Bossy Sea Lion Throws His Weight Around on the Pier

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Sea lions are adorable and comical animals that inhabit most of the beaches and rocky shores in the Islands of the Galapagos. They are seemingly everywhere, lazing on the shorelines and lounging in the sun. They are also very comfortable with humans and they will find a spot to sleep on piers, benches, and even parked boats. For the most part, they live in harmony with the residents of these islands. They are given respect and proper distance when needed. The people of the Galapagos Islands have a very firm understanding of the need to not interfere with nature in any way.

Sea lions are the clowns of the ocean and their antics in the water always brings a smile to the faces of anyone who watches them. They play happily, chasing each other and calling out with a bark that resembles a dog with a sore throat. But the dominant male sea lions in a colony have a very different nature. When they reach sexual maturity, they have little interest in play or being friendly. They are aggressive when threatened or disturbed and they command respect. Weighing well over 200kg (440lbs), they have massive heads and a set of teeth that gives them a ferocious look when they want to intimidate. They choose their spots to sunbathe with little concern for the thoughts of the people using the piers or sidewalks. Understandably, nobody wants to challenge these alpha males if it can be avoided.

Luckily, sea lions are slow moving and clumsy on land. They aren't vicious by nature and they are much more bark than bite. This sea lion blocks the ramp to the passenger boats with a cocky arrogance that is intimidating, but also endearing and amusing. Unless somebody invades his space, he has no desire for a confrontation, but he's not interested in the boat schedule or the passengers' need to get past.

As if he has suddenly had enough of the sun tanning, the bull awkwardly makes his way over to the shade of the park bench. A woman and her young child do their best to stay out of his way. Other passengers waiting for the ferry move their luggage, uncertain of what will happen if they don't clear the way.

Even the man sitting on the bench has a sudden case of extreme etiquette as he stands to give up his seat. Sea lions will take over park benches without hesitation. But this one makes a decision to lie under the bench and make use of the shade. The gentleman politely takes his seat again when he sees that it isn't being claimed by the bull.

The sea lions of the Galapagos are entertaining and fascinating to watch. But make sure to get out of the way when a large bull is headed towards you!

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