Backhoe flipped into a pond. Here's how I got it upright

Published September 17, 2018 14 Plays $0.02 earned

Rumble I was creating a pool near a spring beside our house when I misjudged the bank and slide sideways and tipped over into the pool. Diesel engines don't like being on their sides or upside-down because the oil or other fluids flow up into the cylinders so not knowing what else to do I increased the throttle hoping the oil wouldn't stall it out before I could figure out what I should do. I had the camera set up previously to take a time-lapse video of the pond being made, so I can eventually put that up as well, showing the tip-over at the fast motion. I decided to try to get out myself thinking that if I called for help maybe too much damage would be done with the machine on it's side in the water and I was worried about oil spillage as well if left too long. At one point I had to hop out to retrieve my glasses case which was floating in the pool. I hd my prescription sunglasses on, but the sun was going down and my dark glesses were making it difficult to see what I was doing. Thank goodness I spotted my regular glasses floating near the bucket along with a few other things that fell out when I tipped over. I'm sure my many mistakes will be pointed out, please go ahead so I can learn. I'm fairly new to using one of these machines with only about 300 hours experience ...mostly just moving manure around or putting in fence-posts. This was a challenge I wasn't sure I could manage, but somehow did. The camera reset before I got out of the pool, but the part of how I got out is shown in video number Three