Walking for Freedom

Published January 22, 2022 11 Views

Tzaddik HaNachash

Unless brainwashed into the Mass Formation Psychosis, most humans are putting work into accessing information - and thus are seeing the protests worldwide against draconian government orders and corporate mandates. This movement is introducing caring folks to new leaders, including Tzaddik HaNachash, Founder and Global Council Chair at Earth Walk - a global platform built to unite humanity, within a DIVERSE global culture of peace.

In addition to Earth Walk and the countless conscious events he has produced, Tzaddik has served by creating systems for ongoing human and planetary transformation, including the #Me3 Movement, the #We3 Movement, and Tribe 333. He is also the founder of the Universal Freedom Alliance and the Medical Freedom Protectors (MFP).

MFP started by calling for a Health & Medical Freedom Amendment to the United States Constitution. It now focuses on how to love and honor, protect and defend, and grant health and medical Freedom for All. everywhere, always, and in all ways! It advocates for a medical environment where all the schools of medicine are honored, not just one tyrannical school. It calls for safe and effective medical products for all, that are taken only by choice. They are against all and any medical coercion or discrimination.

After founding the Medical Freedom Protectors, Tzaddik realized that we would never win the battle for medical Freedom unless we began to unite all the fronts of Freedom, under one unified front. For this reason, he founded the Universal Freedom Alliance to create what he intends to become the largest force for Freedom on Earth.

Tzaddik has been written up in publications such as UTNE Magazine, The New York Times, and other local and regional publications. We celebrate him as a Magnificent Motivator of Many, a Conscious Cross-Cultural Connector, and a Sacred Seed Sower. See how you can seize the Earth back for the conscious freedom we all deserve.

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