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Forget The Fidget Spinner, This Is The Latest Internet Craze11s

Forget The Fidget Spinner, This Is The Latest Internet Craze

Just when we thought that nothing will ever take the throne right from under those insufferable fidget spinners, something like this happens that made us think that we should have kept our pie holes shut. It is a game that has been around for quite some time. We get to blame Malcolm In The Middle for its widespread sensation, but the game goes way back. No one could tell for sure how far back does the game come from, but the earliest someone could remember playing it was in the 1980’s. It used to be a silly game of making a circle with your thumb and forefinger and whoever got to notice it received a nice smack on the arm. Today it is a trend so stupefying, we all just want to look straight ahead and not show any signs of humane curiosity. Because you never know when someone will knock the shoulder off it’s joint. So here's the golf trick of the day with a surprise special ending! A guy has some 30 golf balls lined up next to each other. His friend, who is on the ground recording the whole htng, gives him the que to strike and our patient golfer makes his gentle swing. Each of the golf balls hit the next and fall to the ground, with the last one making it in the hole. Is that it? Oh, no, dear friends, because our cameraman pans in on the hole, to reveal a piece of paper with the circle drawn on it. Now that you have been warned, we hope it came right on time before someone smacked you on the arm. Credit to @rich_sung

Published: January 4, 201868,620 views
Dashcam Footage Shows Confused Driver Causing A Pile Up On The Highway1m01s

Dashcam Footage Shows Confused Driver Causing A Pile Up On The Highway

Dash cam video from an extremely distracted driver captures the moment she completely totals a white 2016 Ford Focus SE Sport by slamming into the back of it, causing a pile up on the highway. She was driving a Ford Explorer at around 60 mph, completely unaware that the cars ahead of her were at a complete stop! Footage displays the terrifying moment when a reckless driver crushes her vehicle into stopped traffic and results in collision! This lady was obviously distracted because she drove straight into a row of parked cars at a high speed for no apparent reason. Did her car slip on the road? Was she driving too fast? Perhaps she was texting? Regardless of the reason for her reckless driving, she definitely needs to be more careful because she poses the risk of serious harm. The scary scene unfolded on a highway when an alleged distracted driver plowed into the back of stopped traffic at around 60 mph, triggering a chain-reaction crash and the whole thing was caught on camera. There is no information about any victims or serious injuries, but hopefully, nobody got hurt. It's easy to pin the blame on this woman and her distracted driving, but it's also a sobering reminder of how quickly things can change in an instant. At 60 mph, you're covering more than a hundred feet per second. Fiddle with the GPS for a bit too long, and suddenly an obstacle that was a quarter of a mile away is closing fast! Driving is not a joke, always remember to keep your eyes on the road!

Husky Knows Exactly What To Do When Owner Falls Down During Blizzard26s

Husky Knows Exactly What To Do When Owner Falls Down During Blizzard

Dogs, dogs, dogs! Aren't they just the very best! When it comes to the winter season, Huskies are definitely built for it. As we know, their skin is thick, their hair is also thick, which plays a very big part of why they are the ultimate snow dogs. This breed of dogs are also working dogs. They are used for helping out humans in pulling weight from one location to another up in the far North. They are also used for a transportation device while puling a sled that a human steers. As far as their nature goes, they can be very proud and stubborn. But with some love and little time to train they can become the friend that you've always wanted. Here we have a very interesting situation of a Husky in its natural habitat. As you can see in this video, a whole lot of snow has fallen throughout the night and this Husky is enjoying the result with its owner in the morning. The joy and fun they are having is definitely something to be jealous of. This lucky owner has even thought of a game to play to make the experience even more fun. As they run through the snow, this owner decides to fall into the snow to fool his husky that he is in trouble. As soon as the husky realizes that its owner is dug deep into the snow, it runs in for the rescue. Check out how this Husky's response when the owner falls down into the deep snow during a crazy snowstorm. What a hero!

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Slippery Road Causes Convoy Of Trucks To Spin In Succession51s

Slippery Road Causes Convoy Of Trucks To Spin In Succession

It must be hard for those who literally live off the road. Drivers of all calibers have their office and desk on the asphalt concrete and their entire livelihood depends on the good conditions on the road. So when things start slipping, they have the hardest part, as this video will prove. A security camera in China has captured the bizarre moment three identical lorries skidded one after another on a wet road. The remarkable clip, which was filmed on Monday in Longyan City in southeastern China's Fujian Province, shows an uphill road that is completely wet during a day of heavy rain. Longyan City is a mountainous city, so there is bound to be some ice on the roads in January. Three dump trucks appear from the far side of the road, heading into the camera’s direction. As the first truck starts to take the curve of the road, is starts slipping and skids to the side, right towards the lip of the road, where the mountain begins. Probably in an attempt to slow down his vehicle and prevent further damages, the drive slams on the breaks, making the heavy truck spin full circle around its axle. What makes this footage really interesting is that this truck in the first in a convoy of three. As soon as they reach their leader, each one of the succeeding trucks spins in the same fashion. The identical second and third truck, which were following close behind, hit the same slippery patch and start the same counterclockwise rotation. At one point, all three lorries are spinning simultaneously, almost as though carrying out some kind of synchronized routine. No-one was injured in the accident.

Published: January 11, 2018119,921 views
He Gets Out Of His Car To Fight Another Reckless Driver, Soon Regrets This44s

He Gets Out Of His Car To Fight Another Reckless Driver, Soon Regrets This

We can all relate to getting mad and angry in traffic, especially when we notice someone doing an obvious wrong. Sure, we all need to get places and no one really likes being in the car for too long. Sometimes however, we happen to spot some driver that thinks that are clever and do something that is obviously stupid let alone wrong, bringing everyone at risk. Most times we can choose to ignore it or maybe honk at the reckless driver but sometimes the situation can get out of hand. Here we obviously have some wrong lane turning or even inpatient drivers trying to switch lanes recklessly while others are honking and letting the driver know that whatever they are trying to do is wrong. However, one driver in particular is on these guys case when he does not let them go through with their idea. The driver is obviously very angry as he gets out of the car, and not only that, but takes out a bat in order to scare the other drivers. Now, usually this is where it all stops when confronting a crazy person in order for the situation not to escalate into something totally uncalled for. But the other driver chooses to confront the driver with the bat. Even though at first this looks like a scary scene, it all goes down in peace. The guy with the bat chooses to back down, get in his car and quickly drives off. The ending is most definitely not expected!

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Yorkie Gets Ready To Go Outside. Reaction When She Sees Snow Has Internet Dying Of Laughter12s

Yorkie Gets Ready To Go Outside. Reaction When She Sees Snow Has Internet Dying Of Laughter

Check out Lulu's reaction to the first snow. This footage was filmed in Bayport, NY, on January 23rd, 2005 just after a snow storm. It is hilarious how this dog is incapable of facing reality. Owner dressed up Lulu for the cold weather conditions, so she is wearing her knitted blue sweater and she is overly excited to go outside for a stroll. However, immediately after her owner opens the front door, Lulu is puzzled with all that whiteness coming from the front porch. She quickly sniffs the strange white powder (snow) and quickly rushes away inside the house. She didn't even bother stepping on it, or trying it with her paws, face or even tongue. She instantly decided that it is time to go back inside the house. She disappeared into the room, and will need to take a rain check. Who knows, maybe Lulu will give 'snow' another try. Owner explains "I recorded my dog as I let her out the morning after a snow storm, knowing how fussy she tends to be. She didn't seem to like it very much." Lulu is not very curious for the snow after all. However, dogs have different reactions when it comes to snow. Some like it a little too much.

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Deer Stranded In Ice Lets Her Rescuer Carry Her 4m14s

Deer Stranded In Ice Lets Her Rescuer Carry Her

An Arkanzan family showed a real spirit, when they noticed a young deer stuck in the ice on a frozen pond. The deer had probably tried to pass across the pond, but the ice broke underneath its thin legs and the poor animal got stuck in the freezing water with non means of getting out. Donna Fletcher was the one who noticed the unfortunate deer in the water after going outside to feed her animals. She heard the deer thrashing on the ice in an attempt to free itself to little avail, so she called her son Charlie Cram and his son Garrett to come over and help. "My boys and I are always out there helping out," Charlie said. "Family is everything to us.” His son didn’t waste any time. He grabbed his waders and went on the ice to reach the animal. Sledgehammer in hand, he walks to the deer. The animal seems to understand that he is there to help, as she does close to nothing to run away. The ice is strong beneath Garrett’s feet, but as soon as he reaches the doe, the ice cracks. Unable to push her across, Garrett does something that not everyone is able to. The animal lets him lift her from the icy water into his arms and carry her across instead! That is simply amazing! When the brave young man reaches dry land, he lowers the soaking-wet doe to the ground, but she lingers to let him pet her in a clear display of gratitude. His proud grandmother says they later made a lean-to out of pallets and put straw and corn in it for the deer to lay low until she dries off and regains her strength. The next morning she was gone.

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Woman Adopts A Dog In Need – His ‘Foul’ Odor Leads Her To Call The Cops1m34s

Woman Adopts A Dog In Need – His ‘Foul’ Odor Leads Her To Call The Cops

Rocco’s former owner was sentenced to jail-time for animal cruelty. Thanks to new mom Kelly, Rocco is so, so, so happy in his new life that his doggy smile lights up a room. On November 24, Kelly Benzel of Fond du Lac found the white Pit Bull mix on sale on Facebook by a woman named Amanda Muellenbach, and purchased it as a Christmas present for her family. On her way home, Benzel noticed a putrid smell coming from the dog. Rocco was wearing a black harness which was hiding an infected gash, six inches long and 1.5 inches deep on his neck. She then drove to Appleton that night, where a veterinarian bandaged the dog and put it on pain medications and antibiotics. When Kelly got home, she made a call to the Fond du Lac police department, despite the promises from the dog’s seller that the previous owners will pay for the veterinary bills if she didn’t call the police. Rocco’s previous owners, Amy Shaw, 42, and Daniel Eisenach, 51 told officers they were “unaware of the dogs injury”. They also haven’t removed the harness from Rocco “ for the several months they owned him because they could not catch him in the backyard.” The veterinarian who took care of Rocco at the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center told police the owner of the dog must have placed the harness on Rocco when he young and the dog's growth made it become embedded. It is uncommon for owners to leave harnesses on dogs without taking them off for a period of time, the vet's report said. Both Shaw and Eisenach made their initial appearance on the morning of March 7 in Fond du Lac County Court. The Fond du Lac District Attorney's Office charged them both with mistreatment of animals/causing death, with Eisenach acting as a party to the crime. Judge Dale English gave each of them a $1,500 signature bond. Muellenbach was charged with hiding or aiding a felon. She was also given a $1,500 signature bond. The charge of mistreatment of animals/causing death carries a maximum sentence of three and a half years in prison.

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This Mysterious Shark-Like Creature Is Appearing In Ocean Waters1m30s

This Mysterious Shark-Like Creature Is Appearing In Ocean Waters

Two-headed sharks are mysteriously appearing in our oceans. Beware, close the beaches and call the coast guard because scientists warn that these sharks are becoming more and more common. Two-headed shark fetuses have been found in Florida, Mexico and in the Indian Ocean. Despite a growing number of sightings worldwide, two-headed sharks are still rare, at least for now. Most don’t survive birth, making it difficult to study the cause of these anomalies. So, what’s causing these freak mutations? Overfishing has caused a devastating 90% decline in global shark populations. Causing sharks to inbreed, which limits the gene pool and causes birth defects. Other scientists say that two-headed shark populations aren’t getting larger. They simply believe that there are more scientific journals to report on them. Time will ultimately prove that whether this issue becomes widespread. Maybe we should put our heads together and act now before it is too late. “Two heads are better than one” is a great concept when it comes to figuring out a specific problem, but not so much when it’s literally referring to a dangerous animal suffering from polycephaly. Oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s surface which is a lot of deep-water territory to keep an eye on. As the human population continues to grow the odds of finding such creatures increases. Combine that with factors like overfishing causing decreased shark populations and the resulting inbreeding is two-headedness as an unfortunate genetic defect that can happen. Don’t worry about coming across a two-headed finned monstrosity in the wild, since one major factor working against these sharks is the bitter irony of an animal born in the ocean that can’t swim. Yes, two heads fighting over which direction to go makes for an easy target for predators!

Published: January 8, 2018105,350 views
Man Is Tailgating The Car In Front Of Him — Then The Other Driver Decides He's Had Enough 1m00s

Man Is Tailgating The Car In Front Of Him — Then The Other Driver Decides He's Had Enough

This dash-cam footage is from a fully loaded semi, driving southbound on highway 41 near Little Chute, Wisconsin. As it is a very heavy vehicle, smart driver’s notice his slow speed and pass it around, using turn signals on and everything. As the truck goes through an overpass bridge, two black SUVs pass the heavy vehicle in the left lane. Now, we all know what the left lane serves for. If you come across a slow moving vehicle in front of you, use the left lane to pass it around and continue on your journey driving at the maximum speed. The road in front of the semi, however, seems to be full of slower vehicle, so the first SUV probably wanted to pass them all before switching lanes, but the second SUV seems to have wanted to speed thing up a bit. So they did what every respectable driver on this planet hates the most - they tailgated the car in front of them. No one wants when people “breathe down their necks", or in this case, rear bumpers. That second SUV came pretty close to the one in front, so they got what they asked for.The first SUV slams on the breaks, causing the tailgater to lose control of their car in the middle of a highway and drive through the central barrier. The rules on the road are there for all of us. We don’t think break-checking someone is a good idea, but the driver of a SUV with plates that says “PRINSES" sure got what she asked for.

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Marmalade’s Feline Guide To Human Bathroom For Dummies1m55s

Marmalade’s Feline Guide To Human Bathroom For Dummies

If you are wondering why cats love bathrooms so much, here is Marmalade's guide to human bathrooms which shows in detail why felines find it attractive. Footage shows how this feisty cat named Marmalade uses human’s bathroom to do cat stuff. This creative feline found new purpose to the bathroom and uses it as her personal gym. You will be amazed by the wonderful and awesome activities this cat can do inside! Marmalade guides you through her workout equipment located in the bathroom. This inventive kitten is clearly thinking outside the box and transforms the bathroom into her personal gym. Little Marmalade finds a toilet paper hanging down from its hanger and engages in fience play, working them glutes and shoulders. When the toilet paper is scattered all over the bathroom floor, the cheeky feline dives deep under it, rolling around and having fun! Next, Marmalade hops inside the bathtub and goes for a nice spin, chasing its tail and it looks like she is dancing. How cute! We hope that she didn’t get dizzy after her tiresome carousel spin. Watch as Marmalade tries to reach a towel, while working them glutes through squat jumps. She tries and tries, one jump after another, until she finally succeeds and has the towel down on the floor! What a rascal! In the next footage, we see this ferocious cat going after an empty toilet paper roll, spinning around in circles, working the cardio magic! How energetic! The cat is full of energy and goes rope climbing up the bathrobe. Look how determined this cat is to reach the summit. She just loves finding new purpose to bathroom objects. Find the hilarious moment when Marmalade goes digging a hole inside the sink. It looks like she is practicing on the treadmill machine. Adorable! SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/user/chrispoo... SHOP - https://shop.coleandmarmalade.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColeandMarma... Website: http://coleandmarmalade.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/coleandmarmalade/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/coletheblackcat Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ColeandMarm/ Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/100218804...

Tidy Beagle Puppy Presents His Unique Bedtime Routine1m40s

Tidy Beagle Puppy Presents His Unique Bedtime Routine

Many dogs love to bury themselves under the covers to sleep and it is curious to think about why they might do this seemingly very human thing. Leroy, the Beagle puppy, loves to play under the covers and tidy the bed sheets before he goes to sleep. He is determined to get the bed just right, no matter how long it takes him to do it! Adorable! Animals depend on the concept of resources, such as food, water, and shelter. Your bed represents a shelter or den to your dog. Since the bed is a place where the pet regularly nests, it is marked with his scent and it is part of his routine. He instinctively crawls into his den as a happy and safe zone. Under the covers may feel like the inner sanctum of his den to him. When your dog is tucked away under the sheets he feels surrounded and the sole pressure of the sheets snug around him probably makes his brain release happy chemicals that give your pooch a sense of security and well-being. Have you ever found your dog sprawled out on the kitchen floor, curled up in a discarded coat or nestled into the back seat of your car? These are all comfortable places where your dog can sleep. As a pet owner, it is very important to provide your dog with a warm and comfortable bed of her own; a place she can retreat to at night and nap in throughout the day. All dogs seem to have their quirks and routines because dogs are creatures of habit. Footage shows the entire bedtime routine of this adorable Beagle pooch. Every night before Leroy goes to sleep he has to do his routine consisted of proper blanket and sheet fluffing which helps him create the perfect nesting spot for him to lie on. Watch as he transforms his owners’ bed into a big Beagle doggie bed. He shuffles, pulls, and digs until his highly-demanding conditions are met. Then, he goes off to dreamland! Have you ever seen anything like this? Does your dog have any funny routines?

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Mom Removes Her Makeup For The First Time In Public In Over 50 Years For A Makeover4m48s

Mom Removes Her Makeup For The First Time In Public In Over 50 Years For A Makeover

This makeover hits close to home for Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy. Christopher had the chance to give his own mother, Joann Hopkins, a hair makeover, because the woman is a makeup pro, having never removed her makeup in over 50 years! Joann doesn’t even remove her makeup when she goes to bed at night, saying “why would I want to go to bed at night, with the person I love, looking like hell?”, adding that she doesn’t even come down for coffee before touching it up in the morning. Christopher says: “If you've read my book, Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival For Women Over 45, you know I watched my mother put her face on every morning for years. No one sees her without makeup. She's always said she'd rather answer the door without her clothes than without her makeup. Of course I think she's beautiful with or without, she's just not “who she is” without it. When who you are is expressed by how you look, you're beautiful. She's not the woman without the makeup. Just the way it is. “Of course we do know the song is tongue and cheek. I’m not exactly sure how this video went viral. I guess she probably didn’t expect that or she’d have never done it! Well, Mom. It might bring some new subscribers and maybe I’ll sell another couple books. So you helped me out.” The end result makes Joann look like she is young again. Just wow! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2mMXHQN MAKEOVERGUY : Minneapolis, 612 377 2711 - http://stagingyourcomeback.com

They Wanted To Make An Explosion Under A Layer Of Ice, And This Is The Result30s

They Wanted To Make An Explosion Under A Layer Of Ice, And This Is The Result

First of all, we need to start this article with some kind PSA: DO. NOT. TRY. THIS. AT. HOME! Sorry, we had to use all caps, because so many things can go insanely wrong in the blink of an eye if you ever attempted some fireworks underwater. With that being said, have you ever wondered what would happen if you were able to make a firework explode under a <a href="https://rumble.com/v46j4d-catonsville-water-main-break-turns-street-into-a-sheet-of-ice.html" target="_blank">sheet of ice</a>? Since the video here is shot in the middle of the day, we can’t really tell if some kind of color comes off the explosive. We can, however, say that the blast from the explosion does make a significant dent in the ice, sending deadly shrapnel everywhere! To begin with, it requires a very specific type of <a href="https://rumble.com/v46r3b-new-years-eve-celebrations-with-firework-display-at-the-london-eye.html" target="_blank">fireworks</a> that can burn in water. There are a few types, but ideally it is also one that has some propulsion – you don’t want an explosive detonation under a sheet of what is about to become icy shrapnel. The guys are at what can only be a water reservoir, given that the ground is covered in black nylon to prevent the water from seeping down in the sandy soil. They light a rocket, wait for the fuse to reach almost to the end and then toss it into a hole the already made, head first. We can’t see the rocket’s trajectory, but we can see the spark reaching its volatile core, sending grey fumes to the surface. A few seconds later comes the explosion, busting the layer of ice open right in the middle, sending shards everywhere! Is this even legal? We don’t know, but we’re going to go out on a limb and repeat that you shouldn't try this at home. Click subscribe: http://bit.ly/1ipmIyj In this episode of Viral Video UK: Amazing firework explosion under ice! Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Viralvideouk Tweet us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ViralVideo_UK For licensing please contact info@viralvideouk.com. Check us out at http://viralvideouk.com/. Subscribe now http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... Original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir9wf...

Talented Four-Year-Old Girl Gives Epic Performance At School Ceremony1m53s

Talented Four-Year-Old Girl Gives Epic Performance At School Ceremony

We all know how hard it is to contain our excitement whenever we hear our favorite song comes on. Can you imagine what it must be like for a kid? Well, we are here to help you with a priceless visual that has gone viral in a matter of days! When Michelle Neshin’s daughter Sophia was graduating kindergarten, her class was supposed to sing along a “mellow rendition” of “How Far I’ll Go”, a song from the hit movie “Moana”. All nicely lined up on stage, the song started and the kids took off. However, if anyone has had an experience with performances involving little kids, then you will know that not everything goes according to plan. It would seem that four-year-old Sophia didn't quite get the mome about her end-of-kindergarten performance, so as soon as the lyrics start, she begins lip-syncing with such a roaring passion, she completely outshines the rest of her classmates. It is both tooth-rottingly cute and insanely hilarious! Even on such a crowded stage, the pint-sized star stole the show in a blink of an eye. She nails the timing of the lyrics, albeit mispronounced, and her emphatic hand gestures. From what we could gather, she has seen the movie A LOT! Mom Michelle said her future Academy Award Winner didn’t quite understand all the attention, but the cookie cake she received from one of her fans was “the best thing ever”.

Published: January 5, 2018152,438 views
Autistic Boy Starts Singing In A Supermarket, Leaves Shoppers In Awe3m25s

Autistic Boy Starts Singing In A Supermarket, Leaves Shoppers In Awe

A heartwarming video has emerged of a young autistic boy stunning shoppers with his incredible angelic voice after unexpectedly breaking into song in the middle of a supermarket. Shopping for groceries can be a mundane chore, but shoppers in an ASDA store in the UK got a pleasant surprise when a young boy suddenly broke into song in the middle of the store and took a casual performance. Ten-year-old Calum Courtney wowed shoppers with his flawless rendition of Smokey Robinson's Who's Lovin' You. This talented youngster has a mild form of autism, which inspires him to sing and help others. Watch as this young boy stuns shoppers with his incredible voice by belting out a song in middle of a supermarket! Calum auditioned for a popular TV singing competition but was unfortunately turned down. However, he didn’t let that unfortunate event knock his confidence, and after this video was released, now a music producer wants to write a charity single with him in the new year. This pleasant surprise boosted Calum’s confidence so now he has become a local celebrity. He chats with everyone in the local supermarket and people stop to talk to him all the time. He is loving and fully embracing his fame, and he’s seriously confident about his singing too! His mother says that Calum loves hearing the sound of his voice when he sings. He loves singing around the house and performing in public, the more people the better! What a sweet boy! Calum is collecting donations for a nearby stall for ‘Mind’, a mental health charity. He uses his talent to inspire others to put aside their difficulties and embrace the happiness that music can bring. It definitely makes him a perfect representative for the charity ‘Mind’. This talented boy should continue nurture his natural talent and we are sure that he has a bright future ahead of him.

Published: December 22, 2017156,603 views
Miniature Horses Love Running In Circles With Their Buddy51s

Miniature Horses Love Running In Circles With Their Buddy

Winter can be too much for some animals to handle, so instead of going out in the cold weather, they seem to find interesting ways of spending their day, while at night only a good sleep is in consideration. Miniature horses were first bred in Europe few centuries ago, while later they were seen as pets of nobility. Now they can be found in lots of countries around the world. These tiny animals are very friendly and their docile nature makes them attractive pets, especially for households with children and other animals. Their playful attitude is well known, but having a private race inside a barn, organized on their own? You wouldn’t believe it. Their carer, Alicia, said it was nice to see how far they have come since they were rescued from a neglectful home. When it was too icy for these miniature horses to safely go outside, they got the idea of stretching their legs by running around the barn! And as you can see in this video, it wasn’t their idea, but the dog’s. Their buddy put on a green west an took the lead. Running around the horse stables is more interesting that laying all day long or freezing their butts in the cold weather. Even though these ponies compared to conventional-sized horses are tiny, they can still know how to giddyap and gallop, just like their big counterparts, and do it with their own style. One of them stays behind the group in the first round, but after a while it manages to catch up with the others. After seeing this footage you will definitely get the idea that obviously people who work in stables and take care of animals, mostly of horses, are having good time while doing their job!

Published: February 27, 2017528,604 views
Adorable Basset Hound Tries His Best To Get Owner's Attention52s

Adorable Basset Hound Tries His Best To Get Owner's Attention

A hilarious video has emerged of a grumpy Basset Hound groaning at owner just to get a little attention. Keith is a six-year-old Basset Hound pooch that is very needy and constantly seeks owner’s attention! Watch as he sits grumpily and moans until his owner gives him some love! Footage shows this spoiled adult dog seeking constant affection from owner. It is as if the needy pooch screams “Show me some love”. This adorable Basset Hound is evidently very grumpy and isn’t shy to groan like a spoiled child until he gets his necessary dose of attention from his owner! Hilarious! This needy pooch is very displeased that its owner isn't giving him enough attention. Watch as he groans and makes a grumpy face because he doesn’t get the necessary love he wants from his owner. It is adorable to see Keith moan and groan for a full minute, demanding cuddles and pets from owner. Have you ever seen a more needy dog? Moments later, owner reaches out to scratch his chin and pet his drooping face, but the grumpy pooch continues to stick to its poker face. He never seems to be getting enough, he is so needy that his urging groans steadily turn more and more high-pitched. This Basset appears to have a soft spot right under his chin and owner knows just the right place to scratch all his dog’s worries away! Bassett owners know that these dogs can get very stubborn and will keep on demanding until they get what they want! If you thought that Huskies were stubborn and bossy, check out this spoiled dog breed and then make a judgement. Credit: carl williams via Storyful

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Boy And Dog See Each Other After Year Apart, Both Start Crying Instantly 1m11s

Boy And Dog See Each Other After Year Apart, Both Start Crying Instantly

An 11-year-old boy from Nashville, Tennessee has finally been able to see his best furbuddy, after being apart for a year! Ellen Goebel and her young son Lennox lived next door to Bogart and his human. Bogart and Lennox were practically inseparable. So, when Bogart and his owner, who is a musician and regularly tours, traveled for a year, Lennox had a Bogart-shaped hole in his heart. Fast forward 12 months to April 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee, where boy and dog are reunited, with the joy displayed on each side simply uncontainable. When Lennox is being led to the back of the neighbor’s house, there is Bogart. At first, the dog greets the boy like any visitor, but then recognizes him and starts whining and rolling over with joy! The boy also couldn’t handle the relief, after dealing with the separation for a year, so he broke down in tears. The two families weren’t sure how long would Lennox and Bogart be apart. When the neighbor went on a tour, she couldn’t take her pet with, so she sent the pooch to California to stay with her mother. Lennox has a dog of his own, a Shih Tzu mix named Happy, who he loved very much, but his friendship with Bogart is something else entirely. His mom says that Lennox was “over the moon” to have his best fur friend back!

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Her Pregnant Mom Asks, “How Does Mama Walk?”15s

Her Pregnant Mom Asks, “How Does Mama Walk?”

This 15-month old toddler is hilarious! She decided to pull off her best walking impression of her mom, who is 6-months pregnant. So cute! She pulls off the walk perfectly! She waddles around the room sticking her stomach out and holding up her hands. Her mother seems to be enjoying this little act her daughter is putting on! I think her dad and dog are trying to join in on the fun as well! As she pulls off the impression of her mom walking, she makes the most priceless face! What a cutie! She definitely knows how to make us laugh. And she definitely loves the attention she’s getting with her impressions. Keep up the good work, kid, you’ll score big one day. Do we see a future comedian? Maybe even an actress! She brightened up our day! What an adorable little girl. It's all in good fun though. She loves her family very much and imitating her mom is an innocent way of showing her how much she loves her. She is going to make a great sister! Check out some of these best selling toddler toys that your kids will love! If you have any hilarious moments you want to share about your kids, let us know in the comment section below!

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Flight Instructor Shows Incredible Maneuvering Skills As He Narrowly Avoids Mid-Air Collision55s

Flight Instructor Shows Incredible Maneuvering Skills As He Narrowly Avoids Mid-Air Collision

A heart-stopping footage has emerged showing the moment a flight instructor narrowly avoids a mid-air collision with a private jet west of Eastbourne, UK. Footage, captured on March 7, shows the small plane veering to the right in order to avoid the oncoming plane which appeared out of nowhere. Learning how to fly a plane is not a simple thing to do. It takes a lot of training and skills in order to complete the process and become a certified pilot yourself. Trainees are often accompanied by their instructors when flying their planes, even after they have completed the classes and gained some experience. Watch as this experienced instructor puts his reflexes into action and avoids the dangerous mid-air collision. The instructor had only seconds to react and fortunately prevented a mid-air collision with the jet. What could have been a serious disaster was stopped and nobody got hurt! While conducting a flight training in uncontrolled airspace a mile or two west of Eastbourne when a private jet appeared out of the blue and caused a little turbulence in the jet. Fast reflexes saved the day! A mid-air collision is an aviation accident in which two or more aircraft come into unplanned contact during flight. Owing to the relatively high velocities involved and the likelihood of subsequent impact with the ground or sea, very severe damage or the total destruction of at least one of the aircraft involved usually results. The potential for a mid-air collision is increased by miscommunication, mistrust, error in navigation, deviations from flight plans, and the lack of collision-avoidance systems. Although a rare occurrence in general due to the vastness of open space available, collisions often happen near or at airports, where large volumes of aircraft are spaced more closely than in general flight.

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Teen Surprises Mom By Cutting Off 9-Year-Old Dreadlocks, She Takes One Look At Him And Starts To Cry1m33s

Teen Surprises Mom By Cutting Off 9-Year-Old Dreadlocks, She Takes One Look At Him And Starts To Cry

This is Max. Max loved his long, well kept dreadlocks. But we all know hair – it grows and grows until you start looking like the lead character from Tangled. Being just in his early teens, all the friends and members of his family know Max with that typical dreadlocks look, a sort of a trademark for him and they couldn't even imagine how he would look with short hair. Not that anyone would expect a change. Well, this is exactly what Max actually did – a more than radical change of hairstyle. Even though the dreadlocks Max had were extremely well kept and a point of envy, he decided to cut them off. One family member in particular had a secret wish for him to do so – after years and years of growing, Max’s mother had a heartfelt desire to see her son’s hair neatly trimmed. Being the beautiful son that he is, he made a plan to fulfill her wish. In this video, you can see all the stages of the dreadlocks removal. One by one, the long dreads are removed and a new, shiny young face blasts in front of your very eyes. The most priceless of of all is mom’s reaction to Max’s transformation. She opens the door, fully unprepared to see the new edition Max! Watch carefully, we don’t want to spoil your moment of re-living the event in synchrony with his mother. What we can only advise you is – remember to breathe and make sure you have some tissues nearby. And lots of them! Music by Maximillian "Booba Got A Haircut" (BMI) Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/massivedrops Facebook https://www.facebook.com/beatbox916/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/maxbeatbox/... Twitter https://twitter.com/Max916

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Precious Pooch Won't Let Go Of A Toy He Found At The Store41s

Precious Pooch Won't Let Go Of A Toy He Found At The Store

Not everyone would agree with what we are about to say, but a shopping spree is always good therapy. First of all, you get to release yourself of the money that has been weighing you heavy for all this time (especially if you have been good and saving for a whole month to get this done). Second, you get to get yourself new stuff, making you feel refreshed and renewed, ready to take on the world as a new person. We understand that this is a principle that mostly women live up to, but there are fellas out there that feel the same way. Hi, guys! As it turns out, there are also those out there who don’t strike as the shopping type right away, but if you give them their five minutes of glory in a shopping mall, they just might surprise you. Of, course, we are talking about dogs! Thanks to some kind people in this world, we are offered places where we can take our dogs for shopping with us. There can not be an activity more pleasurable that spending money with your bestest friend! Charlie the Golden Retriever recently went for a spot of shopping with his family at Winners in Vancouver, British Columbia. His family let the cutie pick out his own toys in this dog-friendly shopping mall, and Charlie duly obliged, selecting this fluffy ducky to be his new best pal. Just watch how happy he is with his brand new toy! Charlie truly understands how beneficial a good shopping therapy can be.

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Guy Drops 50 Bags Of Orbeez In Pool, Now Watch It React With Sodium Metal4m35s

Guy Drops 50 Bags Of Orbeez In Pool, Now Watch It React With Sodium Metal

Dazzling footage has emerged showing an impressive explosive experiment involving Orbeez and sodium metal. Footage was filmed both on land and with a drone and features Tech Rax and his friends throwing sodium metal into a pool filled with thousands of Orbeez. Moments later, the Orbeez expand in size and create a giant pile of colorful balls overflowing the pool. Orbeez appear like the old-fashioned marble balls that children used to play with and they are sure inviting. Orbeez are actually superabsorbent polymers that grow to more than 100 times their volume when placed in water. Polymers are several molecules joined together and they grow when the water is absorbed in the spaces between the molecules. They were invented way back in the ’60s for the purpose of irrigating crops during the time of droughts. Only dipping your hands in Orbeez and letting the little eyeballs squish through your fingers is very relaxing and meditative. Video footage was captured on Thursday 27 in July 2017 featuring what happens when you mix sodium metal with pool full of Orbeez. The answer is awesomeness! YouTuber Tech Rax published this video on YouTube and presented his explosive experiment when he combined Orbeez gel balls with sodium metal. The results are impressive! When the Orbeez expanded hundred times their size and started floating in the pool, covering the water underneath them, the guy in this video threw sodium metal in it, but it landed on top of the gel balls. He used a bottle to submerge the sodium metal in order to get the desired reaction to have the sodium metal interact with the water below. The moment the sodium was submerged under the gel balls and touched the water beneath, a severe explosion took plays that sent hundreds of Orbeez up in the air. Kids, this is one experiment that you shouldn't try at home because someone might get hurt! Right after the explosion, the pool started deflating and thousands of Orbeez poured out of it. We can see one of the guys chilling in the pool, surrounded with tiny squishy balls! This is one way to relax after a long tiresome day, don’t you think?

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Kayaker Films Moment Seal And Octopus Fight An Epic Battle43s

Kayaker Films Moment Seal And Octopus Fight An Epic Battle

Kayaker and photographer Conner Stapley caught this incredible 20 minute footage of an enormous octopus battling with an 120 kilogram seal off the coast of Kaikoura, on New Zealand's South Island. Cooner, 28, was leading a group of kayakers around Kaikoura's South Bay, when they encountered the adult fur seal as it was literally ripping the octopus to shreds for food. The guide for Kaikoura's Kayaks says that this kind of encounters are rare and even rarer during the daytime, as New Zealand's fur seals usually feed during night time. They initially noticed a flock of sea birds congregating above the site, which is a sure sign that something bloody is about to happen nearby and sure enough, the fight began. The footage shows the seal shaking the octopus, like a big dog playing with its favorite toy. This way they literally dismember the creature, ripping the tentacles off, because if the swallow them like that, they will stick to their throat and the seal will have to throw it up. New Zealand fur seals can hold their breath for up to 11 minutes at a time to dive underwater – in this case at depths of up to 30 meters – to hunt their favorite delicacy.