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8-Year-Old Boy With Autism Does ‘Thriller’ Dance And The Video Is Going Viral 2m17s

8-Year-Old Boy With Autism Does ‘Thriller’ Dance And The Video Is Going Viral

When it comes to classics, then MJ’s ‘Thriller’ is right there near the top of the list. Just thinking of the title makes the lyrics ring in the back of our heads: “Cause this is thriller, thriller night! And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike!” Thriller was released back in 1982 and its Halloween-inspired video made its debut on MTV a year later. To this day, it remains one of the most iconic songs and videos in music history. Jackson’s sleek zombie dance moves are just as impressive today as they were decades ago. Need proof? Look no further than this young boy’s rendition of Thriller that’s taking the internet by storm… You won't believe how this little boy absolutely slays 'Thriller' in this incredibly heartwarming clip. A cottage leasing company put on a webcam contest, asking participants to show off their best dance moves. When 8-year-old William Ryan heard about this, he knew exactly what he had to do: bust a zombie move. William was diagnosed with autism when he was five years old, He struggled with everything in his short life: communication, learning and making friends, but the one thing he did not struggle with was dancing. When his dad introduced him to the wonder that was Michael Jackson, the boy would watch his videos for hours on end, eventually learning all his dance routines by heart. Do we have to tell you who won the dancing contest? Credit: www.facebook.com/aspectsholidays www.aspects-holidays.co.uk

Published: October 31, 2016351,131 viewsVirality: 5%
Prepare To Have A Good Laugh When You Hear This Babbling Squirrel11s

Prepare To Have A Good Laugh When You Hear This Babbling Squirrel

These 10 seconds will make your day, the week and the weekend after it, but first let us ask you this. Have you ever wondered what squirrels say when you leave treats for them? Sure, they’re excited to find some easy kibble, instead of just foraging around for it, but they go by so fast, we never quite get even a simple “thanks for the nuts”. One YouTuber was lucky enough to actually receive gratification for the treats he left for the friendly neighborhood squirrel. He caught the chubby little rodent on video, but there was a catch - the squirrel didn’t speak any English. Thank goodness K. John Stewart speaks perfect squirrel-ish and was more than happy to translate what the chubby guest was saying. We imagine that the hyper little critters would sound exactly like Stewart is dubbing it. The squirrel, named Ramon, kept popping up on K’s porch after he started leaving walnuts out for him and his buddies. They usually just drop by, shove as many as they can into the pouches on their cheeks and hop away, but this guy had to stick around for a snack. After all, he has to maintain his gorgeous, round figure! In case you are really good with your hands and you have some extra time, then definitely check out this luxury squirrel feeder in the shape of a lodge. It doesn’t say how to make it, but it might give you some idea.

Published: June 29, 2016203,072 viewsVirality: 7%
Jack Russell Completely Loses It When Owner Mentions Squirrels54s

Jack Russell Completely Loses It When Owner Mentions Squirrels

Callie the energetic Jack Russell terrier goes absolutely nuts at any mention of squirrels! Watch as she totally loses it in this adorable instance (there were actually no squirrels present, but you get the idea). Most dogs love a good squirrel hunt but chatty Callie gets worked up by just hearing her owner mention them! It should come to no surprise, as Shorty JRTs have been bred for the sole purpose of hunting small game, like foxes and badgers. The squirrels are just a bonus! But don't worry, no animal is harmed in the filming of this video. Although tiny, Jack Russell Terrier dogs can be difficult to raise, especially if you are a busy working person. They need excessive amounts of exercise and they have the instinctive need to dig and chew everything! If you are not the kind of person that could take on a puppy like the Shorty JRT, then you might want to consider a cat instead. Nevertheless, this dog breed is very popular and makes a great companion to lots of people that have the time (and energy), and is also great with kids. Plus, they look beyond adorable and are easy learners, which means that they can quickly pick up any trick you teach them.

Published: November 8, 2016Updated: August 24, 2017320,125 viewsVirality: 2%
Guy Creates Huge Mouse Trap, And The Result Is Unbelievable6m19s

Guy Creates Huge Mouse Trap, And The Result Is Unbelievable

Everyone and their grandma has had a pest problem at least once in their life. There are an abundance of ways to get rid of or prevent the appearance of pests in your home. But have you ever wondered what a scientist would do if he got himself in the same situation? In this new video, Kevin Kohler, a.k.a. The Backyard Scientist shows off his latest invention -- a giant mousetrap that obliterates anything that crosses its path. "I've got a bit of a raccoon problem at my house, so I built something to fix the problem," the Backyard Scientist wrote on his YouTube page. "It breaks multiple local ordinances and a few international treaties, but I give you the giant mousetrap." The trap took three weeks to build and cost around $360 to make from supplies like wood planks, car suspension system coils and steel square tubing. The main expenses are the winch and the multiple pipe fittings to adapt the springs to the bar. After many attempts using garage door springs and then coil springs, he finally got it right. For those worried this video is an animal snuff film, don't fret. The Backyard Scientist only destroys objects without a pulse. It's oddly satisfying to watch him use the giant trap to smash a watermelon, coconuts, a fiery model volcano, a mannequin head wearing a hard hat and more.

Escape from the jaws of death! Terrifying moment alligator pops up just inches from dog swimming in Hurricane Irma floodwaters42s

Escape from the jaws of death! Terrifying moment alligator pops up just inches from dog swimming in Hurricane Irma floodwaters

Hurricane Irma sure left some devastation in Florida, to say the least. But when the storm passed, people were eager to get out of their shelters, to breathe some fresh air and stretch their legs. The storm might be over, but there are other types of danger that might be lurking in the flooded streets. Corina didn’t think twice when she took her dog Pokey for a swim in a nearby pond after the weather settled. But what was supposed to be a quick and relaxing outing could turn into a bloodbath in the blink of an eye, because they both didn’t notice the predator in the murky waters. Corina Cox, 37, was evacuated from her home in Kissame, Florida, after the storm hit and had taken her dog, Pokey, to stretch his legs and enjoy a swim in the storm waters. Corina said: “I was looking through my phone directly at Pokey and not watching my surroundings at all. It looks like Pokey saw it and jumped out to see what it was, it must have startled the alligator.” Pokey makes his way into the water before the alligator can be seen appearing above the surface just inches away from the pup. ”When I saw the gator pop up next to him I just started pulling in his retractable leash as fast as possible. It scared me so bad that I couldn’t stand up and had jelly legs crawling up to the house.” she finishes. She then adds that the gator stayed in that pond, probably in the hopes of his snack returning to him. So creepy!

Published: September 14, 2017154,582 viewsVirality: 19%
Check Out The Hilarious Moment When Parrot Recognizes Himself In Camera Phone53s

Check Out The Hilarious Moment When Parrot Recognizes Himself In Camera Phone

Ever since cell phone manufacturers started making front facing cameras a regular part of their products, people have been divided in accepting them. While some hate the gadget with every ounce of their being, thinking it makes them look broader and uglier than normal, others revel in the existence of a camera where you can actually see how you pose, so that you catch the best possible selfie ever! This is the first time George the African Grey Parrot sees himself in a camera phone on selfie mode. As soon as his owner asks him who is in the video, he comes over to look and then laughs when he sees himself. He then proceeds to test the camera by barking at it and trying out other words and phrases he likes to see if in fact it is him. He even plays peekaboo with the camera! When he finally comes to the conclusion that this is in fact him, he says,"Oh, it's George!" Then he starts sending even more kisses and asking for them in return, because, hey, that is one handsome Grey Parrot. What a character! Another probably very distant cousin of George is the famous Einstein. That Grey Parrot is world famous for his antics in front of the camera and as a real star, he just can’t get enough of watching himself in the mirror. The moment he recognizes his face, he starts kissing the reflection, before adoringly waving good bye. Hope these two cracked you up as much as they did us.

Published: September 1, 2017Updated: September 5, 2017332,710 viewsVirality: 8%
Here's The Truth Behind The Photo Of Firefighters That's Being Shared All Over Facebook This Week49s

Here's The Truth Behind The Photo Of Firefighters That's Being Shared All Over Facebook This Week

There’s been a lot of turmoil happening with natural disasters in the last few months. Between the devastation of Hurricane Harve, followed by the monstrous Irma, it’s likely that you’ve been focusing on these tragedies that are closest to home — something that’s extremely reasonable. But, for anyone who maybe hasn’t heard, the people of Portugal are struggling with their own natural disaster that’s been dragging on for months now. Forest fires are currently raging through central Portugal as a result of dry conditions unbefitting for the season, as well as random lightning strikes on June 17. Since then, the fires have killed at least 65 people and injured another one 150 souls, as well as caused millions of dollars in property damage and natural resources. On the front lines of the struggle to put out this deadly blaze are a brave group of firefighters. Over 1600 trained firefighters, and another 300 soldiers have worked around the clock, using more than 700 vehicles and 11 aircraft. Since the fire spread so quickly, the firefighters have been tirelessly working for almost three months, heading off the flames and doing their best to evacuate locals. That brings us to this popular Facebook photo taken by Pedro Bras, which shows a group of about 14 male and female firefighters laying out on a stretch of grass. Most people found it unbecoming for the firefighters who are supposed to keep us safe, proving it is better to assume the worst. But these brave men and women have been working round the clock to tame those blazing tongues, it was only a matter of time before they needed some well deserved rest, wherever that might be!

Published: July 11, 201782,753 viewsVirality: 19%
Man Fails At Properly Removing Hornets Nest59s

Man Fails At Properly Removing Hornets Nest

If you're going to take down a hornet's nest, make sure you're a fast runner... and don't forget to leave the door unlocked! A man found a nest of hornets in the crown of one of the trees in his front yard. Now, the hornets weren’t doing anything really and the cells were full of larvae. Naturally, man needs to show off his manly side, so what can he do to come out more macho? That’s right, he takes a long wooden stick and takes a swing at the nest! It is like a scene from one of those old cartoons. The same instant he swung at the tree, the adult hornets swung after him. You can run, but you cannot hide from their wrath, big boy! It might be your first instinct, but those things can fly up to 30 miles per hour, and that is not your best result. Even the guy recording the entire stunt can be heard saying: “Idiot!” Because an idiot he surely is. In case you ever come across a hornet's nest on your own property, there are a few steps you can take to make it easier and safer for you. If it’s in the early months of development, say some time after winter and the nest is smaller than a tennis ball, you can use something tough and heavy to smash it, like a brick. If it’s much later, when the nest is much larger and the workers are inhabiting it, take a red light and a hornet jet spray that can spray at a longer distance (make sure it is labeled ‘jet spray’) and wait until it is about 9 or 10 PM, when the workers are asleep. Spray directly at the hornets’ hole and at least for some ten second, for successful removal.

Man Takes Out Laser Pointer During Kitty “Meeting”, Hilarity Ensues45s

Man Takes Out Laser Pointer During Kitty “Meeting”, Hilarity Ensues

Visual artist Aaron Benitez treats us once again with his movie magic in this clip “cats in the office”, The main star is, of course, Prince Michael as he is having a boring meeting with his buddies. Aaron is holding a routine, but deeply boring presentation about quarterly pawfits, which is a thing that everyone who’s something in a firm has to know, but they don’t really want to. So each of the “catecutives” daydream about their own thing, look for vacation spots or just abuse the battery on their smart phones. But when Aaron pulls out the laser pointer, chaos ensues! What were you thinking, pointing with that laser, Aaron? Aaron and Prince Michael rose to viral fame when Aaron was babysitting for his friend's rabbit and he posted a video of Michael getting jealous of the furry friend. They have been the Tarantino-Thurman of viral videos ever since that video came out! Aaron's Animals is a web series created and directed by Benitez, documenting the life of Aaron with his animals. The main star of all of Aaron's shows is Prince Michael, his adopted Russian Blue cat. When he's not making silly videos with his animals, Aaron works as a Visual Effects Instructor at VFX Bro.

Clever Dog Makes His Own Water Fountain44s

Clever Dog Makes His Own Water Fountain

You just got to get creative when the heat wave strikes. Water evaporates from you like from the kettle, even though you keep rehydrating. You need something fresh and cool to help you reduce the temperature, because you might burst any moment… We hope this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to you, but we humans aren’t the only one’s who can get creative in the summer. Even animals like to get cooled off, like splashing into a pond in the back yard, or maybe discovering a summer hack that will treat them with an endless amount of fresh, cold water. For example, Remo the Bully here likes his water fresh out of the hose. After his owners put the hose in the pool they noticed their puppy was interested in it. What happens next totally shocked them. Remo figured out how to get the hose out and make himself a water fountain. The Bull knows where the true treasure lies and it’s down on the bottom of the pool. Lacking opposable thumbs, the pooch grabs the hose with its mouth and drags it out side. Patience is a virtue here, because that hose is mighty long! Eventually, the hose is completely out of the water and into Remo’s thirsty mouth! That's one clever Bully!

Published: September 21, 2016Updated: September 22, 2016151,094 viewsVirality: 1%
Doggy Wants Owner To Double-Check Harness Before Walk18s

Doggy Wants Owner To Double-Check Harness Before Walk

This Jack Russell Terrier mix dog literally won't leave the house until his harness has been through a safety check. He takes it so seriously, that he just won't budge from the spot! His owner is calling him, but he just won't hear it. Watch how serious he feels about his safety! Unless you have a serious medical condition that prevents you from keeping a dog as a companies, we really can not see a reason why some people just won't have them! There are so many different breeds to choose from – from the most miniature of Chihuahua to the most massive Newfoundland dog. Want a happy dog? Get a Labrador Retriever. Like to keep to yourself? Get a St. Bernard, or an Akita maybe, because remember Beethoven? :) Keeping a dog is always a good idea, even when you have small kids, because the list of things that a dog can teach your children is long. Humility, patience, kind friendship, fair play, winning and losing; these are just a few of the long list of qualities that our dogs can teach us! You will never be bored with a dog and you'll probably keep in great shape while you are at it!

Published: June 20, 2017Updated: June 21, 201724,071 viewsVirality: 1%
Pooch Gets Really Mad When He Doesn't Get His Treat48s

Pooch Gets Really Mad When He Doesn't Get His Treat

Who likes dry food anyway? Sure, it’s crunchy, but sometimes - OK, most of the times - you like something smooth and soft, something that just slides down your throat with all its velvety goodness. This is not a quality demonstrated exclusively by humans; dogs can’t stand dry food too! Gregory sure was not happy when his owner didn’t put gravy on his dry dog food. Aunt Boo filmed her dog Gregory Alexander Waters throwing a tantrum in the kitchen when he found that his food had no gravy. He was so mad that he only found dry kibble in the bowl, that he barked like crazy and jumped all around, furious. How dare she! He barked and rolled around the floor in the hope that his owner might change her mind, but Aunt Boo won’t even budge. Gregory got so carried away in his tantrum, he lost his balance, slid on the tile floor and fell with a thud. “See, that’s what you get! Buffoon!” Aunt Boo yells at her spoiled pooch. The hilarious video was a huge hit on Facebook with over 1.4 million views. If you think that Gregory is the only spoiled dog out there, then you should definitely see what Riley does. Every time they offer her a plate of kibble, Riley respectfully rejects it by spitting it out and pushing it as far away from her as possible. That girl knows what she wants and this isn’t it! Credit: Aunt Boo Comedy via Storyful

Published: August 24, 2017107,356 viewsVirality: 2%
Elephant Comes Running When She Sees Her Favorite Handler Being “Attacked”38s

Elephant Comes Running When She Sees Her Favorite Handler Being “Attacked”

Animals really are great companions. They even have your back in tough situations! This is highlighted in this amazing video where a 17 year-old female elephant named Thongsri comes to the rescue. She is very protective of her mahout (a person who works with, rides, and tends an elephant) and when she sees him in trouble, she cannot help but to step in. In this fake situation, the mahout fakes being attacked and Thongsri charges in to rescue him! What a good elephant she is! Isn't this video just amazing? Seeing the bond and friendship that these two share is simply inspiring! Animals can really be amazing and are great companions if you treat them right! The way the elephant rushes to save her friend is really adorable and it is a moment that they will never forget, especially since elephants never forget! Are you familiar with the term “elephant mother”? It means that the mother believes that she needs to nurture, protect and encourage her children, because such are elephant females with their young, and, obviously, their handlers as well! This adorable elephant looks so cute! Don't you wish that you could bring something like that home with you? Unfortunately you can't but you could always get an adorable animal plush from Amazon! What did you think of this video? Let us know in the comments!

Published: September 27, 2015Updated: March 30, 20161,938,007 viewsVirality: 1%
Dog Sees Young Deer Struggling In Water, Saves It49s

Dog Sees Young Deer Struggling In Water, Saves It

It might have been sheer curiosity, or plain animal instinct. Call it as you wish, this pup is named a hero, after jumping into the waters in the harbor off Long Island, New York to save a fawn from drowning! Mark Freeley was walking his English golden retriever Storm along the Long Island Sound, when the brave dog spotted the baby animal fighting against the water for some air. Without a second thought, Storm jumped into the water and started swimming in the direction of the fawn, got ahold of it by the neck and swam with it to shore. As soon as they touched dry land, the obviously frightened baby deer started running for the woods, but Storm wouldn’t let him, despite his owner’s praises. It seems he just wanted to make sure that the poor animal was alright, before letting it go home. We can see him nudging and pulling the fawn to be certain it was stable. Mark instantly called for experts from the Rescue League to tend to the unfortunate baby, but as soon as they arrived on the scene, the fawn darted back for the water. It was the humans who went in to save it this time. The fawn was taken to a Long Island nonprofit for rescued animals called the Star Foundation, where it would be treated for a few months until it can recover and go safely back into the wild.

Published: August 17, 201741,225 viewsVirality: 3%
Meth Addict Shares Photo Of Transformation After Becoming Sober, Looks Unrecognizable46s

Meth Addict Shares Photo Of Transformation After Becoming Sober, Looks Unrecognizable

You might be unfamiliar with this bone-chilling fact, but every illegal drug that is tearing apart families these days was once brought to the public as a medicine prescribed by doctors. Depression, narcolepsy, obesity and ADHD are just a few of the disorders that could be cured with methamphetamine, or ‘meth’. That all happened almost 100 years ago, when doctors couldn’t know the addictive properties that drug could have on the human body. One young woman, who shall remain anonymous, managed to clear her system of the devastation that meth brought on her body, even had a child. But when she was in her teens, she got exposed to the drug and was addicted by the time she turned 19. “It was at the peak of my addiction”, she says about the first picture. Although a grainy resolution, you can clearly see the telltale signs of meth addiction: thin build due to excessive weight loss, skin sores on her face, dry cracked skin, and dark circles under the eyes. But what is going on beneath the surface can be even more destructive, because meth also affects the liver, kidneys and lungs, while rotting the teeth and damaging the blood vessels in the brain. She was able to wake up from her state at the early age of 22, walk away and never look back. Now she is about to get her BS in accounting and is the mother of a beautiful three-year-old daughter. One former drug dealer and user got the wake up call after finding his mother, a registered nurse and also an opioid user, dead in their home. You can never know when it comes, but there is always hope!

Published: March 20, 20172,900,193 viewsVirality: 63%
Young Homeless Girl Sits Alone Begging For Help. Pay Close Attention To Woman In Red Plaid4m16s

Young Homeless Girl Sits Alone Begging For Help. Pay Close Attention To Woman In Red Plaid

What would you do if you saw a small child on the street, homeless and begging for help? Would you stop on the spot to offer them aid or would you walk away, ignoring them? YouTuber RobbyTV decided to throw a social experiment in order to find out just that. Robby hired a child actress called Laila to pose as a helpless, homeless child on the busy streets of a big metropolis. Laila was dressed in a dirty garb and sat on the freezing cement on the street, with a huge sign that reads "Homeless and hungry. Please help”. What Robby’s camera captured is unsettling at best. Dozens of strangers passed the “helpless” child without even shooting her a look, but as time passed, people started to take notice of the child. Some would stop to offer her some change from their pockets; one woman even stopped to ask her if she is OK and if she needs help, but in the end, all she had to offer the beggar was “It will be okay”. Finally, one woman decided to stop and actually offer help to Laila, bringing some food and a $20 bill. The woman’s looks made Robby feel uncomfortable behind the camera, so he ran to their side, asking her if she is, in fact homeless. The woman gave her last money to a child on the street and even after she learned that the girl is taken care for, she would not accept her gift back. Hopefully this video will make you think things through next time you see a person in need. There is so much you can do to help!

Published: February 8, 2017Updated: February 9, 2017464,964 viewsVirality: 19%
Adorable German Shepherd Is Guilty And He Knows It1m42s

Adorable German Shepherd Is Guilty And He Knows It

Guilty dogs are one of the most hilariously adorable things out there on the Internet. They are always up to some mischief, hoping they never get caught. But in fact, they do get caught quite a lot, and their reaction is almost identical every single time - no eye contact, look of guilt and of course - those irresistible puppy eyes. Shadow the German shepherd is no exception to this tradition, and delivers the best guilty response ever! When his mom asks him if he did the mess, at first he looks surprised, but when the evidence is shown to him, he instantly changes his reaction and proceeds to avoid eye contact. No matter how many times his mommy asks him if he is responsible for the chewed up mattress, he just looks away hoping she'll forgive him. After all, he was just playing and didn't mean any harm. This is one of the many things that come along with owning a dog. It's not always rainbows and butterflies, but even these situations are adorable and dogs are quickly forgiven. Who could stay mad at a face like that? Not his mommy, that's for sure. We hope that next time Shadow will know better than chewing up stuff that aren't toys.

Published: August 23, 2017Updated: August 25, 2017367,957 viewsVirality: 2%
Watch What These Two Best Friends Do In Front Of The Camera44s

Watch What These Two Best Friends Do In Front Of The Camera

Our best friends are our partners in crime. A kindred soul that will always be there to have your back, in good or bad, to create mischief and cover the whole thing up later. We love our best friend to bits and we can’t stand to be away from them. These two might be just a stall wall away, but they will not accept it. A stallion named Mac and a gelding named Cal will go to great distances to stay together, walls be damned! Watch their hilarious and goofy playtime. No stall can keep those two away. At first, it is Cal who starts teasing his stall mate from the other side, inviting him to play. Mac doesn’t seem all that interested at first, but when Cal pulls back, Mac pokes his head in his pen and starts nibbling his lips and jaw. Cal endures it for a while, but Mac might have taken it a bit too far, so the proud beast warns his mate that he had taken it too far! All if fair in love and war and especially with your best friend. If they don’t endure us in our wackiest, who will? What is the wackiest thing you have done with your best friend? Let us know in the comments below.

Published: August 31, 2017Updated: September 6, 2017187,127 viewsVirality: 8%
Construction Site Workers Escape Injury In The Nick Of Time25s

Construction Site Workers Escape Injury In The Nick Of Time

We all know there is always risks when you work in a place such as a construction site. Having that in mind, we can all agree that this is a bit over the top. Here we have quite the scary situation where out of the blue fall a dozen two by fours from the top floor of the building. As soon as the first person notices they start running away from the wreckage. For most of the guys it turns out to be for the better while one of them did not get that lucky. As one of them starts running it appears that he runs straight into the board that is falling with a crazy speed towards the ground. The board lands right in front of him, tripping him to the ground and probably twisting his ankle in the process. Fellow construction workers run to his aid, but that man is lucky to be alive. One wrong step and that plank could have landed on his head, causing a far more serious injury. Thankfully, it has been reported that he is now in good health aside of the board landing right on his head. He is never going to forget how lucky he was in this situation. This is just another proof that helmets are a must at construction sites. Good on this guy for following safety precautions!

Published: August 29, 2017260,421 viewsVirality: 22%
Big Puppy Helps Smaller Puppy In A Mission To Conquer The Bed 40s

Big Puppy Helps Smaller Puppy In A Mission To Conquer The Bed

Siblings are a gift from the heavens. No matter if they are siblings by birth or adopted, having someone to keep you safe is always a plus. They love you unconditionally and come real handy as partners in crime. Whether they are human siblings or doggies, like these two in the clip, the bond between them is as extraordinary as any. Moo Ping, the bigger, 3-month-old male puppy, sees his sister Khao Neaw, a 1-month-old, as she struggles to climb on the huge couch. Some older brothers might even bully their baby siblings when they try to overcome a feat that is too big for them, but not Moo Ping. After attempting to cheer little Khao Neaw to climb the couch, he jumps on the floor and starts pushing the puppy up! Call us astonished, because this is like nothing we have seen so far. Sure, older siblings can be bullies, because they believe that if they were able to overcome these feats on their own, surely their younger siblings can do it themselves. Such harsh motivation works on some occasions, but it seems only human siblings are capable of it. All animals, whether they come from the same group or not, are always willing to help out a friend in struggle. It seems there is a lot to learn from these creatures, even as tiny one as these two!

Published: April 15, 2016327,391 views
Precious Baby Is Amused By His Squeaky Shoes 36s

Precious Baby Is Amused By His Squeaky Shoes

If you ever wanted to find out what how does pure joy sound like, just listen to a baby laughing! It makes perfect sense – they discover everything for the first time and everything is funny to them...unless it isn't, of course. Anyway, the joy they feel every time they discover something new and exciting throws them into a screaming and giggling frenzy and when you experience that moment with a baby, all you are left to do is just laugh with it! Mom came home with an extra special gift for her adorable baby boy today. It seemed to be a pair of baby shoes, but these were no ordinary shoes. These shoes squeaked whenever the baby walked. He loved them, which provided extra motivation to become a great walker; and one day, an Olympic runner. This is how stars are born! Watching those chubby little baby legs and the way he points his finger when he taps his foot are just too much! You just gotta watch this video and laugh along with this adorable little munchkin! Ah, the simpler times, back when even the tiniest things made us happy.

Published: September 15, 2015Updated: October 14, 2015448,088 views
This Guy Shows How Not To Mount A Horse After Falling Hilariously 25s

This Guy Shows How Not To Mount A Horse After Falling Hilariously

This amateur cowboy has seen way too many westerns, because that is definitely NOT the way you mount a horse! He probably forgot which reality he is in. Dude is being all high and confident, setting up the poor horse so that he might get up on it, Zoro style. As he walks further away to gain momentum, the horse turns back and looks at him, like he's thinking “You sure you want to do that, man?” The guy doesn't care, so he runs up to the horse from the back, makes a very impressive high jump and looks like he's about to make it. This is where we are reminded that there is such a thing as false confidence, because the dude underestimated the distance and the height of the cantle on the saddle. Instead of landing safely on his rear end, the guy slams on the cantle with the part of his body where the sun does not shine and tumbles right off the horse! We would probably fall off our chairs laughing, if that sight didn't look like it hurt like hell! His wife sure had a good belly laugh! Serves you right, city slicker! Check out more funny pet videos at http://pettube.com For licensing inquiries: licensing(at)pettube(dot)com

Great Danes Watch Horses Splash In A Pond, Want In On The Fun2m45s

Great Danes Watch Horses Splash In A Pond, Want In On The Fun

Summer might be coming to an end, but the fun can continue for a while longer. A team of horses were soaking in the remaining summer sun by the pond on their owner’s property and they were quite the sight to see, but these fun loving horses attracted a different kind of audience as well. While the horses were splashing in the pond and having an awesome time, their owner’s two Great Danes became mesmerized by the game these elegant animals were playing, so they wanted in on the fun. The team of four Friesdale Horses take turns between grazing and splashing in the water and the dogs are loving it! It seems like the dogs think the horses don’t like the water, because every time one of them comes out of the pond, the dogs bark at it, like they’re saying “c’mon, stay a little while longer, it’s great!” Some might even think that the Great Danes are herding the horses, but they don’t look like they give a damn. It’s summer, it’s hot, the water in the pond is dyed a nice shade of blue, so the horses will do what they want. It is just priceless to watch! If anyone of you wonders why the horses’ faces are covered, those are mosquito masks, to prevent the bugs from going in their eyes and from biting them. You’re welcome!

Published: August 17, 2017Updated: August 18, 2017101,514 views
Husky Adorably Entertains Twin Babies1m00s

Husky Adorably Entertains Twin Babies

Juno the Husky is seen here playing with twins humans Hailey and Kaylee. Now that's a priceless family moment... and also an easy way to keep the kids entertained! Watch as she gently plays with them, rolling over on her belly and adoringly looks at the pair with a mixture of curiosity and newfound love! We are profoundly amazed at how lovingly this dog is watching over her human babies; you could say, she loves them as if they were her own puppies! Expecting parents are usually afraid what their dog would do when the baby comes home, so whether it is by listening to elders or just playing it safe, they give it away or abandon their furry family member. What people do not realize is that almost every dog breed can be taught and prepared for the new arrival in advance! Spend some time with your dog to socialize it around children. Let the dog know that they are as good as you are. Also, by no means should you deny your dog the attention it was receiving before your young one came to this world, and we don't mean the usual feeding and grooming. Play with your dog and let it approach the infant during supervised play time. Before you know it, your dog will become the best guardian for your baby and the best friend they will ever have!

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Pilot Shows Off His Amazing Skills As He Lands Plane With Malfunctioning Gear 3m18s

Pilot Shows Off His Amazing Skills As He Lands Plane With Malfunctioning Gear

U.S. Marine Corps Capt. William Mahoney, Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (VMM) 263 (Reinforced) 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), AV-8B Harrier aircraft pilot, talks about his experience during a controlled landing after his front landing gear malfunctioned on his aircraft aboard the USS Bataan at sea, June 7, 2014. Elements of the 22nd MEU, embarked aboard Bataan, are operating in the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations to augment U.S. Crisis Response forces in the region. After the nose gear on this AV-8B Harrier malfunctioned shortly after takeoff, Capt. William Mahoney had to execute a Vertical Landing on the top deck of the USS Bataan using a modified padded stool. In the video, Capt. Mahoney explains that he knew the aircraft is experiencing a problem shortly after taking off, so he radioed the ship and flew past the control tower at 300 feet, hoping they would be able to assess the issue from afar. Since this was not such a case, the Captain had to land the 46-foot-long, 31,000-pound jet with an improvised procedure, where he had to support the nose of the Harrier on a padded stool, built specifically for such an emergency. He says he couldn’t see the stool, but he knew it was there. The deck had been evacuated, in the event of the jet crashing. Credit to the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit.

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