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The Falcon in Hollywood (1944) Clip

Entertaining entry in RKO's series has The Falcon (Tom Conway) on vacation in Hollywood when a famous actor is murdered. The finger points to various people in the production so The Falcon must sort it all out. This is perhaps the best that I've seen from the series due in large part to a very good supporting cast and a nice little mystery that remains interesting throughout the film. Most of the action takes place on the backlot of a studio so we get all sorts of nice scenes, which work themselves well into the mystery. A lot of Hollywood props are used as gags or evidence and this too adds to the fun.

But chiefly, this film is remarkable for the pairing of Tom Conway with a female sidekick, a cabbie named Billie, played to superb comic effect by Veda Ann Borg. The two have a wonderful magic together. RKO studios doubled for the fictional Sunset Studio in The Falcon in Hollywood. Also co-starring Sheldon Leonard and Barbara Hale (Della Street on TV Perry Mason).

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