Excited Puppy Plays With Herd Of Wild Deer1m04s

Excited Puppy Plays With Herd Of Wild Deer

Deer are known as being one of, if not the most timid creatures on the face of this planet. If you ever wanted to approach one in the wild, somewhere in a forest or on a plain, the animal would run off, never to be seen again. They trust practically no one, since they have so many predators out there. However, in recent years, there have been accounts where wild deer would actually approach a human and stay long enough for at least one photo, if not an entire video. We know of one instance when a wild deer actually befriended a deer hunter , no less! When Brian Powers went out hunting near Wausau, Wisconsin, he noticed a deer by a creek in the distance. But instead of running, the docile creature did something otherwise unimaginable - he approached the hunter and insisted on some head scratches! Another interesting part about this fellow is that he had an orange scarf around his neck, probably put there to deter hunters from shooting the friendly creature. Both hunters and hikers often wear the color orange to warn other hunters that they are not animals, so as to prevent accidentally getting shot. Brian says that the two chilled together for some 10 minutes before the stag eventually walked away. But then, Brian saw the same deer in the afternoon, and again he walked right up for some more scratches. Powers has been hunting for 42 years, and claims he has never seen anything like this. However, another hunter in Wisconsin had a very similar experience earlier this year, though this deer appeared to be younger and the two locations were over 2 hours driving distance apart. “This deer lives in the wild but is friendly toward humans and someone was smart enough to put the orange scarf around his neck to try to protect him,” said Brian. You just never know where you'll meet a deer friend of yours. Just like when this young dog encountered a herd of wild female deer cross his backyard and decided now is the best time to make new friends. Kathy Olson noticed her 3-month-old Australian cattle dog named Cooper get super close and friendly with a group of four female deer in her backyard in the village of Crivitz, Wisconsin. Whether it was the pup’s duire need for some animal companionship or his herding instinct kicked in, we can not know. What we do know is that Cooper seems to be having the time of his short life, jumping and running around on the grass, while the does look at him like something is wrong with this fella. Cooper is being super chivalrous about this whole thing, enticing the does to play as if they were of his own kind. The females might have sensed his friendly nature and did not move away, but they did not stay for a game of tug of war either. They move slowly in their desired direction, while the dog keeps jumping about, as if he hopes they might change their minds. So sweet!

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Adorable dog is guilty of making a mess 12s

Adorable dog is guilty of making a mess

Rigby is a 5 year old Chihuahua beagle mix that was rescued from a shelter. He has separation anxiety when we leave the house. When we come home, we usually find a mess in the bedroom from the garbage being tipped over and spread all over the floor. He never gets in trouble for it, we just pick it up and laugh at how guilty he acts every time! He always lays in his back and shakes his leg. In this video we were only gone for about an hour and my son went in bedroom to video the mess and his reaction. He's just so cute!!

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Gramma tries an inversion table and gets stuck 1m32s

Gramma tries an inversion table and gets stuck

This 72 year old gramma, my mother, bought a new inversion table to stretch out her back after she was in a car accident. We took about an hour to get it together, which was comical to begin with. We discussed how great this was going to be for our backs and to strengthen our cores. Once it was all together, I got on and tried it first, it was scary and awkward to start, but not so bad after getting used to it. Well, then Gramma decided to give it a try, with nervous excitement. I was trying to coach her all along, but could not put down my phone and just kept on laughing right with her. When she went back and upside down and then couldn't get back up, the tears were flowing from all of us laughing. She was asking her grandson to come help her up, so he did. All the while, her daughter, ME, was videoing it, laughing and giving instructions. We ended making some adjustments on it and she can go on it now without any problems.Hilarious!

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Sweet Parrot Sucking His Thumb While Getting Snuggles 10s

Sweet Parrot Sucking His Thumb While Getting Snuggles

I am relaxing in the chair when my caique parrot, Loki, comes and starts snuggling and wanting to be scratched. I started to video and he was also scratching his own head and had a toe in his beak, which made it look like he was sucking a thumb.

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