Electricity is the second most important thing to sustaining life; only air is more important.

2 years ago

Tune in and hear firsthand from Retired Brigadier General Ken Chrosniak, who has given presidential briefings on the subject, discusses the fact that the Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMPs) are a KNOWN risk, and have been addressed in many federal reports since 2004. But even though the risk is known, government agencies, state legislatures, and public utilities either refuse to take action to harden the grid, or have undone what little measures had been put in place.

Electricity is the second most important thing to sustaining life; only air is more important.

People will live longer without food than without electricity because without electricity, most people will subsequently be without water.

Electricity runs every aspect of our society; our personal homes, city sewer/water systems, traffic lights, state and federal defense systems, and public transportation systems. The entire food chain relies on the reliability of electricity: sorting, cleaning, packaging, preserving. Without electricity the fabric of our society will unravel.

If you were asked, "What is the greatest existential threat to the American way of life?" Would you think of a foreign country invasion, the drug crisis that is the number one killer of youth today, or maybe the polarizing political factions in our country? What if you were told the greatest threat was the threat to our electricity grid from imminent deployment of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?

It's not a question of if, but a question of when!

Those who experienced the effects of Winter Storm Uri in Texas in 2021 will have some idea of how important electricity is for survival in the modern age, and while much discussion has taken place in Texas about ensuring the electricity stays on in Texas, one thing has been left out of this discussion: Hardening critical parts of the grid so we aren't vulnerable to EMP attacks.

EMPs may either be naturally occurring events, such as a solar flare, or man-made weapons used as cyber attacks by remote detonation of an electromagnetic pulse above the earth's atmosphere. Either method would completely shut down an electric grid and create compounding problems.

Humanity has a history of ignoring the warnings of prior generations in advancement of progress. Take Fukushima, for example. Even though they had been warned by past generations to not build past a certain point due to the threat of tsunamis, they built well beyond that boundary. They built a large city and a nuclear facility. When the imminent threat came, the tsunami wreaked havoc and decimated the city. EMPs pose such a threat for our generation.

In 2019, a Presidential Executive Order directed multiple federal agencies to take measures to protect the grid from EMPs.

This directive has been ignored by the current Administration and the situation is even more concerning because of the increased use of foreign-made transformers that are commonly used and which are known to contain malware, creating additional vulnerabilities in the grid.

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