The Eye Is Watching - Trackable Nanotechnology

2 years ago

I believe the Graphene Oxide is in the vaccine, the quantum dot tattoo, the hydrogel, the Vax pill, the micro needle patch, and more! Resist these things peacefully at all costs as I believe they lead to eternal damnation as the Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13-14)!

Graphene Oxide Nanomaterial - The A.I. Hivemind Assimilation via the Vaccine -Becoming One with the Beast! It appears that the vaccine contains graphene oxide nanotubes as well as iron oxide Nanoparticles:

The tribulation is soon to begin. Please feel free to save these files as PDFs:

Printable version of my left behind letter: 

Corona (Crown) Virus

It appears that Metaverse is another attempt to blend reality with virtual reality and perhaps a biological fusion with A.I. is occurring with the vaccine nanotechnology and Neuralink in order to trap the souls of man in the Antichrist Beast A.I. Network as hinted at in Omikron the 1999 Bill Gates Microsoft Video Game.

A Virtual Hell - Neuralink Meta

The Black Light of the AntiChrist - Ultraviolet to Rule Them All. It appears that using a blacklight or medical imaging device the Luciferase in the cells can be seen for those who have received the Mark of the Beast Vaccine or Quantum Dot Tattoo or Vaccine Pill, etc:

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