Smart Aussie sticks tongue out at owner for hilarious game32s

Smart Aussie sticks tongue out at owner for hilarious game

This smart Aussie really knows how to have a good time! When it comes to playing games, she is all in. Her owner taught her how to play "catch the tongue" and it is now one of her favorite games to play! When her owner asks her if she wants to play, you can immediately see the smile on her face and the light in her eyes. It is game on and she knows exactly what to do. When her human holds out his hand and a pinching position, she brings her head closer and slowly starts to stick out her tongue. When he reaches to grab her tongue, she quickly brings it back into her mouth and a huge smile erupts on her face! We have never seen a dog smile so much when playing a game! This thirteen year old Australian Shepherd is no stranger to games. She plays many others like Simon Says, Got Your Nose, and Hide and Seek. She is always up for a game, and the Catch The Tongue seems to be her favorite based on the huge smile on her face. Every time he gets close to catching her tongue, she wrinkles it up and slides it back in. This goes on over and over until she has finally had enough of the game, and give him a small nibble on the hand and walks away. It is better to walk away undefeated since he never did get his hands on the tongue! Australian Shepherds are herding dogs and need to have a job to do by nature or they will get bored and mischievous. This Aussie is long retired, but still requires mental stimulation. This is where the games come in. Her owner has taught her how to use various parts of her body in order to play games. Her smile is contagious as you can see, and it is obvious how much she enjoys spending time with her owner and playing silly games to keep her brain young!

Bossy Aussie throws temper tantrum for attention1m35s

Bossy Aussie throws temper tantrum for attention

We all have that friend that is bossy all the time and always needs the attention to be on them, but have you ever seen those qualities in a dog? This thirteen year old Australian Shepherd is one bossy girl, and she sure is demanding! When her owner doesn't pay attention to her, her personality turned to pure boss as she whines, paws and barks over and over until she gets some attention. Even her eyes have this look like "pay attention to me now or else!" and we cannot be sure she is exaggerating! We have never seen such an act for attention, especially from a dog. She doesn't seem like she has any plans of taking no for an answer! This bossy attitude goes on and on until you hear someone say...."just pet her already" and her owner finally puts his hand out to scratch behind the canine's ear! But the moment he stops, the shenanigans start all over again with the crying and yapping! This seems to be a never ending hissy fit! Australian Shepherds are known to be string headed and bossy by nature, but this is just going too far! Her temper tantrums are hilarious to watch, but we wonder what her owners actually think about it. It would be like having another kid in the house whining and complaining about everything! Her age might have something to do with her bossy personality! At the old dog age of thirteen, she may feel that she deserves attention at all time. Or maybe she is just loosing her eye sight and needs her owner to pet her so she knows where he is. Either way, her temper tantrum is hilarious, and we are happy that her owner finally gave in to give her the loving that she deserves!

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Super stubborn dog shakes head 51s

Super stubborn dog shakes head "NO" when told to eat

Is it possible that this Australian Shepherd is so smart and so stubborn that she has actually learned how to shake her head "no" when told to eat her food? It really does seem that way in this video! You can hear her owner ask her over and over to eat her dinner, but with each plea, she shakes her head and just looks up with stubborn blue eyes. We have never seen such a defiant dog as this thirteen year old Aussie! Most dogs come running through the house when they hear the food bag open, with their tails wagging, drooling as they run, but not this pooch. She literally and very hilariously shakes her head "no" over and over every time her owner tells her to eat. She even goes as far as stomping her little furry feet and talking back in doggy language. You cannot help but just laugh at her stubbornness. She acts so much like a child that it is actually impressive. We have all seen a child refuse to eat their dinner. They act just like this dog, shaking their head and whining. Australian Shepherds are known to be an extremely intelligent, hard working, and versatile breed of dog. They have very big and very stubborn personalities! They are a "no-nonsense" dog who make great pets in a home where their smarts and energy are put to good use. Keeping them entertained and exercised is key to owning a dog like this Australian Shepherd. They will learn how to make their own games and challenge their owners at all times. We wonder if this Australian Shepherd is this stubborn all the time and not just at the dinner table? Can you imagine owning a dog that actually knows how to say "no" when told to do something that they don't want to do. It would be just like having another child in the house.

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Hungry dog demands dinner with epic dance moves46s

Hungry dog demands dinner with epic dance moves

We all do strange things when we are hungry and dogs can be no different. When this Australian Shepherd hears the food hitting the dish, she knows what time it is and starts putting on the moves! Watch as this pretty girl gets so excited for dinner time that she starts dancing up a storm, demanding her food be put in front of her! We would have liked to see more of her dancing, but she just looked to hungry to let it go!

Exhausted dog is too tired to even yawn37s

Exhausted dog is too tired to even yawn

Have you ever been so tired that you don’t even have the energy to yawn? This thirteen year old Australian Shepherd is so beyond exhausted that she can’t even muster up a yawn, although she just keeps on trying! Watch as this exhausted dog struggles to keep her eyes open, weaving her head and opening and closing her mouth as she tries so hard to get a yawn out! She gets there in the end, but the process is hilarious to watch!

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Clever pup plays Simon Says like a pro!43s

Clever pup plays Simon Says like a pro!

We have all seen children play Simon Says, but have you ever seen a dog play it? Watch this brilliant Australian Shepherd play the game like a pro! When her owner says "Simon says raise your hand" she flawlessly lifts her paw in the air. When her owner says "Simon says lay down", she obediently lays down. But when her owner fails to say "Simon Says" she cannot be fooled! What a brilliant pooch! Maybe next her owner can teach her how to play chess!

Border Collie freaks out when man 25s

Border Collie freaks out when man "steals her nose"

What started with a little joke ended up in a hilarious online video. When this man pretends to steal his Australian Shepherds nose, he was just being funny, but to his surprise, she took him seriously. Whether she really understood what he was saying or just knew the tone of his voice, it looks and sounds like she truly believes that he stole her nose. She becomes bossy and starts vocally demanding he return it. Dogs can often be extremely intelligent beings, maybe more then we even realize. This dogs owner is now questioning just how much she really understands!

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Whiny dog clearly says "NO" to singing 52s

Whiny dog clearly says "NO" to singing

It is normal for a child to whine and say no when asked to do something, but have you ever seen a dog do it? Watch this Australian Shepherd hilariously answer her owner when he asks her to sing. Her whiny voice clearly says "NO" with every attempt and it is the funniest thing ever! Over and over he pleads with her to just sing and even shows her how, but he keeps getting the same response..."NO!"

Disgruntled Dog Has To Sing A Song To Start The Day59s

Disgruntled Dog Has To Sing A Song To Start The Day

What kind of a person would someone have to be to say “I’m a morning person”? We personally say that nope, no one is really a morning type of person. First of all, we can barely remember our names when we open our eyes in the morning, especially if it is a work day and we have go get up bright and early. And we are never bright! In fact, we are certain that those who say “oh, I am a morning person” just say it so that they would look good in people’s eyes and be admired. Not to mention making us, poor sleepy sobs, look bad, very bad! Mya the Australian Shepherd knows just how we feel about morning. She, too, is really not a morning dog and tends to wake up on the wrong side of the couch every morning. To try and get her up and at it, her owner asks her to sing the morning song to try and help lift her spirits! At first, the sweet pooch grunt at her owner’s attempts to wake her up, grunting and growling on the comfy couch. She even pounds her paw on the cushion, trying to get her owner to let her sleep in just a bit further. But seeing how the human doesn’t give up, Mya lets her voice soar, howling her bittersweet melody about cushions soft and slumber lost. It’s a sad love story, really.

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Dog Has  Strange Reaction When He Sees Food In Metal Bowl1m06s

Dog Has Strange Reaction When He Sees Food In Metal Bowl

Let’s face it: sometimes dogs can act quite weird and some of the oddest behavior happen around the food bowel. Some dogs are scared of the food bowel, others will move the food bowl around and some others will nitpick a mouthful of kibble and then eat it off the floor. Mya the 12 year old Australian Shepherd has always been a little strange. As she gets older, her quirks seem to get stranger and stranger. Although dinner time has always been her favorite time of the day, she has started to no longer trust her food dish. There is nothing unusual about the food or the dish. It is the same routine as every night. Her owner looks into the dish to make sure there is nothing wrong with it, but it is the same as always. Mya barks and stomps her feet as if to say "I won't eat that", but once the food is spilled out onto the floor, she gobbles it up like it is the last food on earth. There are countless dogs scared of the metal bowl and Mya is one of them. She doesn’t like the fact that it moves and it is a lot noisier compared to the plastic ones. So she backs away from the food when she moves it upon eating. With the food on the floor, “my dog won’t eat” will becomes a thing of the past! Australian Shepherds can get very peculiar in nature, but this is just going too far! Watch as she has a has the strangest reaction when dinner is served.

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Dog On Diet Throws Epic Temper Tantrum When Denied Cookies57s

Dog On Diet Throws Epic Temper Tantrum When Denied Cookies

A hilarious video has emerged showing a large Australian Shepherd dog named Mya refusing to be on a diet and impulsively begging owner to serve her with treats, which she obviously loves. Watch how this spoiled pooch protests during dinner and throws angry temper tantrum at his owner! Mya the Australian Shepherd has been on a diet for a month now and has been doing very well. But when this 12-year-old dog is told she cannot have any more treats, she has a temper tantrum that is so overly dramatic, she could have won an oscar! She wants the treats and just hearing the word "NO" sets her off into a complete hilarious meltdown, losing it on her owner when she doesn't get her way! Footage shows the stubborn dog refusing to quit sugar and demanding them cookies. Apparently, owner put his dog on a diet for eating too many treats, so now she is not allowed to have cookies. Watch the epic temper tantrum this dog throws at owner after being denied sweets. Mya is on a doggie diet and she is not allowed to eat them treats, however she has a hard time coming to terms with the diet and persistently begs owner to stop her diet! Watch as she throws some nasty temper tantrum at the owner, complaining about the diet. It is funny to try and translate her discontent in the words of “Give me some sugar baby! Just a tiny bite of them cookies! I am not chubby, why you put me on diet?” This dog has some serious temper and refuses to eat healthy! She puts some impressive temper, jumping and barking at owner. She is so frustrated that she continuously whines about this stupid diet! Owner offers Mya an apple but she is not satisfied and wants them cookies ! The pooch is obviously upset and starts barking and growling at his owner, refusing to obey. He has a sweet tooth but owner doesn’t understand that! Watching this canine protesting over dinner, whining about her diet, shows that Australian Shepherd can be very spoiled and picky about their eats! Mya continues to whine and bark in protest and completely ignores her owner’s command!

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Dog Gets Hysterical When Owner Tries To Steal Her Tongue1m15s

Dog Gets Hysterical When Owner Tries To Steal Her Tongue

It all started with a big yawn and ended with a hysterical melt down! When Mya the Australian Shepherd stuck her tongue out while yawning, her owner jokingly threatened to steal it. It was all fun and games until Mya's eyes opened wide, her chin started to shake and she started crying in fear that her owner was really going to pull her tongue right out of her mouth! Messing around with Mya is a tough thing to do. She takes things to heart more seriously than you might think. Well, threatening to pluck her tongue out of her mouth, sounds threatening as hell. Who wouldn’t be afraid? At first, the dog has a naive and astonished look in her eyes asking herself what the owner has in her mind until she realizes that it has to do something with the way she yawned and how much she extended his tongue. So, when she realized what is her owner talking about, she starts acting funny. Mya gets the funniest hysterical tantrum in the world of dogs and she can’t stop doing that scared face. She doesn’t find the sound of “I’m gonna get it” very appealing to her ears and she can’t stop shaking her lower jaw. Mya looks like she is freezing cold but she is actually somewhere between afraid and angry. She wants to find a way to defend herself from the demanding hands of her owner, but she somehow couldn’t manage it. And what is that disconnected barking all about? Is it a warning or a cry for help? Is it her pleading way to tell her to stop all at once? We can’t really know that, nevertheless, Mya’s reaction is hilarious. When she sees that her owner is nowhere near to cut off saying “Give me that tongue”, Mya seeks help from her other owner by turning to him with her sad face. Her cry for help changes into a long high-pitched howl as she starts being fidgety and restless in his owner’s lap. It is obvious that her female owner would not stop demanding for her tongue, so Mya even tries defending herself with her paws. She will do everything in her power just to save herself. Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent, loyal, and thrive on human companionship. They are at their best when they are engaged in interaction with a person, whether it be walking, running, or fetching, and are the perfect companion for an active family. As long as they are given enough activity and stimulation, they are sweet and loving dogs. Since they require an active lifestyle, they will want to join in everything and anything that is going on around them. When Aussies don’t get enough exercise or don’t have a job to do, they will become bored, which causes them to become destructive and loud. Their high intelligence will often push them toward creating their own activities and jobs. Don’t ever underestimate them, because they can often outsmart you. They are not overly stubborn or spiteful, but can become that way if you don’t give them enough attention or if they get bored.

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Guilty Dog Destroys Couch, Tries To Hide It From Owner1m10s

Guilty Dog Destroys Couch, Tries To Hide It From Owner

After this naughty dog had a lot of fun ripping apart the basement couch when her owner was away, Mya the 12 year old Australian Shepherd tries to hide the massive hole that she chewed by sprawling out over top of it. She uses all of her sixty pounds to try and cover the big hole in the couch, but the stuffing leaking out and spreading onto the floor is a dead giveaway, and so is the guilty and ashamed look on Mya's face. When her owner comes home from work and goes to find Mya in the basement where she likes to sleep during the day, she finds stuffing all over the floor and a hole underneath where Mya is lying. With shifty eyes, this Australian Shepherd tries to hide her mess so she doesn't get in trouble. She worked so hard to stay out of trouble by covering the hole, it is hard for her owner not to be mad. Especially with those big blue eyes and sad look. She even tries to shoo her owner away so they don't look. When she finally gets off the couch, she won't even look her owner in the eye. She has been caught and she knows it. Luckily for her, it was an old couch that was scheduled to be brought out to the dump the next week. Mya is now being trained to chew her bone when she wants to eat something, and not the furniture. Like most Australian Shepherds, Mya is a very strong willed dog with lots of personality. On a regular day, she enjoys laying on the basement couch watching cartoons while her owner is at work. She rarely gets herself into trouble, but when she does, she always has a funny was of reacting to it. Her big blue eyes resemble human eyes, showing her emotions and letting her owner know exactly how she feels.

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Bratty Dog Stomps Feet When Told She Can't Go Outside1m27s

Bratty Dog Stomps Feet When Told She Can't Go Outside

After being brought inside for barking at the neighbor's cat, this Australian Shepherd has a complete meltdown because she cannot go back outside to play. Just like a small child, she is caught on video stomping her paws constantly, barking and trying to stare down her opponent in order to make her open the door. Mya is a 12 year old stubborn and strong willed Australian Shepherd that is used to having things go her way. She is often caught having temper tantrums, whether it is at the door after she is brought inside for barking, trying to manipulate her owners into feeding her early or freaking out on the cat for drinking out of her water dish. She loves the sound of her own voice and is known for the stomping of her feet when she doesn’t get her own way! She is a high maintenance girl, but worth every minute when she curls up on the couch for some doggie cuddle time. Mya spends a lot of her time outside during the day as that is where she loves to be most, watching the people walk by and chasing leaves in the driveway! Unfortunately, she has a tendency to bark at the mailman, other dogs and more than anything, the neighbor’s cat! Although many training methods have been tried, the only real way to correct the barking is by bringing her back inside. Just like Mya, most Australian Shepherd dogs are hard headed, but extremely intelligent and easy to train. They are also very vocal and like to have a lot to say. “Aussies" as they are nicknamed are a sensitive breed and then you bring that emotional aspect together with a tendency to bark and howl; you get a dog that loves to talk back and express herself.

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Stubborn dog refuses to eat dinner1m00s

Stubborn dog refuses to eat dinner

This 12 year old Australian Shepherd refuses to eat her dinner. She acts like a child at the dinner table, shaking her head "no", whining and stomping her feet!

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This dog makes the funniest noises in the car21s

This dog makes the funniest noises in the car

The minute the car started moving, this 12 year old Australian Shepard started going crazy! Passers by we're looking in the car window to see what all of the noise was about! We do not know if she gets excited, scared or anxious, but she shakes, whines and makes the funniest noises every time the car moves!