Add Value

Published December 28, 2021 35 Views

I can’t think of better encouragement to end a year and begin a new year than this 1 Minute Encouragement video which encourages us to be interested in each other, and add value to each other’s lives. We are all special, we are all uniquely and wonderfully made, and we all are in way different life seasons from each other. Acknowledge that difference, isn’t bad, it is good. We should respect the life season other people are in, and let them grow through, give them room to gain their God given life wisdom through what they are personally experiencing. Someone shared this with me and it really hit home: “Allow God To Be As Creative With Others As He Has Been With You.” Let people grow, nurture them with unconditional love, accept them where they are, praying for them and letting God grow them. We should be open to God, to let God use us to add value to their life season by our unrestricted love. We all are in different places in life, our life seasons are different. Yet, Everyone Matters. Every life season matters to God. Contentment helps us love unconditionally. We should work at developing self-contentment. Be content in our life season, where God has us now, and invest in our life season through a vital-vertical relationship with God. The goodness of God is a treasure worth more than we could even begin to imagine. God’s life alive in us, His goodness or should I say, His “Godness”, (Psalm 145) flowing in us and through us is incredibly valuable. We can add value to this day, to every person we interact with. We can add value because we are abundantly equipped with it by God. One thing we can count on, because God is so creative, individually and uniquely with all of us, we all will be in different life seasons, we all will be uniquely different, yet we all can still add value to each other’s lives by sharing the goodness of God and His unconditional love with everyone we meet today. Be interested in others, in the life season they are in. We ass have divine appointments on this day and we are equipped with value, thus and therefore, we unconditionally, add value to this day by paying forward to all who cross our life path, the goodness of God. You are valuable to God, He adds value to you daily through your vital-vertical relationship with Him, so much value that it overflows out of your life and splashes out all over others. So, this is why we interact with others, being aware of other’s all around us, no matter what life season they are in, or how uniquely different they are from us, we add value to their life season. God bless you, MUCH! Dig Deeper:

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