Time-lapse of pond building, but the back-hoe tips over into the pond. (Video 1)

Published September 18, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble I decided to try doing a time-lapse video of the little job I was trying to do by enlarging one pond that contains a spring while covering up an older pond that goes dry too often. This great little tractor that we call "Woody" can do an amazing amount of work in a short time. But in this case I should have been paying more attention to what I was doing, because just after I moved the camera to catch more of the digging action rather than the filling in; I went too close to the edge and the bank gave way and poor Woody tipped over sideways into the pond. I was very, very lucky not to be hurt or worse. I was also worried that the tractor would be damaged or badly affected by fluids flowing up into the cylinders where they shouldn't be and possibly causing major engine damage. Diesel engines don't like being upside-down or laying on their side. After I got out through the side window underneath the machine I had to think of what to do quickly. Woody was starting to burn oil...you can see the smoke start just near the end of the clip. I did take a few seconds to reset the camera to real time in order to capture my attempts to get unstuck since the cam was already there. I did loose a few tools in the water. I'll go looking later with a metal detector.