1 year ago

ARP Wave Episode 1: Squat So Low

Denis Thompson reached out to me in January of 2021 with a simple prompt: ACL recovery takes a long time and it has nothing to do with the ACL. From that initial email to our podcast conversation days later, I was hooked on trying to learn what Denis knew about injury prevention and recovery. It wasn't just about the ACL - it was about something much bigger.

Denis taught me it was about resetting our nervous system through neurotraining. If your nervous system doesn't send the right signals, you will never recovery fully because you would be missing a key component of the healing process.

In this 6 part series, Denis takes me through an initial session, gets me performing athletic movements without pain for the first time in years, and trains me neurologically the entire time.

Welcome to this series, I hope it convinces you that what I though was too good to be true is actually just too good not to try.

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