Be Informed: Find out what is scarier than COVID itself.

2 years ago

When the C-19 pandemic originally broke out around the world, the things that scared the public the most were the unknown. How contagious was it? How deadly was it? Who was at the most risk?

Today I am joined by Dr. Richard Urso, a medical doctor who has had great results with early treatment of the virus and Steven Kirsch, an electrical engineer with two degrees from MIT. Steve is not a physician, but he does understand analyzing data. He will explain why what we do know about the government solution to the C-19 pandemic is even scarier that what we did not know in the beginning.

His analysis of the government data shows that a person under 30 is 6 time more likely to die from the vaccine shot than from C-19 and people over 60 are twice as likely to from the vaccine shot as to die from C-19.

Analyzed eight different ways, using government and pharmaceutical data, Steve will walk you through the data to reveal that it indicates the vaccines are killing two to three people for every one person saved by the vaccine.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to vaccinations, I am opposed to FORCED vaccinations. I am in full support of individuals having the ability to make a fully informed decision.

As always, I want to remind you that I am not a doctor, and this information is not being provided to you as medical advice. I am, however, an engineer, and this data is concerning to say the least.

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