Bossy Aussie throws temper tantrum for attention

Published September 17, 2018 24,635 Views $13.53 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe all have that friend that is bossy all the time and always needs the attention to be on them, but have you ever seen those qualities in a dog? This thirteen year old Australian Shepherd is one bossy girl, and she sure is demanding!

When her owner doesn't pay attention to her, her personality turned to pure boss as she whines, paws and barks over and over until she gets some attention. Even her eyes have this look like "pay attention to me now or else!" and we cannot be sure she is exaggerating!

We have never seen such an act for attention, especially from a dog. She doesn't seem like she has any plans of taking no for an answer! This bossy attitude goes on and on until you hear someone say...."just pet her already" and her owner finally puts his hand out to scratch behind the canine's ear! But the moment he stops, the shenanigans start all over again with the crying and yapping! This seems to be a never ending hissy fit!

Australian Shepherds are known to be string headed and bossy by nature, but this is just going too far! Her temper tantrums are hilarious to watch, but we wonder what her owners actually think about it. It would be like having another kid in the house whining and complaining about everything!

Her age might have something to do with her bossy personality! At the old dog age of thirteen, she may feel that she deserves attention at all time. Or maybe she is just loosing her eye sight and needs her owner to pet her so she knows where he is.

Either way, her temper tantrum is hilarious, and we are happy that her owner finally gave in to give her the loving that she deserves!