Dr. James Thorp on medical censorship

2 years ago

I interview James A Thorp, MD who is an ObGyn Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist in Gulf Breeze, Florida. We talk about medical censorship.

All US medical boards have come to the same conclusions at the same time about what constitutes misinformation. If a healthcare provider spreads any misinformation, he/she will have his/her license to practice medicine revoked.

This works. It keeps healthcare professionals silenced about what they are seeing. Dr. Thorp is risking his career by speaking out. There are very few others who will take such risks.

We talk about why, even when Dr. Thorp is telling the truth, the medical boards are likely to prevail in a court of law even though they are wrong. This is why doctors all support whatever the CDC says and why they cannot go on camera to defend the CDC; because there is no defense.

For more info, see the full article at https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/why-dr-james-thorp-is-a-hero-but

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