It all ended two days before Christmas, December 23, 2021.

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It all ended two days before Christmas, December 23, 2021.

It started December 3, when Kristine was taking a walk with her dad, who she affectionately calls, Daddy-o. "I love my dad, I see him5-6 times a week." On this day, dad was joking and laughing, enjoying the fresh air, and he mentioned that he felt he was getting a cold, Kristine says.

On Sunday, December 5, Kristine started feeling as if she was getting cold as well, so she kept distance from her dad. By December 7,multiple family members were sick with what they thought was the flu.

Kristine's husband and daughter had to get a COVID test in order to return to work, and it was at that time they both tested positive for COVID. Kristine took her dad to get tested and it came back positive as well. It was advised that he be taken to ER or they "would call a squad. "He was dropped off at the nearest ER, and was admitted the next morning and given 3liters of oxygen. The hospital refused to let Kristine in the hospital due to her proximity to family members that had tested positive.

According to what hospital staff told Kristine when she called, her dad was doing ok, joking with his 95 year old roommate, enjoying watching football on TV, and laughing with the nurses. Kristine informed the staff that she was her dad's power of attorney (POA) and wanted all updates regarding his treatment immediately. Three days later. Kristine is informed that her dad's oxygen levels have started to decline. It was later discovered that the hospital had started him on Remdesivir around the time that he was admitted. The hospital never told Kristine they had taken this action, although she was his POA and the hospital is legally required to discuss treatment plans with her.

What we are seeing is that hospitals will intimidate patients, especially elderly patients, by telling them, "take this medication or you will die." What most people don't know is that hospitals get a 20% bonus for each dose of Remdesivir that is administered, and are completely ignoring reports of increased death risks that are present with its use.
Remdesivir was originally introduced as a drug to treat Ebola, but during the drug trials, half of the patients that were given the drug died, so they stopped the trials. However, the FDA approved Remdesivir with emergency use authorization to treat COVID. The Frontline doctors raised red flags, saying that it increases risk of death, and yet the media and FDA ignored the evidence.

After being on Remdesivir for 3-4 days, Kristine's dad was transferred to ICU and given 60 liters of oxygen… the hospital never called Kristine. 

By this time Kristine had gotten a negative COVID test, however, the hospital refused to let her in to see her dad, so she called the hospital one time per shift to get updates. Often, instead of being given an update, they would ask her, "What do you want to know?" This was emotionally taxing for Kristine as she didn't know all the specific questions to ask about what was happening with her dad.

At 10pm, on December 17, the hospital called Kristine and said, "Your dad is struggling to breath, we want to put him in an induced coma, and put him on a ventilator for a couple days so he can rest." After talking with her dad, Kristine decided if they felt it was the best treatment for him, she would agree, but that she wanted to be informed when they put him on the ventilator and how he tolerated it. At midnight, they put him on the ventilator, at 1:00am they called Kristine and told her that he had tolerated it well. At 3:30am,the hospital called back saying, "your dad is tanking, get his wife, and come to hospital."

Kristine's dad languished in the hospital for days, the hospital staff refused her pleas to use Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies because it was against hospital protocol.

On December 23, Kristine's dad was still being given Remdesivir and two medications to suppress his respirations. That is at least 10 days of a drug that is normally only given for five days. Doctors are saying at this point there is barely any chance of survival, and if he does survive, he would be confined to a nursing home for the rest of his days. Kristine made the difficult decision to turn the machines off. Her dad didn't make it 7 minutes.   

In the moments that the machines are being turned off, Kristine, fully outfitted in the hospital's required PPE gear, sobbing as her father fades away, throws her goggles to the ground so she can see her dad in his final moments. This action is met by the ICU manager barking, "Put your goggles on!" showing a complete lack of empathy towards patients.

During the following days, as Kristine was researching what happened to her dad, she asked why he was taken to ER. She was told it was because his oxygen was at 88. "That shouldn't mean death, there was a lot that I could have done to help my dad," Kristine said, "they murdered my father.

"People are dying in hospitals, not because of COVID, but because of hospital protocols and their refusal to use hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, but are using Remdesivir, which is KNOWN to cause death.

Hospitals' refusal to use these medications is in an effort to increase the acceptance of vaccines and subsequent boosters….indefinitely. It is believed that vaccines will ultimately be found to be the cause of the COVID variants.

We must keep fighting for the truth! 

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