Be Prepared, Not Scared Against COVID.

2 years ago

Tune in as I visit with Laura Bartlett and Jodi Hadsell of Defense Boxes ( as they share their firsthand experience in the fight against COVID.

Defense Boxes - A "FIRST-AID KIT" FOR COVID. Dr. Richard Bartlett’s sister, Laura Bartlett, and Jodi Hadsell have come together with the mission to ensure that every household would have a proactive plan so that no one has to die alone in the hospital on a ventilator. They fulfill their mission by connecting people to providers, providing access to ongoing support and patient advocacy. The Defense Boxes is a medical fire extinguisher for your body. It is a first-aid kit that has all the frontline doctor recommended over-the-counter early intervention treatments to give your body a head start, even before working with a medical provider.

More patients die of COVID-19 in hospitals than at home, mostly because of hospital's refusal to treat early and failure to use over-the-counter treatments even though they have been proven effective in thousands of patients and multiple studies.

When someone learns that they have cancer or another life threatening illness, do doctors tell them, "You can still walk and breathe, so go home until you can't stand or breathe, then come back for treatment?" Of course not! Why, then, is this the acceptable treatment for patients seeking care for COVID-19 when they go to a hospital?

EARLY INTERVENTION IS CRUCIAL! Numerous studies indicate that implementing a bold, decisive early treatment plan, as soon as possible, is the best way to mitigate complications from the virus and decrease the likelihood of needing hospitalization. The frontline doctor recommended treatments using over-the-counter items are easily available at local drugstores and on-line with Defense Boxes.

BUDESONIDE - AN EFFECTIVE TREATMENT. Dr. Richard Bartlett, MD, has identified inhaled Budesonide as an effective early intervention based on the responses from his patients. A recent study from the University of Oxford showed that "inhaled Budesonide reduced the relative risk of requiring urgent care or hospitalization by 90%" in COVID-19 patients.

DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE FIRE STARTS TO GET A FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Your home probably has a fire extinguisher, maybe even a few. These are present even though the chance of a fire burning down your house is very low. We use these fire preventative measures to provide an element of safety for our families. In the same way, having the early treatments available at your home will protect your family and potentially keep them out of the hospital. Don't wait until you need it. Get your Defense Boxes now to make sure you and your family will be protected. Be prepared. Not scared.

As always, I want to remind you that I am not a doctor, and this information is not being provided to you as medical advice. I am, however, an engineer, and this information is of great importance.

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