First-hand Hospital Experience -

2 years ago

Tune in as I visit with Jenna Ouano. The outcome is not one I would wish upon anyone. Learn from her story to better prepare. Early Treatment is still key. At this time, with supply chains where they are, it would be prudent to access available items and have them in the medicine cabinet.

My objective is to share these stories so together we can learn from both the success stories, as well as the unfortunate stories. I appreciate the courage of these families who are stepping-up to share their stories so that others are better equipped to protect their loved one that has the misfortune of being hospitalized.

I know I have said it before, but the bottom line take away from this - Be Like a Boy Scout - Be/Get Prepared NOW.

Follow the frontline doctors recommendations NOW, BEFORE YOU NEED THEM:
1. Find a doctor who will follow the proven protocols of AAPS and Dr Peter McCullough. If your current doctor will not follow these protocols, find one that does;
2. Acquire the therapeutics recommended by the frontline doctors NOW;
3. As soon as you test positive, no matter how sick you feel, immediately contact the doctor you found in step one; and
4. Begin taking the recommended therapeutics immediately.

In case you didn't know, Texas law now requires hospitals to give a patient unrestricted access to a religious counselor visit in the hospital. 

If you have had a similar experience and would like to tell your story, visit

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