From the words of a family member - "My greatest regret..." - Firsthand Hospital Protocol Experience

2 years ago

Historically, we have believed that when a loved one falls ill, the prudent thing to do is to take them to a hospital where they will be helped. That was what Angela B. and her family thought when her mother fell ill with COVID in July. Two days later, on August 1st, a high fever prompted the family to take her mom to the emergency room to treat the fever.

They were unprepared and uninformed about what would happen next. First, the entire family was forced to leave the hospital. They had little communication with staff. Because her mom still had her cell phone, Angela was able to get daily pictures. She watched in horror at the daily deterioration of her condition.

The doctor told the family that their loved one would die in two weeks. She did. But not from COVID. She was given Remdesivir. She had blood coming from her eyes, ears, and nose from the blood thinners. Wooden boards were put on her arms to prevent her from removing the tubes or ventilator. Though she had no pre-existing conditions of kidney or organ damage, at the end she was black, forty pounds heavier than she had ever been, and drowned in her own fluids.

Listening to Angela’s story, it is easy to understand why some medical personnel are frustrated, burned out, and leaving the system. For those wanting to care and comfort the sick and dying, it must be difficult to watch or participate in what is currently going on in the name of science.

Angela’s greatest regret is that she listened to what the medical personnel said and did not go in and hug her mom or hold her hand at the end.

Warning: the photos in this video may be graphic and disturbing to some viewers.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? What can you do? Tell your story at, as well as, filing a complaint.

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