Time-lapse of pond building, but the back-hoe tips over into the pond. (Video 1) 2m35s

Time-lapse of pond building, but the back-hoe tips over into the pond. (Video 1)

I decided to try doing a time-lapse video of the little job I was trying to do by enlarging one pond that contains a spring while covering up an older pond that goes dry too often. This great little tractor that we call "Woody" can do an amazing amount of work in a short time. But in this case I should have been paying more attention to what I was doing, because just after I moved the camera to catch more of the digging action rather than the filling in; I went too close to the edge and the bank gave way and poor Woody tipped over sideways into the pond. I was very, very lucky not to be hurt or worse. I was also worried that the tractor would be damaged or badly affected by fluids flowing up into the cylinders where they shouldn't be and possibly causing major engine damage. Diesel engines don't like being upside-down or laying on their side. After I got out through the side window underneath the machine I had to think of what to do quickly. Woody was starting to burn oil...you can see the smoke start just near the end of the clip. I did take a few seconds to reset the camera to real time in order to capture my attempts to get unstuck since the cam was already there. I did loose a few tools in the water. I'll go looking later with a metal detector.

Finally getting Woody my mini-back-hoe out of this hole. 5m48s

Finally getting Woody my mini-back-hoe out of this hole.

What a great little machine, with a not so great operator....or I wouldn't have gotten us into this mess in the first place. After tipping over into the pool (Video 1) and getting Woody, my mini back-hoe upright again (Video 2), we were still somewhat stuck. With lots of fiddling and jigging and not being able to push myself out with the hoe I managed to get turned around and make a bit of a ramp so I could use the hoe to pull out of the hole backwards. Oce we were out I parked Woody and let him rest for 24 hours just to make sure any fluids that had gotten up where they weren't supposed to would have a chance to drain back down into the crank case etc. He needed a bit of oil the following day, but after a good re-greasing and fluids check and replenish, all was well and Woody is back at it again today. More carefully though.

Backhoe flipped into a pond. Here's how I got it upright 15m00s

Backhoe flipped into a pond. Here's how I got it upright

I was creating a pool near a spring beside our house when I misjudged the bank and slide sideways and tipped over into the pool. Diesel engines don't like being on their sides or upside-down because the oil or other fluids flow up into the cylinders so not knowing what else to do I increased the throttle hoping the oil wouldn't stall it out before I could figure out what I should do. I had the camera set up previously to take a time-lapse video of the pond being made, so I can eventually put that up as well, showing the tip-over at the end...in fast motion. I decided to try to get out myself thinking that if I called for help maybe too much damage would be done with the machine on it's side in the water and I was worried about oil spillage as well if left too long. At one point I had to hop out to retrieve my glasses case which was floating in the pool. I hd my prescription sunglasses on, but the sun was going down and my dark glesses were making it difficult to see what I was doing. Thank goodness I spotted my regular glasses floating near the bucket along with a few other things that fell out when I tipped over. I'm sure my many mistakes will be pointed out, please go ahead so I can learn. I'm fairly new to using one of these machines with only about 300 hours experience ...mostly just moving manure around or putting in fence-posts. This was a challenge I wasn't sure I could manage, but somehow did. The camera reset before I got out of the pool, but the part of how I got out is shown in video number Three

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Relaxing on the hill pasture with my critters 56s

Relaxing on the hill pasture with my critters

I took a break from digging a waterline today to just sit and spend some time with some of the animals in the pasture. There's nothing more relaxing than hanging out with the cattle when they're having a break too. Maple's just always with me, so she gets in a lot videos.

Peggy the Highland Heifer sips the last few drops 1m09s

Peggy the Highland Heifer sips the last few drops

A beautiful early Summer day in the pasture and Peggy the little Highland heifer wants some of that freshly converted grass. She already had huge drink, but now she tries to get the last slurps out of each quarter until after the next nap.

Lochie wants the couch and Wynter keeps it from him 1m23s

Lochie wants the couch and Wynter keeps it from him

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs spend time with us in the house as well as protecting our sheep and other animals in the barnyard, pastures and woodlot. Wynter is very much top dog, but Lochie tries his luck to get the comfy spot with playful coaxing. Wynter doesn't buy it for a second. In the foreground Greyson gently tries to get his old grandmother Phoebe to join in the play.

Guard dogs and hay play 4m35s

Guard dogs and hay play

Sometimes when I put hay out in the morning the dogs pick a pile and have fun with it. Wynter seems to have found something interesting that she's trying to keep from the others. The sheep don't really care but Greyson worries they might get too close.

Wynter tells Lochie to "knock it off" , then they "shake it off". 1m22s

Wynter tells Lochie to "knock it off" , then they "shake it off".

Wynter and Lochie love to play fight like this all the time, with Wynter demonstrating here signature "Wynter-roll" 3 times in this clip. But Lochie started getting a little too pushy or rough and Wynter had to sort him out by letting him know she'd the boss of him, not the other way around. After she shows him that all is welll and they both shake off their tension to help relax into the play mood, but this time Lochie will be a bit more careful.

Livestock Guardian Dogs on lookout duty 13s

Livestock Guardian Dogs on lookout duty

These dogs like to find a high spot where they can check the farm for potential threats. Here, Wynter and Greyson are using the top of a frozen manure pile to survey their territory. Their mother, Maple just stays closer to me as usual.

Newborn calf gets dried off by her Mom 43s

Newborn calf gets dried off by her Mom

Meet Holly. She was born about a minute before this video was made and now her mother, Bonnie is drying her off with vigorous licking which also helps stimulate Holly to get her muscles working to get up and get a drink of milk. Bonnie is our family milk cow and is half Scottish Highland and half Jersey. She's a very good milker and with the Highland mix is like a 4x4, Winterized milk cow and much more tolerant of our Cape Breton weather than a regular Jersey Cow. That makes Holly a 3/4 Highland and 1/4 Jersey, and we'll probably keep her as a back-up milk cow.

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Mother Livestock Guardian Dog lovingly nibbles her 4 year old daughter 1m01s

Mother Livestock Guardian Dog lovingly nibbles her 4 year old daughter

Maple loves her puppies forever. She is now 10 years old and has had 2 litters of puppies; and 4 year old Wynter is one of her daughters that we kept as a working sheep guardian along with her brother Greyson. Mother dogs often do this love nibbling/grooming behavior with their young puppies, but Maple continues to do it into her puppies' adulthood. Wynter has no complaints and will often lie down in front of Maple and roll onto her back to get attention like this.

She takes a licking and keeps on kicking36s

She takes a licking and keeps on kicking

Half Highland, half Jersy, Winterized 4x4 milk cow Bonnie gets her new little one (Holly) going with a thorough strong licking. Not only does it help to dry her off, but it helps to stimulate her muscles to get up and get some of that very important colostrum/first milk.

Bull uses backhoe as back scratcher 59s

Bull uses backhoe as back scratcher

Our Scottish Highland bull, Rory, loves it when I put the back-hoe bucket in a good position for him. This time of year the cattle are shedding their Winter coats and they feel a bit itchy until all that loose hair is replaced by their shiny Summer coat.

Playful Calf Gets Ecstatic Over Very First Snow Experience54s

Playful Calf Gets Ecstatic Over Very First Snow Experience

There’s something about a snow day that warms up our hearts. Watching this playful calf having a blast in the snow has brightened our day! Watch as Holly, the one-week-old Scottish Highland and Jersey Cross Heifer, experiences her first outdoor adventure and gets the perfect chance to test them legs out while running in the snow! Footage shows the cheeky animal, blissfully running around in the deep snow, having an absolute blast throughout the white blanket cover. It is adorable to witness how happy this calf is to be frolicking in the snow , resembling a kid that has just been let out of school. Hilarious! This heartwarming clip shows the purest expression of joy we have ever seen of a young animal playing in the snow. Turns out animals are having a blast when white blanket covers the ground, too. Watch how ecstatic she gets, playing in the snowflaky goodness! Watch as the happy calf plays in the white cover, tumbling and rolling in the deep snow, utterly enjoying the snow, running on the white fluffy blanket. Adorable! We have never seen something like this before! The calf is jumping for joy and running around with excitement! This is the first time this young animal experiences snow and her reaction is absolutely priceless! Watching this adorable footage of a calf thoroughly enjoying her snow-covered habitat has definitely made our day! While seeing it for the first time and introducing themselves with the white glitter, animals can go completely nuts over it! That is the case with this young calf in this heartwarming video as she decides to get a full-blown snow experience ! Adorable!

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Greeted by lambs and a guard dog 46s

Greeted by lambs and a guard dog

My daughter was looking after the barn for me this morning. These are two lambs that have to be fed by bottle, so they are very happy to see her. Maple, a Livestock Guardian Dog checks in on the fun too.

Dogs and lambs in the sunny morning office 1m07s

Dogs and lambs in the sunny morning office

Three of the sheep guardian dogs are playing inside. Another dog just passes through but checked by one of the guards. A hand fed lamb seems to think he can take part, but one of the dogs says no, this is dog play.

Curious Ram Joins In On Playtime With Guard Dogs1m02s

Curious Ram Joins In On Playtime With Guard Dogs

There’s a very curious and brave ram that resides in Nova Scotia, Canada. Nova Scotia is a small province off the coast of Atlantic Canada that is home to one of the most interesting rams out there. You see, there is something very special about this ram. This fluffy sheep with long fur and split hooves has a desire unlike any other: just to be one of the dogs. So, with that in mind, when he spots a group of guard dogs, he cannot help but walk up and try to ease his way into the ‘conversation, making attempts just to fit in. And by that, we mean playtime. It is funny that in the animal kingdom we have seen some very interesting interspecies animal friendships before, we have seen a lot of unlikely best friend pairings: like a monkey and a lion cub or a dolphin and a seal but this has got to be one of the cutest! Well, these animals are connected, nonetheless. The reaction that follows by the three pups as they invite their furry friend in is classic animal love. This unusual interaction is adorable. At first, the <a href=" https://rumble.com/v3w0bz-ram-steals-food-from-family.html " target="_blank">ram</a> is standing on the outside, getting ready to approach the dogs by making some marks with the hooves in the snow. Then, he steadily advances towards one of the dogs and wait for its reaction. When he realizes that he can have some fun with the dog, he does not want to spare a second anymore and goes closer to it. The dog gets to know his ram friend by sniffing his fur and only when there are no imposing threats on either side, the hopping game may start. And with a jump they move forwards and backwards, the <a href=" https://rumble.com/v4cb13-dog-says-im-sorry.html ” target="_blank">dog</a> extending its legs like it wants to say hi. With one final playful bite, the game is over. Filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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