Many will die now, prepare

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Rumble Immediately following the sexual immorality in the garden of Eden, Under Lucifer, humanity rebelled against GOD, and GOD gave them the prison planet they live on, under the dominion of Ha-satan.

Satan formed 10 principalities to control and govern the prisoners, while they served out their sentences. Satan therefore created 3500 religions under these 10 principalities to HIDE THE TRUTH:

These are the counterfeit religions aimed at sidetracking humans away from the gift of salvation
1. New Age - 1.6bn
2. Paganism - Hindus, etc.
3. Catholicism (1.8bn)
4. Islam (1.6bn)
5. Atheism (described by GOD as the “stiff necked, hard-hearted”) including Evolutionism
6. Scientism, Medicinism, & Heremeticism
7. Worldism - distractions (pop culture, pop stars, compulsions, social media obsessions, etc.)
8. State-ism (China, Korea, etc. where State has full governance
9. Culturalism & Fundamentalism - (Buddhism, etc.)
10. Avaratism & Hedonism

As an example, the counterfeit New Age believes in aliens and advanced intergalactic beings. The truth is that there are no Pleiadians. All “aliens” and “ETs” are fallen angels (demons) posing as ETs to bring about the bIblical Great Deception. The demons have been in hiding so that they could be re-introduced as the “lost brothers” and “makers” of humans. New Age is a religion, one of the 10 principalities

The reason Ha-Satan has to reveal his “demons” posing as ET aliens in this way is because of the rapture. After 2% of the human population disappear in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the only explanation that the world will buy is a massive “alien abduction”, spoken or in New Age, specifically by “the Pleiadians” through “channeling” (demon-contact seances).

To quote, John Walvoord: “Rapture is coming. Just don’t be left behind.”

Vaccine Injuries

The Vaccines are the Mark of the Beast

Luciferase is in every vaccine patent

They need your children: Melissa Cuimei

They want your children:

They’re running a live ________, medically-founded tyranny, and social experiment in real-time


luciferase is contained in each of the vaccines - hundreds of patents

How to save a soul

Some have placebo, some have kill shots:

Bussing children to their deaths! And they don't even realise it! Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Center

PCR tests are the Forehead “mark of the Beast” lodgement of the blood-brain barrier

Vaccinated pilots dying mid-flight

Are they putting vaccines in masks and food?

Chimeras inside the vaccines

schools using tricks to trap parents into signing over their children to vaccines

Graphene magnetic bots inside the vaccines

Human track and trace

33000 medics in Canada say NO to the Mark of the Beast! What do they sense?

Lucifer's Embryos inside the Injected

Proof the Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast (in Detail) - Cherish and Charles

Luciferase Luciferin 666 CRISPR DNA-modifier HEK293 HELA Quantum Dot

Forced Vaccines are Battery & Assault. Governments are not permitted to mandate any experimental participation.

Savannah Misner - Freedoms Savvy Truth

How to Hold the Line

How to arrest politicians and demonically-controlled elite:

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