How to protect Grandma from getting COVID

1 year ago

If you are serious about protecting Grandma from getting COVID-19, this is what you'd want. Of course, the CDC would never tell you this, which is why I made this video.

All the gear is from Mira Safety. The CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask costs $240, the P-3 virus filters are $150, and the MB-90 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) unit is $400. It's super easy to breathe in this, no resistance at all. The headgear won't fog up. The battery lasts 12 hours.

The fact is that N95 masks, surgical masks, and cloth masks aren't going to do anything to protect Grandma from getting COVID. And we all know that the vaccine won't protect her either.

So this is pretty much the best way to ensure Grandma doesn't get COVID. This is what the professionals wear.

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