1 year ago

Complaint Filed on Racine WI. Mayor "Bribery"

H.O.T. supporters former 20 year Racine Alderman Sandy Weidner and Kim Morrison have filed a bribery complaint on sitting Racine Mayor Cory Mason and Racine Clerk Tara Coolidge. The City entered into an agreement with Center for Tech and Civic Life which constituted prohibited election bribery under Wisconsin Statutes § 12.11. Any agreement where the City’s election officials receive Center for Tech and Civic Life’s private money to facilitate in-person and absentee voting within the city violates Wisconsin Statutes § 12.11’s prohibition on election bribery. The city of Racine received $ 1,699,000 of the Zuckerberg money funneled through the Center for Tech and Civic Life.

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