TRUE ACCOUNTABILITY: If should any Public Official ('Public Servant'), whether elected (even the President), appointed, or hired into any governmental position have been seen to have violated U.S. Constitutional Law, whether by self or to have conspired outside government through proxy, they should be charged with violating the Supreme Law which is an illegal act. In addition to this, they have also violated their 'Oath of Office' which is also Law and an illegal act. They have broken two critical laws necessary to possess the privilege and authority granted to them by the people in the 'Public Trust', and that person (or persons) needs to be IMMEDIATELY SUSPENDED from that office/position with a temporary replacement pending an investigation. If during the course of the investigation that person should be cleared, they should be immediately restored to that office/position. If they should be referred to prosecution, they should then be accorded due process as required by law. If they should be found innocent and cleared of charges in the course of a trial, they should be restored to that office/position. If they are found guilty for having violated Constitutional Law and the law specifying their oath of Office, then that person should be permanently removed from that office/position and face the appropriate penalties to include fines and incarceration for a specified period of time.

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