Have you Heard of Lockdown Breakdown?

Published November 25, 2021 10 Views

Rumble It’s the new name for the pent-up feelings of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm we’ve all been dealing with since early 2020 due to circumstances outside our control.

People’s nervous systems are at breaking point.

Here is the thing: when you’re in burnout, you’re too focused on things outside your control.

When you zoom in on what you can control in each moment, your nervous system gets a spell, and you begin to relax a bit.

Think about it like this: If you go swimming in Australia’s most popular swimming spot Bondi Beach, you are told to stay between the red and yellow flags, for your own safety.

There is an infamous rip on the southern side that has caused problems for many beachgoers.

However, if you do get into trouble, there are lifeguards on standby to rescue you.

If only we were told not to venture out from the flags when it comes to our thinking and projections!

Thinking about the pandemic, restrictions, lockdowns — what’s going to happen when the borders open.

It’s a concern, of course, but you don’t have direct control over it — aside from your personal actions.

This is like swimming outside the safe zone.

Don’t go there!

Here are our 5 nervous system top lifesavers for a maxed-out nervous system:

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