Hospital Protocols - COVID patients are dying because of hospital policies; not just COVID

2 years ago

Tune in as I visit with Greta Crawford on her firsthand COVID hospital experience.

The good news is that the Omnicron variant of COVID is far less deadly, but the bad news is that people are still dying in hospitals because of hospital policies.

Remdesivir is killing patients, but doctors continue to prescribe it to COVID-19 patients in hospitals. Patients have been told they will die without Remdesivir, only to die from the side effects of the medication itself.

Greta Crawford was admitted to the hospital after having COVID-19 for three weeks and developing small spots of pneumonia. Her doctor administered Remdesivir without her permission and without the informed consent. She later attributed swelling in her feet and hands, and excruciating chest pain to COVID-19 because of the medication she was being given.

Greta did not consent to the administration of Remdesivir and only learned about the high risk of death from Remdesivir medication after it was administered. Despite not disclosing to her the high risk of Remdesivir, the doctors informed her she would be receiving it. After each round of Remdesivir, her white blood cell count spiked to purge the poison she was given by her doctor. Greta's heart rate fell to 30 bpm after receiving Remdesivir each night. Greta's kidneys and liver were failing and she was completely unaware that her body was filling with fluid.

Finally, in fear for her life, Greta informed her nurses and doctors that she was leaving. She and her husband went home and started a long in-home recovery process following frontline doctor protocols; the protocols the hospitals refuse to follow because there is no extra federal money for using them.

Greta has since started a website to inform the public on the danger of Remdesivir. She has links to informative videos on Remdesivir and Dr. Fauci's role in the use of a drug that killed 50% of the trial patients. The website has links to find doctors who prescribe safe medications, a place for Remdesivir victims to share their stories, and resources for patients. Visit for more information.

In addition to her battle with Remdesivir, Greta was harassed daily by nurses who told her she needed to get vaccinated. She was repeatedly told that if she did not get vaccinated, she would get COVID again, be hospitalized, and be put on a ventilator. The nurse refused to allow Greta's request for Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, and she was unaware of any vaccine injuries. Aggressive nurses and doctors are pushing harmful drugs onto Texans without informed consent with no accountability from the Texas Medical Board (TMB). At the same time, the TMB is threatening the licenses of physicians who prescribe FDA approved drugs known to be safe if they do not provide a full informed consent.

In hospitals today, patients are treated like lab experiments with no informed consent afforded to the patients. In spite of the legislation I co-authored, to ensure patients' rights to have a visitor, some hospitals are still refusing to allow visitors to keep their draconian policies a secret. A patient has the right to religious counseling from friends and family members who provide spiritual support. No hospital is allowed to completely ban patients from receiving a religious counseling visitor.

The bottom line continues – COVID patients are dying because of hospital policies; not just COVID

Does any of this sound familiar to you? What can you do? Tell your story at, as well as, filing a complaint.
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