"They scheduled my moms death....." - Firsthand Hospital Protocol Experience

2 years ago

Dayna Stevens thought her mother was having a COPD flare-up, so she took her to the hospital on September 27, 2021. There, hospital staff tested her mother for COVID-19, and the test turned up positive.

A nursing student, Dayna advised her mother to refuse the medicine Remdesivir as treatment and refuse to be placed on a ventilator, should it come to that. From September 27 to October 6, the hospital let her mother lay there without treatment, Dayna asserts. Her mother’s oxygen levels worsened, and she complained of trouble breathing to hospital staff, who did not heed her objections.

On October 9, the hospital placed Danya’s mother on a breathing machine. The next day, her mother complained of chest pains, in distress. The hospital administered an arterial blood gas test, which showed she only had 51 percent oxygen in her bloodstream. When she called the nurses station from her room, the nurses made fun of her and hung up on her.

On October 11, the hospital started her on a BiPAP machine. She was claustrophobic and did not do well on the machine. An x-ray of her chest confirmed a severe case of pneumonia. Her mother’s pulmonologist informed Dayna that they would move her mother to the ICU.

Dayna says that conversations with doctors turned to palliative and hospice care, as opposed to how they could make her mother better. The hospital made Dayna sign a DNR since her mother did not want to be ventilated. Her mother told Dayna that her physicians and nurses would tell her three to four times a day that she was dying.

Dayna wanted to move her mother, either bring her home for her final days or move her to a hospice center not far from her house. Because her mother was still testing positive for COVID-19 and was in a critical state, the hospital would not let Dayna move her.

Dayna consulted with attorneys, who informed her she would have to obtain an injunction against the hospital to move her mother. Thus, she had little choice but to agree to general inpatient hospice at the hospital, and so her mother was re-admitted, this time under hospice care.

Dayna says the hospital gave her a date and time they would end her mother’s life. Because her mother refused its prescribed course of treatment, the hospital essentially refused to treat her and left her to die, Danya claims. On October 22, oxygen was removed from the patient, and her mother took her final breath at 3:58 p.m.

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