Energy is ‘woo-woo’

Published December 7, 2021 9 Views

Energy fields ARE measurable with modern-day equipment.

It is science!

Energy healing sessions counter negativity, restructures intra- and extracellular water, neutralize the negative effects of WIFI and radiation, clear lingering energy blocks caused by earlier trauma, and bring restoration to the human nervous system.

Pete and I have known about the magic of energy medicine for decades, long before it was scientifically measurable.

It’s the one thing that keeps us going strong because we enjoy regular tune-ups.

And we have the privilege of seeing miracles in our clients every day.

So, you might be asking yourself: ‘Would it benefit me?’, “How would I know if this is what I need?”

I totally get it, so let me ask you a question.

Do you ever feel a little bit stuck in life, as if every day is just another drab and dreary day?

You try to shake for that dull feeling by going for walks, or exercise at the gym, or you double down on eating healthier, or perhaps you go out with a friend, have a bit more fun….…..and you still feel blocked and stagnant.

That’s because it has nothing to do with your body!

Your energy is stuck!
More and more people are incorporating powerful energy healing therapies into their lives.

The days that energy was ‘woo-woo’ are long gone!

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