Norway Class Starship Partial DeWeirdify

2 years ago

I always had a bit of a soft spot for the Norway Class design. Unlike some of the other Star Trek: First Contact ships, the nacelles were relatively close to normal. Alas, then I ended up really looking at it once and realized I actually kinda hated it. The entire nacelle attachment setup was bonkers, what with the tuning fork connected to giant flat wings for nacelle pylons and literal tons of unnecessary clamping action once you reached the otherwise-nice nacelles.

Here, I attempt to make it a bit more "Starfleet Clean", and feel free to tell me where I missed. (Obviously, the extra mass in the middle of the tuning fork needs aesthetic help, but at least it's not so forked up.)

Maybe I'll come back to that godawful deflector pit up front one day . . .

Disclaimer: I did not create this model, only modified it . . . it was obtained via the Google / Trimble SketchUp 3-D Warehouse from user Kuno H., and is used with a nod toward fair use for research / educational / critical purposes, with the video itself licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

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