The First Pushes to De-Dollarize: Actions, Solution, and Global Impacts #43

Published March 16, 2022 6 Views

In a previous podcast, I suggested two triggers that would lead the world to de-dollarize. In the weeks since I posted it, both became reality. In this podcast, I discuss the actions that countries are taking, the potential solution to establish an alternative system, and the global impact of de-dollarization.

a. Eurasian Economic Union + China start investigating the setup of an alternative international monetary system
b. Saudi Arabia studies the possibility of selling oil in Chinese Yuan
c. Russia proposes to sell oil to India in Rupees

I suggest a global trade system based on reserves of commodities and gold, without a fiat currency acting as the anchor. Bi-lateral trades can be settled in a range of major currencies.
I suggest Hong Kong to be the candidate for a clearing house for this new monetary system.

Global Impacts:
1. Asset price collapse, notably stocks, bonds, and real estate
2. Difficulties in global trade lasting 2 to 5 years
3. Euro disappears in 2 to 5 years
4. Social tension in the US becomes a real issue that must be addressed

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