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Introvert Puppy Sits All Alone, Sulking At The Corner Of A Playground11s

Introvert Puppy Sits All Alone, Sulking At The Corner Of A Playground

Most of our canine companions are very sociable and friendly and don't mind having company. In fact, they go by the motto ‘the more the merrier’! However, George the bulldog does not enjoy puppy playtime as much as his peers do! How funny is that? Hilarious footage has emerged showing several puppies playing inside the doggy enclosure, while one introvert pooch is standing alone in the corner, enjoying his own company. This adorable little pup seems to be too shy to get comfortable hanging out with the crowd! Cuteness overload! In this video, we witness the adorable moment when a tiny puppy is experiencing his first sociable moment with other four-legged buddies and his reaction is beyond adorable! Not only this pooch resembles shy and unsociable, it also looks like he is a bit bored too! Come on George, it is time to mingle! The hilarious clip starts with three happy pooches, having the time of their lives playing with each other, but when the camera turns to the left side corner, we see a little bulldog fellow sulking in the corner, trying too hard to handle the situation. Why does this lonely puppy seem so sad all by himself? We want to comfort him and give him a warm hug! Cheer up little buddy! As soon as he realizes that he is now in the spotlight of the camera, George tries to flee the scene and is seen running in an attempt to hide from the paparazzi. He just wants to be left alone, sulking in the corner. There is nothing wrong about wanting to be all alone once in a while. He is making everyone see very clearly that he is not happy with the current situation!

Those Pictures Of The Tesla In Space Might Have Been Illegal1m37s

Those Pictures Of The Tesla In Space Might Have Been Illegal

SpaceX's flashy footage from orbit might run afoul of an obscure federal regulation. If you watched the SpaceX’s last satellite launch, you might have seen the livestream from orbit shut down mid-flight. But it wasn’t technical difficulties, so much as bureaucracy. It seems SpaceX didn’t have the necessary licence to broadcast videos from orbit, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration rule says that anything larger than a hand-held camera that broadcasts from space needs a special permit. It’s said to be a matter of national security, but SpaceX has been setting up cameras on it’s rockets for years and has never sought a permit. That includes the starmen shots from the Falcon heavy demo flight which livestreamed a Tesla in space with Earth in the background. NOAA didn’t go out of its way to enforce the rule either, as if it was never officially informed that SpaceX had started sticking cameras on its rockets. This is despite millions of people seeing footage. In fact, SpaceX asked NOAA about the rules ahead of this last launch and NOAA started enforcing them so suddenly that even some parts of the agency thought it might have been a mistake. However, a NOAA statement clears that up, the agency says it will hold SpaceX and other launch companies to those rules going forward. Congress is also considering lining the rules on commercial cameras and orbit, so mixups like this don’t happen as often. It’s not clear if future permits will let SpaceX broadcast whole launches, but some missions will be fair game. NASA cameras on the international space station captured footage that is public domain. What are your thoughts on this issue? Let us know in the comments below!

Boxer Has Baby And Mom Cracking Up With His Performance, The Belly Laughs Are Epic 23s

Boxer Has Baby And Mom Cracking Up With His Performance, The Belly Laughs Are Epic

Everyone will agree that there is nothing better than seeing your little baby and your dog getting along so well. The tot and the family boxer are down the path for an everlasting friendship and they look so adorable together! This 5-month baby has a very unusual best friend that adores her. The parents say that the dog stays with their baby all the time and protects her. There are times when she is unhappy and she is crying, so when that happens, the dog named Prince is always there to cheer her up! They even said that he tried to give his own food in order to please the young lady. What a gentleman! Footage occurred on January 31, 2018 in Nykil, Sweden and was filmed by baby's mother, and features the big and energetic pooch can be seen with a toy in his mouth waiting for his little friend to play with him. All that jumping and prancing seems to be so funny to the young toddler, so she laughs in her baby bouncer. You can see by the reaction she has, the baby girl loves her dog so much! Her laughter is pure music to our ears! The mother said: ‘My boxer Prince loves our 5-month-old baby. He protects her and is faithful to her in all situations. He even tries to give her his food, and if she cries he tries to comfort her as well.’ Thus video is guaranteed to make your day!

Boxer And Husky Engage In Epic Barking Debate1m47s

Boxer And Husky Engage In Epic Barking Debate

We have seen tons of videos of dogs arguing with their owners, dogs that feel remorse and want to apologise, guilty dogs that do not want to admit their misdeeds. However, we are certain that this video will make you grin from ear to ear thanks to the hilarious argument of these two different dog breeds trying to find a middle ground in their debate. As in every debate, debaters stick to their initial points of view and it is virtually impossible to talk the other opponent into something they don’t feel it should happen. Take these two dogs for example: Bella is a boxer full of energy and wants to play all the time. Nevertheless, Shadow the husky doesn’t share Bella’s idea of enjoyment as it wants to lie down idly and relax all day long, hence the problem. Bella, being the Petar Pan of dogs, demands a vigorous exercise, and it may look imposing since all it ever does is barking and barking, trying to drag Shadow into an exciting game of chase but to no avail. Boxer has one desire only: to romp and play like a puppy. His unsuccessful attempts to wriggle in order to get close to his friend is useless. Since it loves to be the center of attention, we can only imagine how difficult the whole situation is for him. Whether it is a momentarily mood or he is just like that, Shadow doesn’t seem interested in Bella’s cry for playing games. We know that huskies enjoy being active and have an incredible zest for life, Shadow, however, is simply not motivated enough to participate in whatever Bella has in mind. So, he will just keep on lying and be that lazy friend we all have in our lives.

Girl Drives Rented Ferrari For Her Birthday, Things Don't Go According To Plan2m38s

Girl Drives Rented Ferrari For Her Birthday, Things Don't Go According To Plan

Oxotic is a Colorado-based business which offers rental “supercars” to brave customers. When one customer scheduled a surprise tour for his girlfriend’s birthday in a Ferrari worth $300,000, his overconfidence proved to be his undoing. Things do not go his way and he takes the sharp turns of the road with way too much speed, ultimately causing this incident. Fortunately, his insurance company ended up paying the entire amount of the vehicle’s replacement value. That would have been one expensive fix if he had to pay for it all himself. Then again maybe he should have payed it so he can learn his lesson. We hope that he still learned his lesson after this frightening incident. What made this clip even more worse was the fact that he was intentionally driving fast around those corners because of his overconfidence. It is OK to be confident when driving as there is some situations where you cannot hesitate, but overconfidence is not a good thing as it can lead to incidents such as this one here. Just be safe and aware when driving. Driving is a privilege and not a right, remember that. Please share this clip with your family and friends to show them the importance of driving safe!

Protective Husky Doesn’t Allow Pregnant Owner's Belly To Be Touched46s

Protective Husky Doesn’t Allow Pregnant Owner's Belly To Be Touched

A heartwarming footage has emerged of a Husky protecting its pregnant owner's belly from being touched by others in northernmost China. The video, filmed in Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province on December 17, shows the dog barking and trying to bite a woman's hand every time she attempts to touch its pregnant owner's belly. The woman can be heard saying: "Oh my god, I cannot touch. Let me touch it!" Then the owner pats the husky and says to the dog: "It is OK." According to local news, the dog only allowed its owner and her husband to feel the pregnant baby's tummy. It is hilarious how this loyal pet gives a new definition to the phrase 'guard dog' as he watches over his pregnant owner and attacks her lady friend any time she tries to lay a hand on her baby bump. Footage shows woman's friend sitting on the bed next to her and trying to put a hand on her baby bump, but gets a serious warning by the overly protective Husky. Watch as the dog tries to keep the lady away as he barks, stands on two legs and bites to keep her away. This Husky has become extremely protective of the yet to be delivered bundle of joy and noted that the dog hasn't been trained to watch over the unborn baby. Dogs closely observe their owners and their usual patterns of behavior so when owners start to act differently, the dogs notice. The animals can pick up changes in a woman's body language and a change in the attitude of others toward her when she becomes pregnant. Dogs can then become more aware and protective of their owners, even barking at other family members, including the baby's father. Many dogs return to normal behavior once the baby is born, but it's thought to be better to stick to normal routines during pregnancy so dogs don't have to cope with big changes.

We Can't Get Enough Of This Tile-Setter Dancing To Ariana Grande 1m22s

We Can't Get Enough Of This Tile-Setter Dancing To Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s eye has been caught by a home made video and for one very good reason. This gentleman has got some mean moves! Meet Tony Restivo, a tile-setter from Toronto who is making headlines worldwide with the dance moves he dropped at a recent site, swaying his hips to Ariana Grande’s hit “Into You”. Tony says that initially he had no idea he is being filmed. "The first 15 to 20 seconds, I didn’t know," he said. "Then from the corner of my eyes, I saw Anthony taping me, and he always tapes me at work when I’m doing something funny." He also says that he is known to bust a move when he thinks his workers could use a bit of a pick-me-up. And boy, are we grateful! "The guys were really quiet that day, and not in good spirits and I just started cranking my music and dancing like I always do," Tony Tiles explained to CityNews. "It’s actually a normal thing, I dance all the time at work, to make the guys laugh and have a good time because our job is hard enough as it is." As with any other humble viral star, Tony also had no idea that his dance video became an internet sensation. That is, until his wife saw in on social media. When he heard that even Ariana herself saw the clip, Tony said that he was glad he made her smile. "If she got a kick out of it, that’s great and I hope everybody else got a kick out of it,” says the dancing king. “In my normal life, this is what I do, have fun with work and life, and go on from there."

Big Dog Is Having None Of His Owner's Apologies 43s

Big Dog Is Having None Of His Owner's Apologies

Living with a dog is the source of many great experiences, fun anecdotes, and usually a beautiful, long-lasting friendship. However, cohabitation means that conflicts and accidents happen from time to time. We may step on our dog's paw or pull on their tail accidentally, or scold them when they are not at fault. While by all logic we know that our dog loves us and doesn't mind much that we accidentally hurt them, sometimes we still feel bad and want to apologize. A perfect example of an owner trying to make an apology to her dog is this video with Ralphie the Newfoundland. He is so upset with his owner that he gives her the coldest shoulder given by a dog. Though we may think that dogs are just simple animals, they can understand humans well. Ralphie creates positive association with his owner’s words and he knows that saying sorry is a nice thing to hear and it has a pleasing sound to his ears. It is until she says the magic words, "I'm sorry" that he does the sweetest thing one could do. We, humans can totally learn something from our four legged creatures. Ralphie’s owner talks to him calmly and soothingly with a slightly high-pitched voice. Being the sweetest and the kindest dog one will ever meet, he forgives her, climbs in her lap and he is all over her. You can always tell what he is trying to say with his eyes. He is such a lover! Ralphie enjoys her cuddle and now life can take its normal course again.

Incredible Footage Of A Train Passing Through Tiny Street In Hanoi, Vietnam2m35s

Incredible Footage Of A Train Passing Through Tiny Street In Hanoi, Vietnam

It’s time to sit down and dedicate this few minutes to this amazing video taken in Hanoi, Vietnam. It’s something you don’t see every day! In this incredible video is captured a train incredibly passing through a tine street in Hanoi. Imagine a train going in both directions every day outside your house and you have grown nonchalant about it! It's amazing to see how the locals here in Hanoi, Vietnam have adapted to this daily disruption in their lives. This is something truly remarkable! Because we were so fascinated by this amazing video we did a little research about the routine the train does. Around 3 p.m. and 7 p.m every day, a train hurtles through a series of narrow streets in Hanoi’s bustling, maze-like Old Quarter. Streets are getting blocked, children rushered indoors, cars and bikes pulled to the side of the road just before the train speeds past, with a couple feet of clearance at most on both sides. You can see on the video that the train is mere inches from the buildings. The railroad tracks take up nearly the entirety of the “train street,” as it’s been dubbed by the increasing trickle of tourists that come to glimpse the startling sight. The train passes the narrow road early in the route that connects Vietnam’s capital to Ho Chi Minh city in the south. If you ever have a chance to visit Vietnam, make sure to visit this amazing street at 3 p.m or 7 p.m.

Bulldog Is Not Satisfied With The Amount Of Food In The Bowl, Goes Straight To The Source 1m43s

Bulldog Is Not Satisfied With The Amount Of Food In The Bowl, Goes Straight To The Source

A hilarious footage has emerged of a greedy pup helping himself to a second dinner without owner’s permission. Porkchop the English Bulldog was caught on hidden camera in the act of stealing some crunchy cat treats from the kitchen cabinet! What a greedy pup! When the dog food was disappearing and the dog was constantly hungry, it was clear that something was amiss. Suspecting that the dog was not getting everything that was set out for him, this family set up hidden cameras to investigate the case. This is what they found out? Footage show a bulky pooch entering the kitchen and rushing to its bowl to feast on the dog food, controlled largely by his appetite. The bowl is empty in no time, but Porkchop’s belly is still vacant. Moments later, the sneaky pooch opens the cabinet door to find delicious goodies and is heard happily crunching its hunger away, testing his luck as he sneaks into the kitchen cabinet for some dessert. Can you believe this pup? Greedy pooches are known for jumping on tables or on kitchen counters in order to steal their owner's food from under their noses! So if your pooch is behaving like greedy Porkchop here, make sure to set the boundaries straight. Make sure to have them understand which food is their to eat and which isn't and by all means do not feed them scraps from your own dinner table! Porkchop’s greed and healthy appetite make him do a lot of things that he shouldn't, like sneaking into the kitchen cabinet and stealing food from owners, without their knowledge. He is all nose and stomach and short on common sense. So after he guzzle's his own kibble, he wanders over to the cabinet and sniffs out food, and decides it's worth to take risk. Little did he know there were cameras installed, and his shameful act was caught on camera!

Elephant Fed Up With Ostriches Fight, Breaks Them Up2m04s

Elephant Fed Up With Ostriches Fight, Breaks Them Up

When someone mentions an elephant in a room, it is always something that causes tension and arguing, without anyone admitting to it. But when this king of the savanna stepped on the scene, he did the exact opposite. In a clip hailing from the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, two ostriches can be seen staging a massive brawl. We see the massive birds delivering mean kicks to one another in the heat of the fight, which happened last April. The duo would lock feathers and kick each other intermittently, then run away and repeat, like a staged choreography. But one gentle giant was not having it. Just as they chased each other past an adult male elephant, he gave them both a piece of his mind. It seems that all that shrieking and kicking and smacking has fed up the bull, so he ran after both birds with a gallop. According to biologist and conservationist Joyce Poole, who has shared her research into elephant body language with National Geographic, the ear-spreading with elephants denotes aggression. At first the ostriches didn’t seem to get the message, so they continued to spar. But the moment the ostriches heard the giant’s trumpeting roar, both calmed and slowed down. The lion might be king of the jungle, but the elephant sure showed them who is in charge of the savanna! No running around, please!

Ecstatic Dog Feels Overwhelming Happiness Upon Seeing Owner Again2m06s

Ecstatic Dog Feels Overwhelming Happiness Upon Seeing Owner Again

There are people who rarely think twice about leaving their pet with a sitter. There are instances when it has to be done and they can’t just be left alone at home. And there are those who leave a piece of their soul with their pet every time they leave them. Kisses and hugs and tears all around. But have you ever stopped to think what happens to the pooch after you are gone? We wonder who takes the time to think about the impact they leave on the pet when it is left with someone else. Here we have just the proof that you need that dogs miss you even worse! One man in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil had to leave his dog with a friend while he was away for ten days. It is safe to say that the dog wasn’t too happy about it, but being the well behaved pooch that it is, it waited patiently for the owner’s return. Now, 10 days later, the man’s friend had arranged to go to the airport and pick him up, but not without his loyal companion. The poor pup sits in the shotgun seat, window rolled down and looks around for a friendly face. But when he hears his name being called out and in a familiar voice, that is when true happiness occurs! The dog darts out of the pickup’s window and straight into the arms of the man he so eagerly waited to see! Now that is true love right there! We can’t even imagine how sad this dog must have been without its human pal.

Angry Snake Goes Full Kung Fu On Unsuspecting Motorcyclist1m38s

Angry Snake Goes Full Kung Fu On Unsuspecting Motorcyclist

A curious footage has emerged of a long serpent sparking panic after slithering into the middle of the road obstructing the path for incoming motorcyclist. Watch the tense moment when the unsuspecting motorcyclist has a close encounter with a hostile snake, avoiding the snake-attack while managing to keep balance on the bike. The brave man continued his ride as if nothing had happened. Talk about bravery and nonchalant behavior! In this clip, filmed on April 16, 2017 in Lampang, Thailand, a wild snake crossing the road almost bit a motorcyclist. Watch as two motorcyclists are casually strolling down the empty road, enjoying in the picturesque landscape when a wild snake appears out of nowhere and goes full kung-fun on the motorcyclist driving up front! The ignorant man was peacefully driving his bike down the road when he happened to cross paths with a long snake crossing the road in front of him. The moment the snake saw the oncoming motorcyclist it decided to go attack mode by curiously jumping on him out of nowhere! Creepy right! Fortunately, the cool man didn’t lost his mind and was quick to act, so he managed to avoid the serpent attack while well-balancing his weight on the bike. Interestingly, he continued riding down the road as if nothing has happened! How crazy is that! Which bravery do you prefer better, the one of the suicide snake or that of the nonchalant motorcyclist! Let us know in the comments below!

Cute Jack Russell Totally Loses It After Her Owner Mentions Squirrels54s

Cute Jack Russell Totally Loses It After Her Owner Mentions Squirrels

Callie, the energetic terrier, goes absolutely nuts at any mention of squirrels! Watch her totally lose her grip after her owner induces her to an adorable squirrel frenzy! Of course, there were actually no squirrels present, but you get the idea. Most dogs love a good squirrel hunt but chatty Callie gets worked up by just hearing her owner mention them! It should come to no surprise, as Shorty JRTs have been bred for the sole purpose of hunting small game, like foxes and badgers. The are just a bonus! But do not worry, no animal is harmed in the filming of this video. Actually, no other animal was even present at the time of shooting. Although tiny, Jack Russell Terrier dogs can be a real challenge to raise, especially if you are a busy working person. They need excessive amounts of exercise and they have the instinctive need to dig and chew everything in sight! If you are not the kind of person that could take on a puppy like the Shorty JRT, then you might want to consider a cat instead. Nevertheless, this dog breed is very popular and makes a great companion to lots of people that have the time (and energy), and is also great with kids. Plus, they look beyond adorable and are easy learners, which means that they can quickly pick up any trick you teach them.

Dad Opens Christmas Gift To Find His Long-Lost Daughter 3m21s

Dad Opens Christmas Gift To Find His Long-Lost Daughter

An emotional dad gets all choked up when he opens his Christmas gift and finds his long-lost daughter hiding in the box. It is sad to hear that Terra and her father haven't had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together for the past 25 years due to various reasons, mostly because they are living on opposite sides of the country. Terra hasn't been able to spend Christmas with her daddy since she was only four years old and it was time to change that! She thought it would be a great idea to hide into a box and set a big surprise for her father, making up for lost time, and she was right! Her dad thinks that she's back in her city on Christmas Eve, and he has no idea what's in the box. Terra's uncle is explaining that this special gift is both Christmas and 60th birthday present for her dad. The old man doesn’t have a clue what’s about to happen and is left for words when he finally opens the box! How’s that for a surprise? In a heartwarming family reunion, this father presents the most adorable reaction after he opens his early Christmas and birthday present! Watch as he opens up the “present,” having no idea that his holiday is about to get a thousand times better. With the holiday season just around the corner, gifts are the one thing on everyone’s mind. Finding the right gift for each person can be a very difficult task, but when it came to picking out something for her dad, Terra knew exactly what to do. He could have never guessed what’s hiding in that box! What a precious moment! The moment Terra emerged from the box, she hugged her father, who stared at her in disbelief. The two locked in a long embrace while the rest of the family clapped. This girl gave her dad the best Christmas surprise ever. It is heartwarming to see someone go to so much trouble to make their father’s Christmas extra special!

Twin Girls Have The Most Hilarious Reaction When They Realize They Are Identical 4m25s

Twin Girls Have The Most Hilarious Reaction When They Realize They Are Identical

These little girls are adorable! They are identical twins and are starting to learn what that means. They both look like each other! When they are asked what the word twins means, Alexis says it means adorable, so funny! Almost Alexis, but not quite! They know they have the same birthday and as they look at each other, they are realizing they have the same physical features on their face, so cute! These little girls are hilarious, they continue to look each other taking in everything about the other twins face, so precious! Alexis starts to have a meltdown when she learns Ava is one minute older. Poor girl, she is sad because she thinks her sister Ava is bigger than she is, don't worry Alexis, you are growing just like your sister. It is so sweet when Ava tells her to stop crying and gives her a big hug comforting her, they love each other so much! It's not over yet, a few moments later, Ava starts to cry because she finds out her sister is a half inch bigger than her, she doesn't think she is growing. Now it is her sisters turn to give her a big hug. These little girls share such a special bond! What a great video! Do you have any funny twin stories? Let us know in the comment section down below!

She spent 12 years in a cage at the puppy mill, but watch when her rescuers show up 9m38s

She spent 12 years in a cage at the puppy mill, but watch when her rescuers show up

This is the story of an elderly Chihuahua dog that went through so much and was still able to live a beautiful life, despite the horrendous challenges she had to face. Be sure to have a box of tissues on hand! Everyone, meet Bella. She was 12 years old when she was discovered in a puppy mill in Portugal, locked up in a cage without ever seeing sunlight. When Bianca Associado found her, she was in terrible shape. Sick beyond compare, with a glaucoma in her left eye, ingrown nails and was chock full with parasites. She was so malnourished, her muscles were wear and she couldn’t walk. Rescuers took the unfortunate puppy for treatment and she was soon adopted in the Netherlands, with Irene. While with her forever owners, she underwent a multitude of surgeries - her teeth were removed because they were rotten and falling out, she received injections for the parasites that were roaming her body and her muddy eye was taken out, because it put a lot of pressure in her head. She barely woke up from the anesthesia but she fought through it. Bella spent additional four peaceful years before encountering another problem in her old age. Glaucoma had taken her other eye as well, causing pressure to build up, so they had that removed as well. Bella was left completely blind at 16 years of age, but that did not stop her from enjoying what life she had left. “Not only with eyes can you see beauty” https://www.facebook.com/LittleBelleDog www.littlebelle.org Music: - You raise me up - Josh Groban - Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Customs hear small cries for help from plastic bags — make horrible discovery in man’s basement 1m22s

Customs hear small cries for help from plastic bags — make horrible discovery in man’s basement

Pangolins are the world's most trafficked mammal, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and are targeted for their meat and for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Poached pangolins, also known as ‘scaly anteaters’, have unfortunate fate and have been hunted from the wild, upholding a thriving trade primarily in China and Vietnam, that continues to supply chefs with the animal’s meat. Thirty-two pangolins were found and rescued after a dramatic chase. These animals were found tied up in tight nets and plastic bags, struggling for air and space, with no access to food or water. It took a while to take them out, as they were found covered by their own poop and urine. All of them managed to survive these harrowing conditions and are were brought back to the center alive. When transported some had to share a box, but they all look strong and made it alive. Pangolins have large, protective keratin scales covering their skin, and they are the only known mammals with this feature. They live in hollow trees or burrows, depending on the species. Pangolins are nocturnal, and their diet consists of mainly ants and termites which they capture using their long tongues. Unfortunately, scenes like these are common. In fact, pangolins are the most trafficked mammals in the worldthe most trafficked mammals in the world, with populations rapidly declining due to a growing demand for their meat and scales. The species are the only mammals completely covered in scales, which provides them an effective defense against all their predators except humans. It is estimated that more than one million pangolins have been taken from the wild and illegally traded over the past decade alone.

Expert Train Driver Tackles Bendy Tracks Like A Pro7m23s

Expert Train Driver Tackles Bendy Tracks Like A Pro

What do you do when you’re driving a train and come across tracks that have gone through years of neglect? Go very very slowly. This train engineer conductor is an absolute pro and masters these old tracks in… just about no time at all. The 51-mile-long shortline that runs between the towns of Napoleon and Defiance in Ohio was purchased by Pioneer Rail’s Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railroad Company from Spencer Wendelin’s Maumee & Western Railroad in December 2012. In has been named “the world’s worst maintained railroad", because of the fifty years of deferred maintenance by its various owners. This line was originally built in 1855 by the Toledo and Illinois Railroad, five years before the civil war began. The route follows the Maumee River between New Haven, Indiana and Maumee, Ohio and was built to connect the growing cities of Fort Wayne and Toledo. Known as the 5th District, the railroad was built over the former Great Black Swamp. Scott Taipale, the man who recorded this video, said: “The line was most recently the Maumee and Western Railroad (MAW) before being purchased by Pioneer RailCorp. Maintenance was deferred for decades on this stretch of track. Pioneer has done a great job rehabbing the worst parts but some pockets like this still exist." Credit: Scott Taipale via Storyful

English Bulldog Shares Kisses With Wild Manatee54s

English Bulldog Shares Kisses With Wild Manatee

While Kayaking with his English Bulldog, a Florida man encountered a group of five playful manatees who were keeping them company and swam by their kayak. This English Bulldog named Frapp approached one of the manatees, they scrubbed their noses, kissed and played for a while. So cool! Manatees are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals sometimes known as sea cows. One sea cow took this friendship to the next level and swam around the kayak before mustering up the courage to offer a nose kiss with the dog. It is very interesting to see how this Bulldog is overly excited to see the manatee move in the water, he follows his every move, like he wants to use telepathy to tell him to come to the surface. Luckily, this manatee does read minds and slowly after he takes his head off water and greets the dog. Frapp has an ongoing love affair with manatees and seeks them out daily ever since. Too bad, these two lovebirds are separated by land and sea. Animals have feelings, too, and don't mind the differences when it comes to love at first sight. This, indeed, is a strange friendship to begin with, but as long as they are both happy, they can continue enjoying their adorable encounters and share a smooch or two.

Tourists Pose For The Camera, Are Totally Unprepared For What Happens Seconds Later1m04s

Tourists Pose For The Camera, Are Totally Unprepared For What Happens Seconds Later

If you think that taking pictures with animals and posing in front of them is easy, then think twice. While some animals may be patient and wait for you to make the perfect photos, others just want to have fun and mock with tourists. And if you happen to find yourself in an adventure park, you should expect a little and unforgettable adventure. The jolly elephant makes sure that these friends will always remember the unsuccessful attempt to pose with him in the Sarvar Adventure Park, which is known locally as Sárvári Kalandpark in Hungary. In the clip, the group of friends pose with the tame elephant in the background and that is when the funny moment starts when this cheeky elephant shoves the tourists in the back as they pose for a photo. Being peaceful for a few moments, the gentle giant decides enough is enough and gives them a good push in the back, causing one of the tourists to fall to the ground. This extremely intelligent animal with his long trunk, large and floppy ears, and wide thick legs, undoubtedly has a sense of humor. Everyone sees the witty side and no-one is hurt in the incident. Sarvar is the ideal family destination in and out of the water. The spa complex is family-friendly with additional water slides and pools to keep children entertained for hours. Meanwhile, parents can unwind and absorb the medicinal powers of the water. At the same time, the Adventure Park offers plenty of outdoor activities.

Baby Has Hilarious Reaction To Meeting Mom's Twin Sister1m11s

Baby Has Hilarious Reaction To Meeting Mom's Twin Sister

Meeting family members can be kinda awkward for kids, especially when they are really young. There are all these people who seem to know your name and really want to hug you and kiss you and pinch your cheeks. Why do they do that? But can you imagine what must be going on inside a little kid’s head when they see a stranger that looks exactly like mommy or daddy? How come there are two of them now? Which one is the real one? Something like that happened to 10-month-old Felix, who lives with his mom Christine and his dad, Canadian sergeant Dainius Šileika, in Vilnius, Lithuania. Mom has an identical twin sister named Stephanie, who still lives in Canada and they came to visit her. The two sisters have not seen each other for months before this and it is safe to say that this is the first time Felix meets the aunt that looks like a carbon copy of mom! The two women look exactly alike, except for their hair color, so mom Christine knew her baby boy will have a priceless reaction when he meets his aunt. Dad grabbed his phone and started recording as soon as aunt Stephanie entered the house and the kid did not disappoint! His eyes go wide when he spots a familiar face, but then turns around to see that exact same face, but with different hair. He is happy to see them both, but which one is mom? Why would they give him two moms? This is exactly what we needed to brighten our day! Credit: YouTube/Dainius Sileika via Storyful

Air Force Master Sergeant Returns Home Early To Surprise Entire Family8m22s

Air Force Master Sergeant Returns Home Early To Surprise Entire Family

A US Air Force Sergeant returned home from deployment a week early - and surprised his family in a series of emotional greetings. Sergeant Josh, 33, had been serving in the Middle East for seven months but began hatching the secret plan with his wife Sarah about a month before returning home to Colorado. First, he surprises his eldest son, eight-year-old Jayden, who has Cerebral Palsy, at school with the pair both trying to hold back the tears as they embrace after so long apart. Then, in another suprise Josh waits in a classroom for his two other kids, Kolby, aged five, and Rhilyn, aged three, who run into his arms as soon as they spot their dad. One of the funniest reactions comes from his dad Kameron, who jumps in shock as Josh appears behind him before hilariously screaming ‘YES’ and leaping into Josh’s arms and asking ‘that’s awesome how did you do that?’. In the heart-warming video, Josh also surprises his mom, two brothers, his cousin, cousin’s wife as well as his two dogs Ziegan and Willy - the pooches appearing almost giddy as he steps through the door. This is the emotional moment when a man surprises his entire family with his early-arrival, much to their surprise. The pure happiness and joy expressed on their faces says it all! It must be hard to not be able to see your family for over a year, even though you really want too. We should thank this man for being a good man for his family and for serving his country! You should always show your loved ones how much you care about them. Even by doing small gestures, it can make all the difference. Josh and his family are currently raising money for his son’s Cerebral Palsy treatment. More information can be found here: https://www.gofundme.com/steps-for-Jayden

Watch How This Witty Perp Escapes Police Car Through Garage Doors1m29s

Watch How This Witty Perp Escapes Police Car Through Garage Doors

It sounds like a scene from some satirical or adventure movie, but trust us on this, this is very much real. One very clever and resourceful perp decide to make a final run for it, after being brought to Porter County jail, when the policemen who brought him for booking left the cruiser door AND the garage door wide open. Sounds too good to be true, but we have the CCTV footage to prove it. A 25-year-old Michael Maldonado made the 100-meter-dash from the garage of Porter County jail in Indiana on Monday, March 26, when he noticed that the jail garage door took its sweet, sweet time closing down. Two squad cars arrived in the garage, one holding Maldonado, and park at the door leading to booking. The officers get out of their vehicles and move away, their backs turned on the perp in custody, knowing that he is safe in the locked car. If you take a closer look at the squad on the left, you may notice it shaking and some ruckus going on inside. A moment later, the driver’s side door opens and out comes Maldonado, shoeless and darting for the exit before the automatic door shuts down. It took the policemen a while to process what was happening. By the time they realized it, their perp was out and free, with a pair of glistening handcuffs to boot. The footage has been watched over 30,000 times in just one day, proving that yes, officers of the law are always comedy gold. The following morning, Porter County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Sgt. Jamie Erow confirmed a statement that Maldonado has been found and brought back into custody. Credit to 'Porter County Sheriff's Department'.