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OSHA 101 - Tune in as we visit with OSHA Certified Professional Experts on Masks and PPE

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the science on masking has been at best confusing, and at worst it is government propaganda spread by individuals who have no real expertise in protection from pathogens. Texans, and all citizens of the United States, deserve the truth. We are not lab experiments to be played with by a bureaucrat, like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Kristen Meghan Kelly and Tammy Clark are subject matter experts in masks and protection protocols against pathogens. Kristen had been working for the government and private sector as an Industrial Hygienist. Her specialization is based in occupational and environmental toxicology and control of health hazards inside an occupational setting. Kristen has led the Respiratory Protection Program within the United States Air Force and in private sectored industrial and medical settings. Tammy works in occupational and environmental health and safety and, like Kristen, has sat on infectious disease committees in hospitals and trained staff on proper risk reduction methods. Her clients are hospital systems, state and local government, and the federal government in some cases. They have been working in pathogen protection for well over a decade and train medical teams to use personal protective equipment in the workplace.

In contrast, Dr. Fauci is not credentialed in pathogen protection, personal protective equipment, or pandemic preparedness. He is a doctor who worked briefly in Internal Medicine before entering lab sciences and working to combat formerly fatal rheumatic and immunosuppressive illnesses. Typical medical or laboratory doctors do not have extensive training in pathogen protection. So, why are our policies being set by those with the lesser amount of training in the protection against pathogens?

Tammy and Kristen depend on tests that ascertain the route of entry a pathogen takes from the ambient air into the body, for the data they use to recommend policies. Kristen’s 's field involves the study of airborne hazards and analyzing data and vectors a pathogen might use. According to her, the primary spread of the COVID virus came through aerosols, which do not require moisture to travel. Face coverings pushed by the mainstream media, by local and state governments, and by your local grocery store are not a proper form of respiratory protection against airborne pathogens, nor a form of source control for an aerosolized virus. Cloth masks, bandanas, and any other form of facial covering that is not a respirator rated against aerosols, will not stop the COVID-19 pathogen. According to Kristen, when a mask is worn for a long period of time, the pathogens that attach to moisture in the air settle on the mask. The movement of the mask causes the pathogen to be aerosolized back into the air to reinfect you or infect the people around you. In some scenarios, masks have the potential to do more harm than good.

There are media doctors, again with no expertise in the field, who are pushing N-95 respirators as a solution. Tammy pointed out the difference between a mask and an N-95 respirator. Kristen informed me that the N-95 masks require a clean-shaven face to work properly and have the effect of reducing the wearer’s ability to breathe. According to OSHA rules, requiring the use of N-95 respirators is not allowed without the usage of the entire Respiratory Protection Program. Employees are required to follow a series of complicated protocols, training, complete questionnaires, and obtain a fit test a medical clearance from a qualified physician who is following the entire Respiratory Protection Protocol from OSHA. The use of an N-95 respirator is a lot more complicated than simply wearing a mask.

According to Tammy, the severe restrictions put in place in other states such as Michigan were proposed by people who had no training in forming plans for protecting people against a worldwide pandemic. Regulatory standards have been thrown out the window. Children are being masked despite the risk of inhibiting oxygen intake and forcing a person to breathe their own gaseous exhalations. Tammy suspects that the pandemic will eventually lead to an increase in cancer, behavioral problems, and other medical complications from wearing a mask. The governments all over the United States ignored individuals like Tammy and Kristen in favor of government doctors like Anthony Fauci.

In addition to mandates by state and local governments and some private businesses, OSHA issued an emergency order requiring vaccination or testing and masking for all employers with more than 100 employees. This order has since been blocked by the United States Supreme Court. Justices Gorsuch, Thomas, and Alito issued opinions stating that OSHA exceeded their authority and bypassed proper procedures for implementing new rules.

Any individuals who are told they must wear an N-95 mask should immediately contact OSHA and report their employer to the online complaint form, in direct violation of failure to implement the requirements under 29CFR 1910.134, OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Program. Visit www.standupmichigan.com for more information and visit https://www.osha.gov/workers/file-complaint to file a complaint.

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