Jay uses a hook to gently nudge her head away and reach that clutch of eggs from underneath her. It is her first clutch and she is already an excellent mother. Check out the full video of Jay relocating the eggs and the mom defending them. Educational and entertaining!

Published: January 13, 2017Updated: January 14, 2017408,201 viewsVirality: 18%
Husky Puppy Loses It When Owners Get Him A Brand New Sandpit43s

Husky Puppy Loses It When Owners Get Him A Brand New Sandpit

Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and for a good reason. They are loyal, smart and strong (they were used for pulling sleds in snow), but also they are known to throw hilarious tantrums and to be very vocal when things don't go their way. Or when they are pleased, there's really no rule for when this happens. In this instance, this little 13-week-old pupper named Money goes bonkers when he finds out that his owners decided to install a sandpit in the backyard! He's lucky enough to have a huge backyard to run around, but having a sandpit too just doubles the fun. Imagine how happy he would be if his owners get him a trampoline too. He frolics and jumps and rolls around his new favorite play area, unable to control the level of happiness. And we totally get him, sandpits are fun for humans too. You can pretend you're on the beach, dig and search for hidden treasures, or even built sandcastles. They're basically fun for the whole family! Now all Money the husky needs is a couple of friends that would keep him company while playing, for example this pooch that was devastated to hear that his vacation has come to an end. Surely he'll appreciate some playtime in sand to remind him of the beach.

Published: October 28, 2017Updated: October 30, 201785,569 viewsVirality: 9%
Brave Bear Decides To Charge After Car In The Middle Of Alaskan Road27s

Brave Bear Decides To Charge After Car In The Middle Of Alaskan Road

"My name is Cody Kunau and I am a fishing guide for the Yakutat Lodge based in Yakutat Alaska. On July 2nd, my friend Samantha and I were driving to the lodge for dinner when we encountered a bear far ahead in the road. This is a somewhat normal occurrence for here. Usually, the bears run off and catching a close up glimpse is hard. We slowed our vehicle down to where we saw the bear cross the road when suddenly it erupted from the bushes and came after our vehicle. "After this incident, we turned back around to see what was making the bear so agitated. We could see no cubs, no kill, or anything that would make this bear behave the way it did. It charged us again so we went to the lodge to warn everyone of the incident. This is a popular road in town located maybe 500 yards from the lodge so we wanted to let people know not to walk or bike there. In the rear view mirror we witnessed the bear also chase another vehicle that passed by after us without the occupants even knowing They were heading to our lodge for dinner too.Even though I was in a car, it was one of the scariest moments of my life!" Occurred on July 2, 2017 in Yakutat, Alaska, USA

Published: July 6, 2017183,985 viewsVirality: 41%
Baby Bulldog Throws An Adorable Temper Tantrum1m33s

Baby Bulldog Throws An Adorable Temper Tantrum

Bulldog aggression and dominance is something that comes instinctively to the breed. Dominance was the name of the game when they were originally bred, as herding and baiting was their main purpose. This breed tends to assert dominance over other doggies in particular and sometimes even their humans. This sort of behavior mostly occurs in younger puppies and it is very natural. It is adorable how this tiny bulldog puppy gets at his owner for teasing him and immediately picks up a fight by barking in the most cutest possible way. He has the temper tantrum attitude that should not be ignored! So precious! Tiny bulldog stands his arguments straight and tries to bark, but only squeaky sounds come out of his mouth. The poor thing then tries to growl and shake his head to back up his statement, whatever that may be, but the entire performance is very funny. This little guy is then trying to raise his front legs off the ground and stand up to his owner. It is adorable how this cutie doesn’t mind his miniature size and stands tall when he engages in a feisty confrontation with his human. He is indeed one courageous fellow who knows how to start a fight and put up an argument. One day, his bark will be loud and scary, so human, beware!

Gender Reveal Party Doesn't Go As Planned, Has A Surprising End2m23s

Gender Reveal Party Doesn't Go As Planned, Has A Surprising End

Baby announcements and gender reveals have become such a huge thing these past few years, the trend gave birth to a whole new industry and a welcomed boost to bakeries! Lavish and elaborate parties, pink and blue everything, tons of guests - all of that just to tell the world that you are expecting an addition to the family. Not everyone can afford to throw a gender reveal like that, so many opt out for something smaller and modest. Sure, there is some color, and balloons, perhaps some cupcakes. The end result is always the same with the adults: everyone gets super excited about the news, screaming and hugging everybody, most of all the expecting parents. With kids, you can never know, but we still love watching those clips! This family has a celebration to reveal the gender of their first child together. They played a trick on the family to keep them in suspense. A colored smoke bomb was supposed to go off when they opened the box, but all the attendees could see was something grayish white coming out, making someone in the background comment that this had to have something to do with fire, since the dad is a fireman! But the first smoke bomb was actually white - they were just prolonging the announcement for all the people present. This video will keep you on your toes until the very end!

Published: September 28, 2017Updated: October 4, 2017113,662 viewsVirality: 28%
Tail-Wagging Raccoon Visits His Canine Friend18s

Tail-Wagging Raccoon Visits His Canine Friend

These interspecies friendships is what we love most about our job here. Watching endless hours of videos with all sorts of different animals cuddling and playing in harmony warms our hearts and makes us wish we had such pets around. Seeing how even sworn natural enemies can learn to love and respect each other really makes you put a finger to your forehead and think some things through. Now, this might not be your run of the mill friendship, but we would like to think that this rare breed of dog that looks very much like a wolf will eventually grow on to this uninvited guest. Sparta the Northern Inuit has always wanted to befriend the neighborhood raccoon, but the trash panda has always stayed on the roof... Until today. The chubby masked bandit decided to come a bit closer today, so he perched himself on the balcony railing, right across the door, where good old Sparta was waiting. We can see the coon wagging his tail outside and our immediate response would be that the wild animal is happy to see Sparta, but raccoons are more like cats that dogs when it comes to wagging their tail. Sorry Sparta, this guy doesn’t want to be your friend, he just wants your kibble! Not all coons are scared of dogs though! In this adorable video, the raccoon really loves to play wrestle with the dog. Every coin has two sides and these two are the opposite of Sparta and her un-buddy.

Published: November 9, 2017Updated: November 10, 201758,448 viewsVirality: 33%
Dad Accuses Toddler Of Taking His Earphones, A Hilarious Debate Ensues1m00s

Dad Accuses Toddler Of Taking His Earphones, A Hilarious Debate Ensues

This little boy is being accused of something he didn't do, so he pleads his case in the most adorable way possible! This little guy, who we learn is named Julian, has gotten his tiny toddler hands on dad’s headphones. Now dad can’t find them, but he is certain that baby Julian is the culprit. So he does what every parent would do in the same situation - he confronts the little guy. As soon as Julian hears his dad accuse him of misplacing dad’s headphones, he immediately starts making his case. We have no idea what his arguments are, because we haven’t gotten to learn “baby gibberish" language yet, but it seems that dad understand everything that comes out of his son’s mouth. When dad tries to calm the situation down, Julian lets out a high pitched scream of panic, catching dad completely off guard. Probably seeing how this argument won’t bear fruit any time soon, dad apologizes to Julian with a hug and a kiss. We have no idea if the headphones saw the light of day, but watching that kid stand his ground gave us a solid laugh. A natural born lawyer! Mateo, on the other hand, had a lot to say when his mom accused him of attempting to get a cupcake from grandma. The little guy argues and debates his way out of punishment in the most hilarious way! Priceless!

Published: November 8, 2017Updated: November 9, 2017162,113 viewsVirality: 32%
Huge Swan Confronts Unsuspecting Dog At The Park59s

Huge Swan Confronts Unsuspecting Dog At The Park

A conflict arises between a dog and a swan in Strasbourg, France that is captured on camera. The dog's owner makes the right decision in not fleeing from the swan. Showing an act of dominance may have prevented the swan from physically attacking them. Luckily the situation didn't escalate and the swan retreated, but the pooch remained curious. It's not uncommon for dogs to be curious about other animals, especially when it's the first time they see them. The owner strokes the dog to keep it calm and keeps him on a leash, which is very considerate of her. If the dog was able to run free, than this video would have been one of a dog-swan quarrel. Swan attacks are rare but not uncommon, and there have been instances in the news where swans attack even humans that entered their territory. This swan had other things in mind, including showing off his grandeur and huge wings, so you can say it was more of a boasting situation that one of a threatening kind. The swan then leaves the scene to mind its business and all is good again. Although we're accustomed to seeing white swans, there are also black swans that are much rarer and even more beautiful. These creatures do exist, it's not just a famous movie title.

Published: October 11, 2017Updated: October 27, 20171,065,046 viewsVirality: 8%
Cute Puppy Has Meltdown After Doorstop Encounter1m27s

Cute Puppy Has Meltdown After Doorstop Encounter

Meet Peppa the puppy! She's about a month-and-a-half-old Pug French Bulldog cross. Little Peppa has some major issues with door-stops, she thinks they mock her! Check out her adorable reaction after encountering one at home. She swirls, barks and has a full-on tantrum in front of the door, loudly protesting the existence of the door stop. Luckily her owner got it all on video so you too can enjoy this precious moment. And may we add, she a real proof that dogs are simply the best entertainers, don't you agree? Just look at the way this tiny pooch expresses her emotions! Even though she really seems displeased, we can't help but laugh out loud! Now for some little background info regarding this adorable cross-breed: the Frenchie Pug is a breed developed by crossing the Pug and French Bulldog. These small-sized dogs have a mixed appearance inheriting the physical attributes of both their parents. Most of them are often seen to develop a pug-like wrinkly face especially on their forehead and the region between their eyes along with a short muzzle and snout. Their ears are mostly straight or upright as the French bulldog. They also take to their Pug parent in displaying a curled up tail. These even-tempered friendly dogs have also gained popularity in events of agility and guarding. Puppies are a real blessing and awesome addition to any family, providing us with love, happiness and cute little moments that make us laugh and cherish us forever Dogs are the best, don't you agree?

Published: July 17, 2014673,464 viewsVirality: 9%
Goalkeeper Celebrates Missed Penalty Shot A Bit Too Soon...50s

Goalkeeper Celebrates Missed Penalty Shot A Bit Too Soon...

This is the hilarious moment a bungling goalkeeper celebrated a dramatic penalty shootout miss - only for the ball to bounce back into the net off the crossbar in a freak goal. The match between Bangkok Sports Club and Satri Angthong had gone to a shootout after normal time ended 2-2 on October 21. The cup game was in the sudden death stage and tied at 19-19 when the last man - the goalkeeper - stepped up to take a spot kick for Bangkok Sports. They hit the crossbar which sent the opposition goalkeeper running away and jumping in celebration, while the penalty taker held his head in despair. But the ball flew into the air and when it landed the backspin caused it to slowly bounce back into an empty goal as keeper frantically ran back to try to save it. Emotions quickly changed and it was the goalkeeper who threw the ball down in anger while the scorer celebrated his freak goal. Spectator Phakawat Kunpatee, 18, had been watching his friends take part in the game when he recorded the lucky watch-over-again penalty. He said: ‘’The penalty shoot out was going on for a long time. Both teams were scoring every time. They were good quality. ‘’Then it looked like the other team had lost because they missed. Everybody thought it was over and the crowd was cheering. The ball bounced and then started going backwards. The crowd saw it but the goalkeeper didn't. It went back into the goal then the other team missed. It was funny, but the goalkeeper felt like a bit silly after. He looked like he was going to cry.’' Satri Angthong then missed their next shot to send Bangkok Sports through to the final to be played later next month.

Published: October 23, 201770,218 viewsVirality: 10%
Puppy Hears Kids Screaming Downstairs, Conquers Fear Of Stairs To Help Them 15s

Puppy Hears Kids Screaming Downstairs, Conquers Fear Of Stairs To Help Them

Humans regard stairs as set of steps meant to connect two floors, but for dogs stairs can be perceived as obstacles that can also be a bit intimidating, especially when it comes to small-breed puppies who were never introduced to stairs before. If your dog is scared of stairs, you may often see it struggle with the desire to be re-united with you and the fear of going up or down all those stairs. This can lead to approach avoidance behaviors where one moment he seems really motivated to go up or down. Dogs tend to be fearful of the unknown and this is an adaptive instinct that back in time turned handy as it prevented dogs from getting themselves into risky situations. This adorable Labrador Retriever puppy was just learning how to walk down the stairs. It turns out that this little pup was in a real rush to get down stairs so he found his own way down! We perceive stairs as a series of steps to be taken one at a time, while dogs see stairs as a huge, big obstacle. When they look at a stairwell from the top, it may look like a giant step cliffand when they look at it from the bottom it may look like an insurmountable obstacle. When teaching a dog or puppy to navigate the stairs, it can be especially beneficial to have some treats on hand for encouragement, and to maintain a calm and patient at all times. Steps can be daunting for a pup at first, but with a bit of support, he'll get the trick! This puppy conquers fear when he hears children screaming in the next room, and this instinct comes as the best motivation for him to get brave and dive in the stairs. He takes a courageous leap and slides down the stairs in the cutest possible way. Eventually he finds out that these stairs weren't so scary after all.

Published: July 7, 2016128,515 viewsVirality: 12%
Vocal Husky Hilariously Denies Pooping On The Carpet1m06s

Vocal Husky Hilariously Denies Pooping On The Carpet

Owners train dogs to go outside when nature calls, but sometimes they have accidents. We do our best to take them out or walk them when we can, but there are times when you have to leave them home alone for many hours. This may be what happened with Zeus, the Husky. This hilarious video perfectly depicts how to get away with poop accidents. Zeus tries to cover up his accident when his owner confronts him about the mess he made on the floor. Watch how he cries and whines over and over again, as mom scolds him for his bad behavior! Do you think that Zeus is guilty? Watch how this stubborn dog reacts after being put on the spot for questioning. Zeus may not have been caught red handed, but mom sure found proof of his crime! “Did you poop on the floor today?" mom asks Zeus while he howls in protest even if he is as guilty as one can be. Nonetheless he denies it all and goes for one long, vocal argument with the owner. “Did you poop because you were mad or because it was truly an accident?" apparently Zeus is known to get back at mom by purposely going on the carpet! This Husky saves the biggest reaction for the end when mom calls him a ‘bad dog’ and gives mom an earful. With his vocal talents, he could sing in the opera!

Emotional Reunion With Little Brother After Almost Two Years Apart1m42s

Emotional Reunion With Little Brother After Almost Two Years Apart

A sibling relationship is likely to be the most enduring of our lives. The impact they have on our young and adult lives is enormous, they shape our history and our character, to a far greater extent than is usually acknowledged. Siblings are not just second editions in relation to the parents, but have a profound importance in their own right. Relationships with siblings are ineradicably fixed in our psyches. Classic sibling dynamics often depend on what position we hold in the family. Elder children can often feel usurped when a younger one comes along and these feelings of rivalry can last well into adulthood. Having a big brother is truly a blessing. Brothers will make sure that no one hurts you, physically or emotionally. He's your bodyguard and your knight in shining armor all in one package. After almost two years away at military school, Albert Ferati returns home to surprise his little brother in this heartwarming clip.He decided to come home early and surprise his little brother while he was sleeping. What a beautiful moment! Albert sneaks into the room where his little brother is sleeping and he gently tries to wake him up. The little boy opens his eyes and looks at his brother. He is puzzled and doesn’t know whether he is dreaming or this is real. Moments later, he is https://rumble.com/v3rqvl-little-sister-surprised-by-her-big-brother.htmland gives his brother a big, warm hug. It is adorable to see these two siblings get along together so well. Maybe the age difference made them grow a parent-child relationship!

Published: November 3, 2017578,538 viewsVirality: 20%
Parrot Scolds Feline For Unpleasant Cat-Attack 13s

Parrot Scolds Feline For Unpleasant Cat-Attack

Cats have been domesticated for more than 10,000 years, but domesticated cats still share many attributes with wild cats. The desire to hunt is one of them. Many cat lovers are also big bird fans, which means cats’ remarkable hunting skills can often be cause for concern. Feline and parrot are sitting on a table, the bird stares at the feline and she stares right back at him. Soon after, the parrot tries to reach to the cat and she immediately pulls the cat-attack and tries to smack the parrot in the face for good measure. This cat takes a dislike to the parrot because he stands too close and is making her uncomfortable. A brawl breaks out between the pair with the cat hitting and the parrot scolding the cat, saying ‘No! No!’. Sometimes cats engage in behaviour that owners don’t appreciate. In order to make our cats behave in the way we want them to, we may try to punish them for their bad behaviour. Luckily for the owner, this talking parrot took the role of a bad parent and scolds the family cat by saying “No” to her bad attitude, every time she goes after him and tries to smack him in the face! That chatter to a ‘No’ or scold is more like the extravagant eye-roll, sigh, and hair flip of an irascible adolescent, or someone telling you to talk to the hand, or possibly as frustrated as flipping you the bird. Continuing to say ‘No’ to a cat in that agitated modality may be interpreted as a direct challenge or confrontation, leading to escalation.

Published: November 2, 2017387,161 viewsVirality: 22%
Adorable Baby Engages In A Hilarious Argument With Daddy2m19s

Adorable Baby Engages In A Hilarious Argument With Daddy

This is an argument as old as time. Dad decides to school his newborn daughter about the rules of dating, and the little one-month old girl sure has a lot to say! "I don't care if you like him or not, I don't know him", explains her dad but she doesn't accept his argument and speaks her mind, and talks back at him trying to interrupt what he has to say. Daddy obviously feels very protective of his daughter, and it's never too soon to teach your offspring about the complicated game that is dating. This little cutie pie sure has a long (veeery long) way before even entering the dating pool, but her dad wants her to be as informed as possible. What's so incredibly cute about this discussion is her constant trying to interrupt her dad and have it her own way. But dad has the higher ground on this one - he is an adult. Also, he can actually speak human words, so baby gibberish may not have a great effect in persuading him to change his mind. We can totally understand why dad is having this talk with his little girl, because the father - daughter bond is something truly incredible and amazing. Let's just hope that this baby girl will listen to her dad more when she grows up.

Published: October 20, 2017Updated: October 27, 20171,421,118 viewsVirality: 8%
Baby Girl Takes Phone Calling To A Whole Other Level4m33s

Baby Girl Takes Phone Calling To A Whole Other Level

It’s really hard being this little girl. She’s had a rough day answering the calls from her fans, and she has had enough. Baby girl Jaylee is left with a tough decision, succumb to the sleep that’s threatening to take her over, or answer this one last phone call. Being so indecisive, she decided to multitask just one last time before going to sleep. Answering the ringing with a sour look on her face, she listens to what the caller has to say on the other side. It looks like the lady has quite a speech prepared and little Jaylee isn’t willing to listen through it. She tries to hang up, but it looks like the lady isn’t giving up. She tries her luck a second time, but she is so tired, she can’t even manage to drop the phone in it’s cradle. Given that she has given up on trying to stop the talk with the lady, she decides to throw caution to the wind and throw her phone on the floor. She doesn’t care if it gets broken, it just needs to stop ringing and let her go to sleep. Some people just don’t know when enough is enough. Let Jaylee sleep!

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Loving Pit Bull Instantly Bonds With Rescued Newborn Kitten1m56s

Loving Pit Bull Instantly Bonds With Rescued Newborn Kitten

A stray Pit Bull has been found caring for a two-day-old kitten on the side of a road. The heart-warming pair were discovered on March 17 and taken to the Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas, USA and have been inseparable ever since! The unlikely little family were examined by Dr. Rick Hamlin and his team who revealed the kitten had been suckling from the pooch. Nicknamed Pittie and Kitty, Dr. Hamlin admitted he was amazed how easy-going the pit bull was even allowing him to handle the kitten. As Kitty's eyes were still shut the vet was able to identify the feline was no more than 10-days-old. And Pittie had hanging mammary glands which allowed the team to see she had recently given milk. However, Pittie’s milk had been drying up, which meant that nurses had to bottle feed the tiny kitten, but the adoptive mom is never too far away from her ward, which by the way looks exactly like her! The mom is friendly enough to allow the clinic’s staff to handle her baby, but she takes care of the rest herself, caring and bathing the minuscule kitten. The kitty had to be taken by the vet to their home for a night, but they assured their Facebook fans that the baby will be returned to its adoptive mommy in the morning. The clinic are now scouting for potential owners for the pair - stipulating they are adopted together. **This video is available to license from Caters News Agency. For all media / broadcasting / online usages contact video (at) catersnews (dot) com

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Hotel Guests Get A Lightning Surprise Right In Front Of Them32s

Hotel Guests Get A Lightning Surprise Right In Front Of Them

When Tim Allfrey was on a holiday in Queensland with his family, a thunderstorm rolled in and he decided to film the lightning strikes from a distance. However, nature had other plans.Heavy rain was pouring on a stormy night and this hotel guest captured the most amazing moment a lightning can do. This terrifying lightning bolt struck on a hotel balcony on October 28, 2017 in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia just metres away from the petrified guests. Tim Allfrey captured the moment when a huge lightning bolt struck his balcony. The bolt caused sparks to fly only centimetres from a table. Tim Allfrey and his family were staying at the Oaks Grand in Gladstone. The Newcastle man captured the bolt on his camera phone as storms and heavy rain swept across central Queensland. We cannot say that this bolt came out of the blue, but it is sure something you don’t see every day! Only about 30 seconds earlier, Tim was shooting panoramic footage of the regional city showing the bleak, grey night skies momentarily flashing pink as lightning was striking on the horizon. Then, a white bolt of lightning causes sparks to fly centimetres from an outdoor table on the balcony. It was all over in a flash as rain continues pouring outside.

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After 28 Years, Police Officer Makes His Retiring Call – Then His Son’s Voice Comes On The Radio1m04s

After 28 Years, Police Officer Makes His Retiring Call – Then His Son’s Voice Comes On The Radio

Reaching retirement is a thing to be celebrated, because after long years of servitude in your profession, you have finally earned the right to relax and enjoy life. This is especially true for the brave protectors of the law and order. But after decades of engagement, the moment can also be a sad one; a big part of your life is changing and you have to say your goodbyes to people who have been more than co-workers. Salem City Police Sgt. Douglas Hogate Sr. was finishing his last day on the job before retirement. He announced his final Code 3 - signing off - but little did he know that a very special someone was on the other end of that police radio to send him off. The 911 dispatch operator was none other than his son, Douglas Hogate Jr., and he had a special message for his dad listening. “It is with great pleasure to announce that as of 1800 hours on this date, after 28 years of service, my father, Salem City Police Sgt. Douglas Hogate Sr., Badge #612, is retiring and is giving his final Code 3," the Hogate Jr. said. “It is my honor as Salem County PST Douglas Hogate Jr. to acknowledge his Code 3 to the greatest man I know. Salem City Police Sgt. Douglas Hogate Sr., Badge #612, you are officially Code 3 at 1800 hours." Douglas Sr. couldn’t keep his eyes from tearing up after hearing his boy’s endearing words. The police force is certainly going to miss having such an amazing man on their team. Credit to 'Salem County 9-1-1 Center.

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Bratty Dog Stomps Feet When Told She Can't Go Outside1m27s

Bratty Dog Stomps Feet When Told She Can't Go Outside

After being brought inside for barking at the neighbor's cat, this Australian Shepherd has a complete meltdown because she cannot go back outside to play. Just like a small child, she is caught on video stomping her paws constantly, barking and trying to stare down her opponent in order to make her open the door. Mya is a 12 year old stubborn and strong willed Australian Shepherd that is used to having things go her way. She is often caught having temper tantrums, whether it is at the door after she is brought inside for barking, trying to manipulate her owners into feeding her early or freaking out on the cat for drinking out of her water dish. She loves the sound of her own voice and is known for the stomping of her feet when she doesn’t get her own way! She is a high maintenance girl, but worth every minute when she curls up on the couch for some doggie cuddle time. Mya spends a lot of her time outside during the day as that is where she loves to be most, watching the people walk by and chasing leaves in the driveway! Unfortunately, she has a tendency to bark at the mailman, other dogs and more than anything, the neighbor’s cat! Although many training methods have been tried, the only real way to correct the barking is by bringing her back inside. Just like Mya, most Australian Shepherd dogs are hard headed, but extremely intelligent and easy to train. They are also very vocal and like to have a lot to say. “Aussies" as they are nicknamed are a sensitive breed and then you bring that emotional aspect together with a tendency to bark and howl; you get a dog that loves to talk back and express herself.

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