Hear firsthand – COVID patients are dying because of hospital policies; not just COVID.

2 years ago

Early treatment can be the difference between life and death. After nearly two years in a worldwide pandemic, over 80,000 people are dead. One of the possible reasons for the high death count is the lack of early treatment. In the beginning of the pandemic, doctors instructed patients to stay home until they had noticeable difficulty breathing. By the time the patient arrived in the hospital, they would already be in respiratory distress, and it was too late for any of the effective early treatments to save them. People are dying, but COVID-19 is not the only cause of death.

When Therese Hernandez' father, Joe, tested positive for COVID-19 on August 30th, he contacted his doctor at the VA hospital. He was instructed to monitor his oxygen. When the oxygen content dropped to 90%, his doctor instructed him to go to the hospital for a monoclonal antibody infusion. When the nurses found out that Joe was not vaccinated, he was denied the monoclonal antibody treatment and was told he would be admitted into the hospital. Doctors administered Remdesivir in the emergency room on September 3rd. Therese was unaware of the high risks of administering Remdesivir.

Joe's condition declined with every treatment of Remdesivir that he received. Soon, he was struggling to breathe. On September 11th, Joe was transferred to the ICU. Doctors and nurses harassed him daily about his vaccination status and were constantly asking him to accept a ventilator. Joe refused repeatedly even though he was struggling to speak. He was neglected by nurses and was not even assisted to the bathroom. On September 22nd, Joe begged Therese to get medicine to help him breathe. The doctors told Therese when Joe refused to be vented that Joe wouldn't survive without a ventilator.

The hospital staff treated Joe like a second class citizen because he was not vaccinated. He was neglected by nurses and the dangerous side effects of Remdesivir were ignored. His organs failed and he went into cardiac arrest within days. When Therese called the hospital on September 29th, no one answered her calls. When she finally reached a nurse, Therese was told that Joe was dying and that she needed to come to the hospital. Therese was not able to arrive at the hospital before Joe went into cardiac arrest and died.

The bottom line continues – COVID patients are dying because of hospital policies; not just COVID.

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