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Little Boy Has Priceless Reaction After Hugging Girl For The First Time1m09s

Little Boy Has Priceless Reaction After Hugging Girl For The First Time

Ah, young love. Most people look forward to having their first kiss, but this little guy was more excited about something else. Little Will was filled with excitement after hugging a girl for the very first time. You can see him elated with joy after hugging the nearby little girl. He breaks into a joyous screech accompanied by an equally joyous clap for himself, followed by some jumping around. He enjoyed his first hug so much that he went for a second. And then a third. He wanted so many that eventually the girl said no, but he wasn't down in spirit, Will continued with his post-hug routine even after he was denied. What a high spirited kid, oozing with enough joy to have it rub off on the people around him. Young children do interesting things, to say the least. Will loves hugs so much, that it's all he wants to do, and there's nothing wrong with that. He's got enough love to give to everyone! If only we were still as free-spirited as they are. It seems that adulthood robs us of these little joys when there are more pressing and ominous matters at hand, but it’s always amazing to have younguns remind us to enjoy life. It’s the little things that count and we shouldn’t ever forget that. Check out the toddler's priceless reaction! It will have you in tears of laughter for sure!

Cute Bulldog Whining About Watching TV Will Brighten Your Day36s

Cute Bulldog Whining About Watching TV Will Brighten Your Day

Who doesn't enjoy a nice relaxing day of watching TV with your dog? Well that's exactly what this lady was looking forward to doing until her impatient bulldog started to get fed up with the show! You won't believe this pup's adorable reaction when his owner asks to watch just one more show.

Labrador Stops Newborn Baby From Crying 22s

Labrador Stops Newborn Baby From Crying

What is the one thing that all babies know best, other than sleeping? You probably guessed it right – newborns are professionals and crying and fussing; it is the only way they can communicate really. If you ever tried to soothe a crying baby, then you probably know that there are only so many things that will work. It is either hungry, or needs a change, or just wants some company, someone to should them or sing to them. This little guy seemed like he needed some extra love and attention, which is why the family's trusted Golden Lab came to the rescue. As the baby lay on the floor on his cushion, Peanut the Labrador comes inquisitively to check what is wrong. He sniffs the baby out and watches it like it is broken or something, which we found adorable. But what he did later is what truly left us in awe! Peanut couldn't just leave the poor baby crying, so he started comforting him the best way he knew, by poking him with his big, brown, wet nose and picking him all over until he stopped crying. If that's not true love, we don't know what is. Don't you just find it absolutely heartwarming, the way animals can sense when something is off with a baby and they want to join in on the comforting? Share this video if you agree! Credit to @peanutthelab

Extremely Stubborn Husky Throws Epic Temper Tantrum1m10s

Extremely Stubborn Husky Throws Epic Temper Tantrum

Zeus is a seven-year-old Siberian Husky who lives life on his own terms and does not like being told what to do. So when it comes time for his morning run, and he's not ready to run, he bunkers down on his bed and howls in protest! This extremely stubborn Husky is on another one of his vocal rants. He's acting like a spoiled toddler! Huskies are an absolutely gorgeous type of dog, and are probably the closest to their wolf ancestors in terms of appearance. The term "husky" actually refers to a few different breeds of dogs used for sled pulling and includes breeds like the Alaskan malamute and the American Akita among others. They are highly intelligent, energetic, active, and strong-willed dogs. Unlike some other types of dogs, huskies have a comparatively lower drive to please their masters. They can be pretty independent, and when getting them to do something against their wills can be challenging. In fact, owners being unable to manage a husky's big personality is one of the biggest reasons these dogs are abandoned or returned to shelters. We've seen some stubborn huskies in the past, but this Husky sure knows how to throw a nasty temper tantrum at her owners! According to his owner, Zeus loves to play in the water, and his favorite spot in the house is the bathtub! He loves splashing around so much, he even hides in the tub when Mom comes to take him for a walk! Talk about a nasty temper! This is why they say huskies are stubborn ! They're very smart but they have low motivation to please their owners. Living with Zeus is a constant battle of wills as he cries, whines, and howls when he doesn't get his way! He is such a baby, and really acts like a God around the house!

Adorable Dog Jumps Into Stranger's Car For Food47s

Adorable Dog Jumps Into Stranger's Car For Food

Whatever you do, do not get between this dog and his food! This couple was just sitting in their car, minding their own business, outside is raining when all of the sudden, this black pit bull jumps on their window. He seems to be walking all alone outside, wearing a collar, but with no ID tag on it. He soaking wet from the rain too. Sure, he’s cute and likes to cuddle , but no one could have imagined what he is about to do next! Just as the man asks the dog “you want something to eat", it’s like an involuntary reflex popped in the dog’s head. He jumps over the open car door window and straight into the man’s lap! Naturally, the couple was freaked out by this encounter and they ran out of the car, so Mr. Bull over here decided to settle himself inside. As the man and his wife literally jumped outside of the vehicle, screaming and laughing, the pooch settles on the front passenger seat and just looks up at them with those big puppy eyes. Since he was soaking wet and most definitely hungry, we are not surprised he took on the man’s offer. Poor puppy. By the way, who would have thought that a grown-up man can scream with such a high pitch? But, let’s be honest for a second, second most favorite thing to a dog after the love for its owner, is food! Did someone say food? No wonder this doggo jumped in the car when the guy said food! Why do they act hungry all the time? It's sort of natural conduct. There’s an old cliché about dogs — they’ll eat everything you put in front of them, whether they’re hungry or not! Wolves (or pooches) chasing in a pack additionally take in the idea of shortage and food being a constrained asset. They may not eat each day or even every other day, so they fall into a "get it while you can" mindset. This persists notwithstanding when the pooch is getting a few standard dinners each and every day. But, we are not talking about the big hungry wolves in the woods! We are talking about the dogs who sleep all day and occasionally maybe chase the neighbor’s cat! Obviously, our domestic dogs have not been wild wolves for quite a while, so it can be difficult to accommodate such an antiquated attribute with present-day behavior. Our pooches likely never grew up going on a chase and being permitted to share sustenance in pack arrange. Another plausibility is that our canines truly aren't that ravenous. They're simply great at controlling us into giving them the goods! We normally adore our pooches and it can be difficult to oppose those enormous eyes and charming appearances, particularly when they act like they're starving! However, they may have no clue when they had enough, but we do — and, unlike dogs, we know how to work a can opener! This is so funny!

Try Not To Laugh Too Hard When You See This Toddler's Reaction After Kissing His Dog 36s

Try Not To Laugh Too Hard When You See This Toddler's Reaction After Kissing His Dog

Animals are amazing companions that have brightened up our lives. From the time that humans have been around, we have co-existed with animals, even using them as faithful companions that help with everyday tasks. We have formed a bond with them that lasted years and still proves to be there even today. However, did you know that animals could form bonds with even the unlikeliest of animal? Nothing like a funny and adorable dog video to brighten your day. Put a cute kid into the mix and you got yourself a nice little giggle accompanied with an 'awe' or two. For all you dog lovers out there, how badly do you want to snuggle up with this big fluffy guy? Nothing like a dog's love and affection to strengthen a bond! Many parents first decide to have a dog before they are ready to have children, so technically dogs are their first “trial” child. So, when the baby comes along, dogs have to get used to the new addition to the family and learn to get along with its ‘sibling’. The bond that children and dogs share growing up together is something extremely special that cannot be replaced. This adorable little toddler named Tegan has the most loving and gentle babysitter in the world! Ralphie the Newfoundland loves nothing more than playing all day long with his best human buddy! Tegan loves to give Ralphie kisses, but it looks like this special kiss was way more than what the boy was looking for. Observe his priceless reactions after he gets them wet doggy smooches! Footage shows the precious moment when boy and dog express their love for each other during playtime. As Tegan gives his favorite pooch a kiss in the cheek, he's totally unprepared, and gets more than he bargained for! Raphie is quick to shower him with kisses, wet big lovely kisses! This little boy is lucky enough to grow up with two Newfoundlands . These dogs are huge which means they have even more love to give! Tegan experiences that love in the cutest way when he leans down to give Ralphie a kiss, but is surprised with a shower of wet kisses! Watch as Ralphie gives him a giant lick on the face, causing the toddler to step back and giggles with excitement. Seconds later, Tegan goes back for a second kiss! Watching babies and doggies playing together are guaranteed to make you smile! Young children and dogs form an amazing bond as they both grow up. You can be sure that these two will have an extremely close relationship over the years. This is only the adorable start of a great friendship! Take a look and be amazed! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

This Cirque du Soleil Jump Rope Artist Will Blow Your Mind 2m44s

This Cirque du Soleil Jump Rope Artist Will Blow Your Mind

With 15 years of competitive jump rope experience, 2 world records, multiple World and European Jump Rope Championship wins and even a Cirque du Soleil membership, it's safe to say that no one is better at jumping rope than Adrienn Bánhegyi. Then one question that the 33-year-old never thought she would have to answer so often is: “Are you making a living by jumping rope?” But the answer is: yes! Adrienn Bánhegyi is a Hungarian athlete, personal trainer, physical education teacher and lecturer, multiple World and European Champion in jumping rope, member of the Cirque du Soleil company and the proud holder of two world records. That is some list of accomplishments! After 15 years of competitive jump rope, holding two world records and winning World and European Jump Rope Championships several times, Adrienn was selected to be an artist of Cirque du Soleil. Having performed in New York City and touring North America for a while, she was offered to accept a new challenge in 2011, to perform her solo skipping act in the most well-known TV studios across the United States and Canada, promoting their show, Quidam. Besides her promotional engagements with Cirque du Soleil, she also works for German based companies on a regular basis. Her solo act often appears on the stages of Variete Theatres and Special Events. Watch her give a dazzling performance at an event in Szombathely, Hungary. Unbelievable!

Baby Pulls Innocent Prank On Dad, Giggles Uncontrollably 1m15s

Baby Pulls Innocent Prank On Dad, Giggles Uncontrollably

People have been pulling pranks on one another since the beginning of time. They can as innocent as any, yet as devious as they may come. Pranksters have been playing tricks on people for the sake of entertainment or just for the sake of showing off or “marking a territory”, so to speak. Pranks are generally lighthearted and without lasting impact; they aim to make the victim feel humbled or foolish, but not victimized or humiliated. Thus most practical jokes are affectionate gestures of humor and designed to encourage laughter. That being said, it seems that this baby already knows how to play tricks on people and have a good laugh while they’re at it! He’s sitting on the floor with dad and playing with his toys, but dad has claimed his sensory ball as a pillow. Of course, baby wants his sentiment known, so as soon as dad turns away to watch a show, the baby reaches out and grabs dad’s “pillow” right for under his head! ‘Hey, that’s my pillow” says the dad, to which the adorable kid starts giggling. Every time dad reclaims his 'pillow', the baby takes it back right from under him and every time he does that, the giggling turns to contagious, hiccups-inducing laughter! This clip is sure to put a smile on your face. Cuteness overload!

This Litter Of Puppies Has Learned To Pee On Command 32s

This Litter Of Puppies Has Learned To Pee On Command

Having a dog is a massive responsibility; after all, we (almost always) get them as babies and we have to teach them basic domestic manners to keep them, and ourselves, happy. But who would have thought that potty training could be so cute? These 8-week-old Waypoint Weimaraner puppies are getting an early start on their training . Not only are they very smart, but they're also great listeners and when their human dad tells them "go pee" they do...except for that one straggler. But we are more than certain that he will get the hang of it in no time! It is hilarious to watch these adorable puppies rush their way down the stairs only to come to a nice green lawn and take a leak! Their owner is giving them the command 'go pee-pee' and all the pooches kneel down, ready to water the grass! Watching these dogs pee in unison has brightened our day and reminded us of teenage girls going together in the restroom! Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, learn to recognize his signal for needing to go to the bathroom. One thing we know about pretty much all dogs and puppies is that they need to go after eating or drinking, after sleeping or being in a crate for a few hours, and usually after playing. Get your dog on a schedule of taking him out after these events occur, and look for signals that he may need to go – going to the door, sniffing a certain area, going in a tight circle, or starting to squat or lift his leg.

Check Out Why This Baby's Laughter Has Us In Stitches 37s

Check Out Why This Baby's Laughter Has Us In Stitches

You know why we are always excited about baby videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these tiny humans have in store for us! You can never predict what they will do, and that is so exciting! Like this video at the top of the page, for example. A cute and funny video has emerged of a one-year-old baby laughing like a chipmunk from the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks. It is so adorable that makes you laugh immediately after you hear that squeaking sound. And even more: it makes you record her cute laugh and set it as your ringtone. Watch! The footage was shot in 2015 in Gettysburg, PA, USA, and shows Parker having laughing fits while her mother feeds her cake. She sits in her baby chair and waits for food to come to her mouth, as her mom is feeding her, but she knows she is funny when she makes the chipmunk laughing sound, so she takes a laugh. Her mom laughs and the baby enjoys being the center of attention. From birth, infants express their needs that demand immediate gratification for milk, sleep, or cuddle, but after several months they want social interaction as well. Their smiles say that they are happy, content, and enjoying what's going on around them. The baby needs to grow up in an environment that supports and recognizes the lightness of life which is essential for cultivating baby's sense of fun. "When out shopping, at appointments etc. people would come from all over the store to see what sounded like a chipmunk or a goat," her mother wrote online. "Today, age 3, she laughs and talks similarity upon request", mom added. The fact that people respond with a certain amount of affection and curiosity to her smile, it sure tickles this baby's funny bone and makes her go for a second round, of applause. It is fun to see babies laugh in all different ways, sometimes they just want to entertain the audience and they take a fake laugh only because they want to be funny. When on the topic of babies and laughter, take a look at this next video. This baby welcomes dad home with hysterical giggles When this baby girl’s dad came back from work that day, she couldn’t stop giggling at him! She even went full-on hysterical, watching him by the door! So, the dad wanted to see if she will be less hysterical when he closes the door in front of him and opens it again. Nope, baby girl went hysterical again...and a third time...and again… It is like a peek-a-boo game on a very large scale. She loves seeing her dad for the first time over and over again! The best harmless fun in the world. When they do begin understanding that their parent is leaving them, even if it is for a few hours of the day, little kids are prepared to take some pretty drastic measures to make sure they are never without them again! One little girl simply refuses to let her dad walk out the door to work , so she just blocks the door. When that didn’t help, she clung to his leg, hoping it will break his heart enough to change his mind. Poor kid. What do you think about these videos? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Dog’s Hilarious Reaction To “Enemy” In Yard Has Owner Cracking Up 1m15s

Dog’s Hilarious Reaction To “Enemy” In Yard Has Owner Cracking Up

This restrained retriever froze on the spot when she spotted her mortal nemesis, a cat. True to half her breed, Ellie, an Irish setter golden retriever cross, stood dead still when she saw the furry intruder at home in Salem, Oregon, USA, on September 16. As all Irish Setters do, the three-year-old pooch stood with her front paw raised from the ground and never breaks her stare from her sworn enemy! The only thing that gives away that Ellie is, in fact, a living, breathing and, most often, moving animal, is the movement in her paw when her owner, Dustin Dalen, tugs on the leash. Not even the most strict of instruction on his side will make Ellie break away from her set. “Okay, come on Ellie". Nope. “Ellie, lay" he continues with a downward tug on the leash. She doesn’t even bat an eyelid. We even get a closer look of Ellie’s face, to see that she doesn’t twitch her muzzle or move her eyes from the sight of the grey tabby . “I was completely bemused by her actions" Dustin says."“Very rarely does the Irish setter in her come out, but sometimes Ellie will point at animals. This isn’t the first time she’s seen a cat but this one was a complete stranger so she froze on the spot. In total, she stayed there for about three minutes before I finally got her to move." That’s genetics for yah.

Footage Shows Plane Landing Too Close For Comfort In Costa Rica 22s

Footage Shows Plane Landing Too Close For Comfort In Costa Rica

A passenger jet IBERIA flight 6313 from Madrid makes an impressive landing on runway 25 at the Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica, coming within meters on onlookers and the cars parked near the tarmac. The plane can be seen coming frighteningly low to the ground, almost grazing the airport perimeter fence. The plane actually flew so low, that the witnesses, who then posted photos and videos online, could describe seeing the rivets on the plane’s body as it flew over their heads. The plane had to change course due to some problematic winds, so the pilot initially tried to land on a runway for planes coming in from the east, but changed course to land on another runway used by flights approaching from the west. Local media have reported that precision-landing technology is used on the eastern runway, but not on the western runway. Rolando Richmond from Costa Rica's Civil Aviation Authority said that there is no stated altitude that pilots have to maintain when crossing that part of the security fence and that there was nothing out of the ordinary about the "controlled landing". Wild winds have caused planes to wobble while landing on Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport on Monday, September 18. A severe wind warning was issued after wind gusts reached 60 miles per hour at Melbourne Airport.

Sasha The Dog Really Wants To Go For A Walk56s

Sasha The Dog Really Wants To Go For A Walk

If you think you've seen dogs getting excited to go for a walk, then just you wait! This adorably fluffy white dog has the greatest reaction to her mom asking her if she wants to go for a walk! You have never seen a funnier reaction than this dog wanting to go for a walk!

Casual Stroll In A River Takes A Sudden Twist With A Hilarious Ending31s

Casual Stroll In A River Takes A Sudden Twist With A Hilarious Ending

Few things are better than packing up your whole family in the summer and head to the refreshing chill of the woods. Even better if you find a cold creek to cool down in, maybe even marvel at the water creatures that live in it. But sometimes, even the best of plans get an unexpected turn, which in this case is quite hilarious, There's nothing like going for a refreshing swim during the heat of the summer; that is, unless you weren't planning on it! It only takes one slip for it all to go wrong! This man is enjoying a stroll through a creek with his kids. He’s just walking, checking the water, trotting around. The kids are having a blast too! We see him wobble a little, but he’s ok, just a loose rock. He gathers himself from the almost-slip and carries on with more confidence just in time for a major definitely-slip, that ends with a splash face-down in the water! His wife can barely contain herself and so do we! The kids also join in the laughter, and even though it must have been unpleasant for him, this will surely be remembered and cherished as a hilarious family moment. Maybe next time he'll just build a pool in the backyard and avoid any slippery creeks!

Genius Cat Has Figured Out The Best Possible Way To Look Outside25s

Genius Cat Has Figured Out The Best Possible Way To Look Outside

A hilarious footage has emerged of a talented cat performing some neat acrobatic skills just to peek through a door window. The feline got through a lot of trouble to complete her mission, but the view from above is sure worth the trouble! Watch as Buttercup the Ragdoll cat views the outside world by hanging from a doorway window, bet you haven't seen that before! Pets are amazing animals that overall make our lives better. Sure, they can be a lot of responsibility and hard work to raise, some might say it is almost like raising another child, but those challenges are heavily outweighed by the amazing love and memories that they bring. Cats are one such pet that are known for their memorable moments that they bring. It seems that one such hilarious footage was captured in this clip here! This feisty kitten finds a clever way to hack the front door in order to get a better view outside. Watch as this cat shows some amazing acrobatic skills when she jumps high up the door and sticks its nails onto the wood, just to stay in an upright position and take a peek through the door window! As soon as the mischievous cat is done observing the outdoors, she quickly jumps down the door and lands on the floor. She completed her mission like the experienced spy agent that she is! Incredible! This cat has some serious skills to pull ! The funny part is that, when the cat jumps up at the door window and clutches her paws at the window frame, she hangs like a towel, observing the surroundings and planning her next move, before pouncing to the floor. Cat has some skills, and stuntmen should learn from her!

Homeless Dog Gets Saved And Taken Through Incredible Transformation 5m06s

Homeless Dog Gets Saved And Taken Through Incredible Transformation

Your dog is probably the one who loves you more than anyone else in the world. There’s simply no creature more loyal or reliable out there. Who else follows you everywhere, literally jumps for joy when you come home, and simply loves you for you who are? However, not all of them are lucky enough to have a loving owner so some of them get mistreated and abbused. However, this is a story with a happy end. There are approximately 1.2 million dogs trying to survive on the streets of Houston. Sick, injured and abused dogs are simply discarded like trash and left to die. Benji was an abused and abandoned young dog trying to survive on Houston's harsh streets. Watch this little dog's remarkable and inspiring story. Benji now lives a very blessed life with six other rescued dogs who all had tragic stories of their own. Local dog rescue volunteers were alerted and Benji was found. It was Halloween so they named her Benji. What the picture didn’t show was that that Pumpkin was not alone. She had a puppy who was covered in fleas, unweaned and struggling to stay alive. The doctors and nurses worked hard for days to keep them both alive. Benji was barely a year old and one very sick little girl. Tragically, her baby was too weak and undernourished to survive. She crossed over the Rainbow bridge surrounded by love and warmth. Benji was a homeless dog his whole life. When Hope For Paws received the call about him, I asked Lisa Chiarelli to join me. Benji was very nervous, and when he realized that we were looking at him, he started running, and we started running after him! It was a little tricky because I had to keep an eye on him while running, and at the same time I had to set up my gentle snare AND keep my hand held camera straight – you’ll just have to see how I managed all that ;-) After Lisa and I secured Benji, we got to take a close look him. Physically: he was so badly matted, covered with ticks and fleas, he bit his tongue as he was struggling to escape from us, so you’ll see a little bleeding – nothing serious. Mentally: Benji was living on the streets all his life, so human contact was so hard for him to get used to. After a 2 or 3 hours of grooming and medical care, he continued to Lisa Chiarelli’s house where for 10 days he almost didn’t move… frozen, always looking for a place to hide, and not wanting anyone to touch him. As usual, Lisa’s Pit Bull mixes - Lola and Frankie, decided to help Benji overcome his fears, and the result will make you so happy!!! After we could see the change in him, Benji continued for further rehabilitation with our friends at PAL rescue, and they will also handle his adoption . The process took 5 months of love and care – these things take time. Please SHARE Benji’s video and help us show the world that all dogs deserve a second chance . Thanks, Eldad Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hopeforpawscalifornia Please donate $5 to Hope For Paws and help us save more lives: http://www.HopeForPaws.org To adopt Benji, please contact PAL rescue: http://www.PalRescue.org If you are BLOCKED from watching this video, please use this alternative link: https://vimeo.com/eldad75/videos

Big Sister Stops Baby From Crying By Singing To Her29s

Big Sister Stops Baby From Crying By Singing To Her

Babies are so adorable and cute, and very fun to be around. However, there are also times when they are fussy and difficult to comfort, and then they cry and cry a lot, but nobody knows the reason why. Those are the times when adults get frustrated and don't know what to do about it. However, big sister Zoey is here to save the day when 'crying' alarm turns on. Every time baby Gabby cries loudly, her sister Zoey soothes her by singing 'You Are My Sunshine' song, over and over again, until Gabby calms down and starts smiling again. These two sisters have a special bond. When Gabby is upset and starts crying, the singing of her sister Zoey's voice puts a smile back on her face. It is good that Zoey is talented and knows how to sing, because baby Gabby immediately stops crying when Zoey starts singing. Sometimes moms and dads need a little help from time to time, and that is when siblings come to help . It is good for sisters to grow up together in harmony and give each other support every time the other sibling is upset or under the weather. Zoey always knows how to soothe Gabby and get her to stop crying. These two sisters will definitely melt your heart and teach you the valuable lesson that sisters are always here to watch your back and cheer you up in difficult times. This sister duo is absolutely precious and will definitely put a smile on your face.

Heroic Pit Bull Saves Dying Dog From Starvation 1m49s

Heroic Pit Bull Saves Dying Dog From Starvation

When Bakersfield-based animal rescue organization No Kill Kern received a call about a German Shepherd living in a field, they knew they had to rescue the poor dog. They headed out to the field and brought their trusty pit bull Lucy along to help them. Lucy is the official mascot of No Kill Kern and a vital part of the rescue team. Lucy was the one who spotted the German Shepherd in that field and led the team of rescuers to her. When they approached the dog, she ran away; clearly never having experienced kindness. In desperate attempts to remove the scared pooch from her terrible life, the No Kill Kern team placed a cage with some food, hoping the dog will come for it. Surely enough, they returned to find the German Shepherd inside. They gently lifted the cage and took the dog, who the named Queen, to the safety of their shelter. Lucy has been instrumental in helping Queen get more comfortable at no Kill Kern. She also helps nervous or aggressive dogs get social, being patient with them and eventually winning them over with her super-sweet personality. After getting more comfortable around human, Queen was transferred to Marley’s Mutt Dog Rescue to participate in their unique Pawsitive Change program. There, she was renamed Reina and finally got adopted into a loving forever home.