QLD - PREPARE Door 2 Door

Published January 9, 2022 7,554 Views

NOT GOOD at all. Brisbane QLD was named AUSTRALIA'S NEW WORLD CITY - And now Queensland Australia has fallen in to full Tyrannical Treasonous Dictatorship.
PLANDEMIC Video Playlist https://rumble.com/c/CONvid
We are the TEST CITY for the World - Sure Australia gave up their guns with ONE - Hoax - False Flag Attack - known as the Port Arthur Massacre. A Full government set up.
But you Americans still have guns and What ??? What are you all doing with them ?? NOTHING !!!
They are coming for our kids 5 and up.. - there goes a generation of babies now and they wont be able to have kids.
Now these Evil Satanic UN-ELECTED Bureaucrats are trying to tell us they are coming Door- 2- Door.

TOGETHER WE STAND - group up now QUEENSLAND and get ready for another lockdown. Go out during the lockdown.. show them their FAKE rules do not imply to those with a brain..
Papers Please - giving an experimental vaccine - forcing whole work groups to get it - you send you kid to school they WILL get jabbed..
QLD is about to put 50 DRs at schools around the state... and that should scare the SH!T out of ANY parent... Having your child see a DR WITHOUT YOU THERE !!!... You have failed as a parent..

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